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The beginning
“Oh hell, here comes bree and her pack of chickens” Chris muttered while climbing to the top of the slide to get a better view of the group of girls heading toward the park. “Stay back we don’t feel like fighting with you guys today” “Pipe down Maurice we didn’t come her to fight” nani shot back. “Then take y’all asses to the swings we on the slide right now” Chris was now standing on the top of the slide with his hand make a perfect ‘o’ as if to be a telescope. “You better stop cussing before I tell on you” “Dany the snitch” Mike cut in blocking bree’s attempt to head up the stairs to the slide. “If you don’t move lizard neck I will be forced to knock you out” bree’s small hand bald into a fist as she had gotten closer to Mike but he wasn’t backing down, every week the boys came to the park trying to play their childish boy games and every week the girls would come putting an end to all their play time. “We can always share this park you know; it’s enough room for all of us” “Trey stop acting like a sissy we were here first” shad spit out toward the girls. “We are coming up there if you like it or not” Nani stood close behind bree as soso took her place in front of the slide in attempt to just walk up it.

“ATTACK” over- dramatically Chris jumped off of the top of the slide and landed on the ground like a professional power ranger. “You stay the hell away from our slide” “Oh Chris I’m telling on you” Ana quickly began to walk toward the direction of Chris’ house which made everyone snap back into reality. Everyone knows Chris mom didn’t play that when it came to acting out, if ana even knocked on the door and spoke the letter ‘c’ Chris would end up getting a whopping in front of everyone. Still in play mood Chris made a loud growl then charged at ana knocking her down hard on the wood chips. All it took was a small whimper to escape her lips before all of the girls became furious. “You hurt my banana you stupid freak” bree said rushing behind Chris as if she was about to push him on the ground but was stopped by trey. “Move” “No bree chill out” “Man let that wild beast go” Mike shouted from behind them. “That’s it” Nani ran up the stairs chasing after shad while soso climbed up the slide in an attempt to bash Michaels head in. Dany and Jermaine shook their heads at the madness then took one look at each other. “Start running” Dany whispered to J “Yea I know”.

In the short time trey took his eyes off of Chris and bree too look at the other wild children running around the park like maniacs, he had let bree slip from his grasp. Charging at Chris she pushed him down while shoving his face into the wood chips. Soso had Mikes head in the water fountain turning it on and off just to torture him, Nani was throwing huge wood chips at shad as he tried to out run her but failed due to his small legs and short stride. Dany lazily chased J as he slowly ran from Dany. They were way over the bull between the groups but played along just because, seeing as trey could do nothing his attention landed on a crying ana who still sat out on the ground holding her scraped knee. “Hey are you ok” he asked but she wouldn’t stop crying slowly he kneeled down next to her and reached out to touch her knee. “Hey stop with the water works kid” instantly ana stopped then laid her glossy eyes to his “it hurts” “Looks like it, come on” grabbing her small dirty hand trey helped her up and began walking to his house. “My mom is a doctor she can clean it for you” “Thank you” “Your welcome”

10 years later
“Aye Chris let me hold 5 bucks” ana shouted over the loud kids in the cafeteria, “f*** you mean let you hold 5 bucks, who the f*** I look like your pimp” “Oh see we on that, you seem to have forgotten Chris when we were 6 years old and you pushed me down making me scrap my poor little knee while your dumb ass played karate kid” “Oh my god really ana” he said digging in his pocket pulling out his wallet. “Right I could have told on you but I saved your ass” “here dang” he spat slapping the money into her hand. “Hey y’all” bree spoke a little too happy while walking to the table, “f*** you smiling so hard for” nani asked “Because I can” bree snapped back “Aye bree let me hold 5 bucks” “Chris I don’t have money to be given you” “Oh see we on that, you seem to have forgotten when we were 6 years old you shoving wood chips in my eye, look I still have the cut” “Uh here fool” “Thanks boo” Chris stuck his tongue out at ana as Mike and Trey walked in with their play toys of the week. “Sup y’all” trey sat next to ana then pulled the girl on his lap not meaning to be disrespectful but lately that is all he could be, that was what he had grown to become. “I think I’m going to grab me some pizza” “Right behind you ana” bree said standing with her to leave the table and the awkward situation.

