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Who else is excited for X?!?!?!

I know that I am.. I can't wait until X comes out... I aways get really excited when Chris comes out with a new album or anything for that matter... But I know that this is going to be a good one.. Chris has been working so hard.. I'm proud of him.. He has finally found his true focus. His music and the people who matter to him the most which are his family and team breezy.. Not responding to the haters and their negative ways..

Strength is not about how much you can take before you break, Strength is about how much you can take after you break.
-Chris Brown

P.S. Don't forget to check out Chris' new single Fine China when it debuts on April 1st...!!!!!


Haha I see what you did there!!!!

i'm so xcited!

I agree with him also.. if it's the quote your talking about.. that's one of my favorite quotes by him.

I agree with him :)