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Beyond Blind <updated 4/2/13>

I haven't written in FOREVER so don't judge my story lol

10:32PM - <a href="">Jia</a>

"Oh, s***."

"Yea, right there baby."

"I'm cumming."

<a href="">Jacob</a> released his seed in Jia's mouth and she swallowed. She instantly got up from her knees and went into the bathroom. After she rinsed and gargled her mouth, she went back to Jacob.

"Why don't just kiss me like I ask you to?"

"Because, that's just nasty, Jacob." She climbed into bed and pulled the covers over her body. Hoping that Jacob would get the hint. He scooted closed to Jia and kissed her neck. Jia rolled her eyes. "Not tonight Jacob."

"Finished what you started, babe."

"You started it." Jacob turned Jia over and started caressing her thighs.

"Just for a little while, Jia. He's already wide awake." Referring to his penis.

Jia hated having sex with Jacob. He never took his time and called her all kinds of filthy names. Rough sex is not the best sex for her. She felt like a whore and disgusting. Before she knew it, he entered the head of his penis into her. She moved around a little and opened her legs wider for him. "Hurry up, Jacob."

"Stop playing, b****." He said thrusting into her walls. "You know you like this big d***."

That was another thing she hated about Jacob, his poor choose of words to describe her. It was not only used for the bedroom but whenever he felt like it. She laid there on her back and faked a couple of moans while he continued to talk dirty and call her all types of names. After about thirty minutes he finally busted his nut. He climbed off of her and smacked her leg.

"Go to sleep, we got work in the morning." Jacob turned over and went to sleep, while Jia got up and went into the bathroom. She had to take a shower. She worked all day and didn't get the chance to shower earlier because Jacob couldn't 'wait one more minute' in his words. She scrubbed her body clean until she felt pure again even though she knew that was impossible. She wrapped the towel around her body and just stared in the mirror.

"This s*** is ridiculous," she said to herself. "Why am I here?"



****New Reader****

I Love It. Jia Should Have Just Left I Would Have Found Me Somewhere To Go.

I Don't Like Jacob And His Family They Some b****es!



Run it

Srry about the errors.....wish I could edit

<em>8:50PM - Jia<em>

Ding!! Ding!!! Ding!!!!

Jia heard the rings from the kitchen and sighed, "Coming Jorge!" She slightly yelled. Jia worked as a waitress at a down scaled diner on the other side of town from where she lived. "Table 3, Jia." Jia grabbed the two plates and made her way over to Table 3. "T-bone Steak?" She sat the plate in front of the overweight woman. "And Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies." She sat the other plate down in front of the average man sitting across from the woman.

"Excuse me, can I have another strawberry milkshake?" Asked the woman. Jia looked at her wrist watch, glad it was time for her to clock out.

"I'll have someone bring that right to you. Enjoy your dinner." Jia half way smiled at them and walked to the back of the dinner, hung up her apron and clocked out. "See you guys later. Im out!" She announced to her co-workers. "Jia!" Jia turned around to face her boss, Harold. "I said I needed you for another hour around here."

"I can't Mr. H. I have to be somewhere soon."

"But you told me you could do it."

"No, I said I would try and I can't do another hour. Sorry."

"Go on, get out of here, girl." He shooed her away. Jia rolled her eyes and walked outside to see Jacob waiting for her.

"I thought I was going to have to drag you out of there."

"He wanted me to work another hour." She said as he held the door open for her to get in the car. He closed the door and hopped in the the driver seat. He reached over to give her a kiss and she did the same.

"He always want something from you." He started up the car.

"Yeah, I know. Jacob, can we go home first?"

"But why, I have your clothes in the trunk."

"I know but I smell like the diner and I need to shower."

"Fine, Jia. But you have to hurry up, we are already late."

"I know, I know."


"Well, it's nice of you two to finally show up." Jacob's father said to them as they walked in his parents house full of guest.

"Excuse us for being late, Dad. Blame this one over here." He pointed to Jia.

Jacob's father looked at Jia and half way smiled. "Hello, Jia."

"Hi, John." She smiled at him.

"Your mother has been waiting for you, Jacob."

"Where is she?"

"You know your mother, sipping wine, and talking to her girl friends outside near the pool."

Jacob grabbed Jia's hand and guided her to the pool. "Ugh, Jacob, do I have to see her?"

"You have to at least greet her, Jia."


As soon Jacob opened the back door to the <a href="">pool area</a>, his mother spotted him. "Jacob, baby, you have finally arrived." She hugged her son with all her might.

"Hi, mother. I see you got the party started without us." Jacob waved to all of his mothers friends.

"How are you Mira?" Jia greeted.

"I told you, you can call me <a href="">Mrs. Collins<a/>, Jia." Mira sat down without a hug or hand shake giving to Jia.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Collins."