It seemed like everyone could since the tension but trey and mike, they were so caught into the playboy status they never noticed the kiddie crushes bree and ana had on them. “So Nani I heard you f***ing with that kid Dwight” Chris asked, J’s head shot up from his plate as he looked at Dany who shrugged her shoulders, “who told you that” “I heard it from my connects, is it true” Chris continued being messy “We just talking as of right now, wait, why am I answering to you” “Cause I’m daddy” Dany almost choked on her juice trying not to laugh at his foolishness. “Aye soso you pretty quiet over there sup” shad asked with a huge grin plastered onto his face. Soso took one look at him then gave him a death glare, causing everyone at the table to look back and forth between them. “f*** was that” J muttered “Nothing” shad and soso said at the same time, with soso looking to the other direction and shad continuing to burn a hole through her. “Baby I’m hungry” Mike’s, playmate spoke up making herself known to the table for the first time. “Ok and” “And” she said holding her hand out “Move your f***ing hand before you touch my pizza and I slap the f*** out of you” bree spat coming from behind them then taking her seat across from them. “Bree take your rude ass on somewhere” Mike spat while handing the girl a 5 just to get her out of his face. “You feeding these hoes now” “Bree why do you even care” mike snapped truly wanting to know the answer. The table had then become quiet, “So your Anastasia right” the girl on trey’s lap spoke up. “Yea” “Oh” “The f*** you mean oh” soso asked “I just was making sure, you be texting my man all crazy hours of the night messing up our flow” “If a text can f*** up your flow it must not have been there in the first place” Chris whispered but clearly everyone heard
“So I won my soccer game last weekend” Dany tried to cut the sour taste in the conversation but it went without notice. “Trey, please get your little friend before I smack her with this pizza” the calmness in ana’s voice was chilling, she hardly ever got mad, but when it came to trey something in her always ticked. “Aye y’all chill out please” “Naw trey I want to see them fight it out” “Chris you are an ass” “Dany, suck my chin hairs, ok, I’m trying to see a cat fight” “If she touch my banana it’s going down” bree moved her plate to the side while soso and nani began to take off various pieces of jewelry. “Chill out y’all it won’t even make it to a fight, I wouldn’t dare let her touch ana” “Aw” Dany said wiping away fake tears. “You know Dany I wouldn’t let a b**** touch you either, unless you are into that kind of stuff” “f*** up Chris” Dany spat toward Chris.

5 years later
No one knows what happened after graduation, it seems as if as soon as the principal announced them as graduates, they all ran off in their own directions. They had all planned to be friends forever, travel the world together go to the same school raise a family together the whole nine yards, but life had other plans. They all had different dreams, so they knew going to the same school after high school would be impossible. A few stuck together and others were driven far apart. While some kept in touch and remained a healthy friendship others stayed away hoping, praying to stay invisible to certain members of the group.

<a href="">Dany</a> and <a href="">Ana</a> were able to remain together through everyone else’s separation. After high school they both attended UCLA Dany majoring in Marketing in sale and Ana in business administration. Not long after Dany and Ana found a cute little run down building in the heart of L.A. that only needed love and spent ever last cent from their accounts, a dollar and a dream later they opened a boutique called D’Ana Amor. Sales couldn’t be better for the two, talented designers all over the world had placed their merchandise inside of their store. Although things went without much struggle for the two in other cases I couldn’t say the same for the rest of the group.

<a href="">Soso</a> and <a href="">Chris</a> took their talents and hit the ground running they knew out of all the members of their friends they had the most risky dream. Art was very important to the world but with so many talented artists in the world the competition alone could drive you out of business. Soso went to Columbia University in Chicago her first year out of high school and enjoyed the city life but felt as if she was getting nowhere with her work. She tried to have many small gallery shows with a few other classmates of hers but they all were very unsuccessful. Not being able to pay for school off of the little bit of money she got from painting Soso had to resort in getting a second job as a secretary. Chris had almost the same issue; he took his talents to New York he didn’t bother on starting his career at a college because he knew what he wanted to do and knew that sitting in a classroom wasn’t going to make him any money. Chris began to set up shop everyday outside of various buildings to make sure he got different clients and began painting; people would walk by and admire his art but never do more than throw a few pieces of change at his feet thinking that would be enough. Him and Soso got tired of the bull and knew they had to do more, well a hope and prayer later caused the two to both get an email from an artist in Texas who had been looking at their work for the longest he wanted both to work down at his gallery with him. It seemed like forever since the last time the two had seen each other but almost like clockwork once they saw the blank canvas before them magic happened.

<a href="">Trey</a> hated the thought of leaving home, his friends, family, Ana. He and Ana had been best friends since the sand box, and knowing he would never see her again broke everything inside of him but he had no other choice. After school he went to move with his father in Washington DC. His father had owned his own law firm in the city and only would die if Trey didn’t fill in his shoes once he retired. It was never trey’s dream but to make his father happy meant more to him than anything, so long dreadful study hours at Howard University lead him to graduate top of his class, and become the new owner of Neverson Inc. Trey had never lost a case since the day he started that was until a murder trail came about where his client was put of trail for 30 years to life for killing his wife. Trey knew he could get him off easily, but his lack of knowing only deceived him.<a href="">Nani</a> , was almost too happy to see Trey on the opposing end. She and Trey always found something to argue about ever since they were kids about stupid little stuff until someone determined who was right. Nani moved to Virginia attending Hampton University, she had no scholarships and about 20 dollars in her account but knew she had to leave home and do something with her life. After joining a debate team for an extra circular activity, the administrator gave her the opportunity to stay at Hampton on a four year scholarship if she stayed on the team. Of course she said yes, and look where it has gotten her head of her practice on her way to opening her own firm.

<a href="">Cole</a> and <a href="">Michael</a> had fallen off the map completely after high school. The two barely graduated, since the both honestly could care less about school. They wanted quick money and fast. Mike and Bree had a strong relationship going at the time of high school but he wasn’t about his s***, so they soon fell off hard and by hard I mean they never spoken a word to each other after that. Even at the going away party all they did was eye each other the whole time, awkwardly. Well after everyone basically vanished on the two they knew they had to do something since they were getting nowhere in life. One night the two went to a spoken word club just for a quick drink and to see the talent. That’s when they met up with a kid by the name of Kendrick Lamar, mike and cole had to admit his flow was cold and they knew he was more than this s***ty ass club portrayed him. They wanted to manage him; taking out loan after loan the two fought hard to get the rapper on air and once they did there was no turning back. Kendrick had brought in more money than they thought which allowed the two to start their own record company in Detroit called Worldy Kings. A completely new look in music.

<a href="">Bree</a> left home with much pain hidden, she played tough all the time but anyone could see through that. Once she had gotten accepted to NYU she never ever looked back. Majoring in journalism, and through very close connects Bree was able to become the editor of Elle, Vogue, and Seventeen magazine. One day coming out of her building she could have sworn she noticed Chris outside drawing his heart out, but that mad her even more mad. She felt he was the reason of her and Mike’s break up, Chris was the only person Mike would listen to but he did nothing just sat back and watched his friend do nothing with his life, so partially to her it was his fault as well, pissed and with a cold heart Bree took the change out of her pocket and tossed it at his feet turning away quickly so Chris wouldn’t see her.

Then there was <a href="">Shad</a> shad’s hear t broke the day Soso left for Chicago, he fought to get her to stay but she never did she wanted him to understand that she needed to make this move in order to better herself but all he saw was her leaving. Taking everything he had to Miami he worked part time at a bar called Flex while he attended a community college at the time since he couldn’t afford a university. But were his heart lied was in photography, and not of land and buildings but of the body. On a side hustle Shad took pictures of nude woman who were on a pursuit to become video vixens. To Shad this was the life, he lost his girl so why not take pictures of 100’s of others. One day the lead director of a majoring model casting got a hold of Shad’s work and wanted nothing but to work with him. Taking pictures of naked woman all day became a life style for him, every girl wanted him to make them a portfolio and all directors only wanted his work for casting, he became how we should say very involve in his work.

The 10 of them never expected to see each other again, in fact they had grown to enjoy the fact of never seeing each other again, but when a strange letter makes it to all of them asking to meet up at a cabin in Toronto, signed from a close family member. The group decided to make the decision to meet up after all of these years, under one roof, with all of their built up hatred toward each other. Who will end up killing who?



Yeah sure lol


O dis gn be good run it

'Dirty D' tho? How the hell did I get a nickname like that. I'm a sneaky one, thats cool that I kept in touch with Cole tho. He's my boy! What he mean by 'airing out dirty laundry'? He know some secrets? He throwing down in that kitchen tho. *does goofy smile* Ana sporting Trey's shirt huh? I see y'all! Something had to go down. Maybe! Everyone in this b**** was starving. Thats some cray s***. Y'all act like y'all havent eaten. HOW THE HELL NICHAEL AND CHRIS DIDNT INVITE ME? THEY KNOW I GET DOWN WITH THE GET DOWN! Im lightweight irritated now. They know I f*** with that wake and bake s***! Ugh, dunb niggas. Look at Michael being an obnoxious d*** towards Bree. She cant be tough for long. Damn, Chris seems kinda hurt that he didnt know Bree was in New York, and I think she kinda feels guilty too. Tf is up with Shad and Soso? They hella awkward. Im tryna now the story behind them. Am I forgetting anything? I probably am but until then...

Run it

See ... Dany s always that one
Lil sly chicken lol
"Dirty D" tho???

Umm wtf going on with Ana && Trey?
Like I get it they fckd buuut why tf she acting like that's
her damn daddy or something???
Nigga better get right smh

Ooh look at Coley Cole cooking lol
Umm how am I the drunk one?
I don't even drink unless I'm like forced
and even then I sip the hell out of one cup the WHOLE time lol
Why tf Cole say that smart s***? I should've bust his asx in his face

Like I said Dany and Chris cool ...
Mike though .... MYYYYYYYY NIGGA *denzel voice*
That's right boy ... Wear Bree down she can't stay mad for long
Well not mike ... She could probably hold out a little longer
But she gotta understand mike is his own person
Chris could've talked all he wanted to but at the end of the day
Mike was gon do what Mike wanted to do ... Not nobody else

As for Shad && Soso ... Why tf are they so damn wierd??
Like they was playing then all of a sudden it gets awkward
Midget or So<em>phia</em> better start telling me what's up

Runs banana


I was the first to wake up the next day; I decided that this would be the day everyone would at least talk to each other, and if a fight was to break out well at least they’re speaking. Making it into the kitchen the smell of breakfast damn near knocked me down. “Sup dirty D” cole had been putting finishing touches to the platters her was making. Eggs, bacon, sausage, French toast, pancakes, hash browns and apple juice sat in a row as if it were a damn buffet in this b****. “Damn dude I didn’t know you could throw down like this” “yea, something I picked up over the years” an awkward silence broke out between us as I continued to stare at the food. “Dany” “Cole look I’m sorry about yesterday, I didn’t mean to throw you under like that, but I let the awkwardness hindrance me” After high school truth be told me and cole remained close friends, we didn’t fall off like the other since we had always been close anyways. I felt like s*** as of right now since yesterday I basically played him not even muttering a simple hello to the boy, but it was just too heavy for me. “It’s cool dirty d I aint about to bust you for it, now, but if it happen again I’m airing out dirty laundry” he said half serious half-jokingly. “Who has dirty laundry” trey asked while he walked in with ana not too far behind him wearing one of his shirts. “Ana don’t you and dany own a boutique, the f*** it YOUR clothes” cole said clearly noticing the shirt she had on too. “Mind your business” she spat while grabbing a plate. It didn’t take long for soso, bree, nani and shad to walk down the stairs all half sleep but hungry as f***. “Who cooked” nani asked while placing a huge grin to my face. “Cole cook” “of f***, he trying to kill us I’m going back to bed” bree said very dramatically causing nani to just drag her back down in her chair. Ana huffed impatiently as she stared down at the bacon, “can we eat now” “No everyone isn’t down here yet” trey spoke up as if he was her father or something quickly making ana hush,

“Aye” Chris said walking in as Mike stood behind him eyes bright red, him and Chris clearly just got done having a session. “The f*** y’all aint invite me for” I spat honestly mad as f***, ever since high school the three of us always had an early morning session since the others didn’t smoke like that. “I forgot you were a trooper dany I got you next time” mike said look at the huge table and placing a grin to his face, while sitting right next to bree on purpose. “Is this seat taken” “yes” bree spat but the look she gave said differently, he was making her nervous. “Can we eat now” ana said damn near moaning while holding onto the piece of bacon as if it was her last meal. “What’s up with you dude” nani asked while laughing “Its long and meaty f*** you mean what’s wrong with her” soso joked causing others to laugh. “Long and meaty huh I guess that excludes every MAN at this table” bree put an evil grin to her face, “f*** you mean excludes every man at this table” “shad please make this easier for yourself” Nani cut in causing us all to laugh again.

It was something normal about this moment but I knew it wouldn’t last. “So bree how is New York treating you” trey asked while Chris’ head shot up “fine” “you stay in New York” that was the first thing Chris had spoken to bree this whole time. The two began to burn holes into each other. “Yea I edit a few magazines” “I was in New York, struggling I wish I could have been able to get a hold of you back then” bree’s eyes dropped to her plate as she paid close attention to her pancakes. Silence broke out once again until we all heard a smacking sound and soso trying to shove shad’s head back. “How the f*** you gon take the last of the pancakes then not share, while you see me grabbing for them” shad spoke still trying to reach for her plate. “It is not my fault you short” soso giggled while looking at shad. A stare off once again took place before shad cleared his throat and turned his head away at the same time soso did, what the f*** is up with that. “Ok I’m finished” ana muttered as if to be a toddler or some s*** “good girl” trey encouraged making soso bump my shoulder. “What are the plans today” I asked trying to make sure we all did something together. “I’m trying to get f***ed up” Nani said dancing in her chair to her own music. “What’s new” cole spat causing that awkward silence again. “Don’t go there with me cole it has been years” “and yet you still act the same” there was a story behind that clearly but what. “How about we all go get dressed and meet down here in an hour”, trey suggested “An hour bree not 2” Mike spoke was he trying to piss her off on purpose really. “You aint my daddy dude” a flush smile appeared on his face and bree’s head shot down, nasty.

Damn, like we really got some issues.
This s*** has got to stop like now?
It's not cool and we won't be able to enjoy this lil trippy trip
Wait its cold sooo it's snowing??..
Awl hell ... We gon get stuck behind snow in that house

I just knew Bree was gon be more extra than she was
I'm glad she wasn't though cause fighting on the first night ... No bueno
Ana asx talking about she wanna be the mediator ... Yeah and we're all flying monkeys
Girl please you just want Trey's penis
She calling Soso name like that I would threw something at her asx
Like why do Shad and Soso never say anything?
They just look then look away ... She better cough up some information
Chris asx ... I'm sorry I still would've hugged him and mike lol
I can't be mad at them they silly af
I do feel bad for Bree ... She got it B A D for that boy
I'm sure he the same way about her
Don't look like Dany and Chris are really at odds they're just not really talking
As for Cole I honestly don't know what's going on ... I'm lost

I just thought about it Trey mad cause he got beat by a girl
Better luck next time punkin!

I'm mad like even though I was lost af I still was like
<em>yawn, yawn</em> <strong>Yeeeah, I'm tired, too</strong>

Ik one thing though so somebody better start talking s*** out
And make a domino effect happen ... I have a feeling Bree, Chris and Mike either gon be first or last

Runs AnaBanana

Ok they really dnt like the guys like wat the f*** man i wnt to no who sent them there run it

I really dont like the animosity between all of us. Well atleast between the boys and girls. It kinda gives and uncomfortable feeling. I want us all to get along. Oh! Ana is tryna get it poppin. Talking bout so we can be the mediators and s*** my ass. Y'all are just tryn f***. Hey, I would be too if I havent seen the guy i'm in love with for a long ass time. I bet Chris looked fine as hell when he walked through the door with soso. Mhmm! Bree is rude as hell, then again Chris wasnt so nice either. I'm so happy that all the girls get along. Just imagine if we didn't. s*** would be crazy! I love how we were so rude to little ass Shad but its all love. Damn, why we so awkward towards Michael and Cole. I feel hella bad because we could have greeted them better. On my part I feel like I atleast could have. Then when they got there we all just went upstairs. I dont like the way this is starting out.

Run it


Dany and I were the first ones to make it too the cabin. And took full advantage on picking our rooms before the others got there, “So you rooming with me or you saving a room for trey” dany mocked while pulling her suitcase up the stairs. “Honestly I am but only to stop the violence cause if we room up one of the sworn enemies would have to share and that won’t be good” “I forgot about that s***, how do you think this trip will even go” “Horribly, but I can’t wait to see everybody” “everybody or trey” “he was my best friend dany” “sure he was” dany and I both quickly turned to see nani standing by the door. “AHHH” we all screamed at the same time “I missed you hookers more than you can even believe” nani spoke damn near in tears as we all took turns hugging her. “Ok, enough with the soft s*** who am I sleeping with” “Uhm that’s the thing ana has already decided to sleep in a room with trey” dany spoke while nani rolled her eyes playfully “so that means you either room with me or bree or soso” “ how you know soso or bree won’t want to room with one of the guys” dany looked at nani as if she had two heads “bree hates Michael, she wants to kill Chris and soso and shad can’t stand next to each other without arguing” “so” “so we breaking y’all asses up” “I don’t have a problem with anyone” “so you talked to cole lately” “no but I mean we didn’t leave off on a bad foot” “that’s even worse, ain’t no tell what feelings y’all might unleash… you’re staying with a girl. Period” “Who died and made ana the boss” soso asked while opening the door for her and Chris to walk in. Nani damn near knocked everyone down to get to her first.“Damn why I don’t get any love” Chris muttered

“Hey to you too Chris” I said while passing him and walking to soso squeezing her to death. “alright enough with the lovey dovey crap what is the room situation” soso asked seriously “well we were just talking about that all the girls are staying together well, all but ana” dany cut in “wait who is ana sleeping with” “well Christopher if you must know it will be trey and I then nani and I guess bree and then soso and dany.” “You and trey… y’all about to f*** aint you” soso said as if she was a little kid saying a bad thing. “No buts since we are the only ones who can stand each other, what other option do we have”. “cool just keep that beast away from me” “name calling already Christopher” all eyes landed on bree as she walked through the door, face full of hate toward Chris, “ok this is awkward” nani said while turning her head the other way. “I’ll go put my stuff in my room” Chris then just walked off. We all waited until Chris was fully away from us then jumped on bree. “Please tell me I am not staying anywhere next to him please” bree muttered to the group in a hushed tone “Nope you staying with nani, dany got me and ana being a hoe” “SOFIA” I screamed “WHAT”. Soso yelled back

Bree, Nani and soso all sat their stuff into the living room as all the girls made their way to the kitchen opening a bottle of wine in the fridge. “Wine, where the hell the tequila shots at” bree asked holding up the bottle as if it was foreign to her, nani quickly snatched it away, “I’m not even sure if you should be drinking this, two people you hate the most are now around you aint no tell what you are about to do” nani spat at bree “Word somebody pass that b**** a Dasani” dany joked. “f*** all of you hoes I can hold my liquor as long as they say nothing to me” “YO YO YO” everyone froze to see if they knew the voice, instantly I jumped up and ran to the living room. “TREY!!!” he had to quickly drop his things in order to catch me as I leaped into his hands like a mad woman. “And the sexing begins” soso whispered but clearly she did a horrible job as I finally decided to let him go everyone hugged trey but nani. “Hello Tremaine” “Nallely” “How did that case go in Virginia” “Better than I expected since there wasn’t a smart mouth lawyer to back up the young man’s lies this time” trey spoke “I don’t have a smart mouth I just can back up my evidence” “nani clearly that kid was full of s***” “but the state already read off his propaganda, all I had to do was clear his one case you were bringing up nonsense” nani spat back “nonsense or a valid point his track record told all there was to know about the dumb ass boy” the two seemed to have been staring a hole into each other until dany cleared her throat.

“No work on this trip guys, seriously” bree said plopping down on the couch “bree, who is running the magazine while you’re gone” I asked picking up one of trey’s bags. “I have some young ass intern running the s***, told her ass if she f*** up that is her whole career, and why the f*** you helping him with his bags but left my s*** just on the floor” she said loudly “cause clearly ana likes me more than you Breana” trey flashed her with an award winning smile. “speaking of likes, are y’all the only ones here” “naw Chris up stairs but you know him and bree cannot be in the same room together” “Am I rooming with him” soso quickly placed a huge grin to her face while the other girls followed suit right after, so childish “Uhm no trey, I uh thought it work out best if uh you know we roomed together, you know if you want to, to help the group you know” I stammered all over that sentence, damn. “That’s cool with me, gives us time to, catch up” “ok, cool here let me show you to our room” “if they aint back in 10 minutes y’all already know the deal” “SOFIA” “damn it ana stop saying my government”


To be honest I was in love with the fact of seeing all of my girls, I had missed them to death but I knew this joyful moment would soon come to an end; he would be walking into that door at any minute. He was the only one I didn’t keep tabs on. Why should I, nani told me he and cole started their own record label. I was proud of him but still in total dislike for him. “Oh f*** its midget mack” dany joked while shad walked through the door shaking hard from the cold weather. “Who was the genius that decided to bring us to the f***ing north pole” he spoke through his shivers. “This is Toronto, Canada not the north pole dumbass” “Hello to you too bree” as shad eyed the room his eyes landed on soso, you could tell there was something behind it but like routine they covered it, both turning their heads at the same time as if they weren’t just staring at each other. “Shad” ana said walking down the steps with trey and Chris “that was fast” nani said as trey stuck up his middle finger. “Sup shad” Chris spoke while he and trey dapped up shad. “How is Miami treating you kid” trey asked as he and Chris found a spot on the other couch to sit “I can’t complain” “Hell naw you can’t. I saw your casting for November, damn” Chris said with a chinky grin that made me sick to my damn stomach. “Aw yea, Ms. Camille she is an inspiring singer, but she couldn’t sing to save her life” “but that body is nice as hell, f*** her singing” trey cut in while dapping Chris.

I looked up at ana as she was leaning on the wall and nodded for her to come sit with me on my chair, I knew her feelings for trey the best. Back in high school when trey and mike where being complete a**holes we always comforted each other because we knew we wouldn’t be biased to one another. When ana came and sat with me on my chair trey made a crazy face. “Ana if you wanted a seat there is a whole couch over here” “naw I’m good thank you” he eyed he strangely before putting his attention back on shad. “If there aint bottles and hoes popping in this b**** then we in the wrong place” all eyes landed on the door as cole and mike walked in all the boys got hyped up none of the girls moved. I knew nani was confused on what to say to cole, I just wanted to slit Michael’s neck. Dany ana and soso felt the tension and decided not to act on it. “Sup y’all, what y’all not giving any love to us” cole asked walking into the living room. “Hey” we all said very dryly. “uhm ok I guess” he said then went back to talking to the guys. “It is getting late guys I think I will retire for the night, I’ll see you lovely people in the morning” ana spoke while only looking at us girls. “You know that is a good idea” dany spoke while nodding at soso who pretended to yawn “yea, I’m sleepy night guys” “I think I will turn in to” nani clearly was out of the loop on this but followed any way. I sat still in my seat as I watched all of the girls get up and walk up the stairs, pissed at what we become, we didn’t even want to be in the same room as the guys. Getting up from my seat I began to walk up the stairs, “what you tired too” I heard him say his voice still did something to me. “Naw I just don’t want to be around y’all” and with that I found my room and called it a night.

ok ok here i come << thats nasty lol

Ana bring your asx

O this gn be good run it

Ana was a snitch
Me, Soso, shad, and mike are the back up
J and Dany are the "adults"
And Bree and Chris are the masterminds lol

Damn umm like wtf happen to us?
We all just fell of with each other
This is sad I want us back NOW

Like Bree and Chris are always buddy buddy
But she hates him this is news to me!

Mmmm dwight !
Yaas lord!
I love me some him


Chris would be that nigga to be all dramtic as a kid. Like nigga you dont own the damn slide so shut up. Then there's Michael, he would be the one to back up Chris first, I mean that is his boy, so I understand that. Shad nigga, please just shut up! With yo little ass. Aw Trey was the only caring one, I feel it. Cole was obviously the only chill one. Like always Bree is the one to come in demanding stuff, then Nani too. Little Ana and Soso was some little cuties and then there's me. Haha Chris was jumping off that slide like he ran the world or some s***. Acting like a little power ranger and s***. Lmfao. Why he gotta be so rough with Ana? That boy has some temper. Than Bree basically whooped his ass for it. Then everyone jumped in. Aw look at Trey helping Ana. Too cute. I love how Cole and I were just pretending. Haha we some trill ass kids. I swear boys be thinking they run everything.

Ana why you still holding that grudge over Chris? But that nigga still felt bad, you can tell esecially since he let her have 5 dollars. Sane for Chris, holding that damn thing over Bree's head. Like nigga she only shoved your face into the bark because of what you did to Ana. Trey and Mike some man whores now, huh? Such a shame. Bree and Ana were obviously jealous. I feel like Soso and Shad had something going on. They seemed a little sketchy. That nigga Chris stay cracking jokes. Aw, Cole seemed a little alert and jealous when Chris mentioned Nani and Dwight. Then he looked at me as if I knew. We just some troubled ass teens ready to fight. I love how i seem to be the peacemaker.

Dang, did we really all just break up after highschool? Sometimes thats the way it is though. Aw okay. Look at me and Ana doing our things. The name of our boutiques are so cute. Soso and Chris were in the struggle but being in that field of work can be hard. Im glad their getting their opportunities though. Trey and Ana doing big things huh? Thats cool though, kinda sucks that Trey had to do that to make his dad happy though. Look at Bree. She just all in the media. She doing her own thing and thats whats up. Sucks that she feels that way about Chris but I understand where she's coming from. I mean if Chris could have talked to Michael things could have been better. Dang, Michael and Cole were in the struggle too. but they turned that around and are doing better. I feel bad because I feel like I could have helped Cole, especially since it seemed like he and I had this unspoken understanding. I really hope this cabin thing goes well. Like who would bring us all back together?

Run it

I hope they don't end up killing each other at all especially nobody better not kill shad or mike or it's gone be a problem run it

oooh this