"Mhmmm, Jacob. Come sit! Tell us how the firm is going dear."

"Mother, no one wants to hear about that."

"Oh, Jacob don't be so modest. I've been bragging about it all night, sweetie, please entertain us."

Jacob sat down in one of the chairs and Jia sat on his lap. "The firm is doing well, we have been placed in the top five, number two spot, in Forbes magazine as the highest law firm--"

"Excuse me Jia." Mira cut off her son. "Chairs are for sitting in my dear. Not Jacob's lap."

"Mother, she can sit here. Don't make a scene."

"I just think it's inappropriate, son. Tons of chairs around the place and she chooses your lap to take a seat in with her big behind." Mira stated to Jacob but looked at Jia.

"I'll just go and get me something to eat."

Mira laughed, "She needs more food in that big body of hers."

Jia turned around, "Excuse you!"

"Um, Jia. Let's talk about what you do for a living." One of Mira's friends said, trying to change the subject.

"Ha! Let's not, it's not worth talking about in this environment." Jia looked over at Jacob who shrugged his shoulders at her. Jia rolled her eyes at him.

"I'm sure it's not that bad." Her friends said.

"Oh, please. Working in a diner in Southeast D.C. is embarrassing." Mira sipped her wine and looked at Jia. Her friend sat back, thinking she had said enough, making the situation worst.

"It put money in my pockets." Jia spoke.

"Right, if it did then you wouldn't be living off my son, the lawyer, over here."

"I don't live off him. Jacob knows I don't want him for his money. I like to take care of myself. He knew that from when we first met."

"When you first met my son you worked at a high scale, grade A, fancy restaurant and let him have sex with you the first night. He offered to pay you and you declined you little whore!"

"MIRA!" Everyone heard John say, "Time for you to put down your drink and come in the house."

"No, John, it's fine! I f***ed your son and f***ed good. The best sex he will ever have in his life. Don't you forget it!" Jia stated. Mira's mouth was wide open.

"JIA!" Jacob yelled. "Don't be so disrespectful to my mother."

Jia scolded Jacob, she shook her head, "Jacob, I'm ready to go home."

"Yes, you need to live my house at once."

"My pleasure!" Jia walked near the house where John was standing.

"Did you really have to go there?" He asked her, although John disliked Jia as well as Mira, he did respect and tolerated her.

"You must ask your wife the same thing, John." Jia walked into the house and out the front door where she waited for Jacob at the car.


"That was over the top, Jia." Jacob slammed the door behind him as they walked into their condo.

"No, your mother was over the top, Jacob."

"But you how my mother is, ignore her!"

"I didn't want to go over there in the first place! I told you that! That's the best way to ignore her!"

"That would have been disrespectful if my parents invited you and you didn't show up."

"No, they invited you! They invited their son and GUEST!" Jia said taking off her high heels.

"You know how they are." He grabbed a beer out of the fridge and walked back into the living room where Jia was sitting on the sofa.

"You know how they are, you know how they are." She mocked him. "That does not mean she can treat me any way she wants. And you!" She pointed at Jacob, "You just sit there like it's a comedy show, letting her talk her s*** to me!"

"You had to admit, Jia. She was right about you needing to cut back from eating."

Jia threw her heels at Jacob, while he dodged them, "Are you crazy, Jia?!?"

"You are the rest I'm a size 12 and not a 6 any more, Jacob. All of this extra weight is from you, causing me stress! you and your family get on my f***ing nerves, always putting me down! I don't even talk to my friends no more because of you!!"

"Don't blame that s*** on me!" He put his beer down.

"Oh, so everything is my fault? The reason your mama knows about our sex life is my fault? You reason your mama is a snotty b**** is my fault!"

"Watch your mouth!"

"f*** you, Jacob! I'm out of here! I don't need this s***!"

Jacob ran to the front door before Jia could get to it, "Oh yeah? And where are you gonna go? You don't talk to your friends, so they aren't going to help you out. You don't have family here. Your job ain't s***. And don't no man, but me want your fat ass. Jia, I'm all you got. So take that 'I'm leaving you, Jacob' bulls*** somewhere else."

Jia stared at Jacob, he was right, a man hasn't looked her way in months since she gained weight, her job wasn't enough to get her own place, she didn't know if her bestfriend, Brianna, would even talk to her. And her parents are dead and gone. "Jacob, I'm sorry. But if you want me to stay, some things are going to have to change around here."

"Whatever you want." Jacob smiled.

"For one, leave my family out of this. Two, I need a life outside of us, so I'm going to start hanging out with my friends again if they will have me. And you are suppose to be my man, " She wrapped her arms around his neck. "Stand up for me. I know she is your mother, its one thing to talk to me like she does when its just us, but in front of other people, babe it's wrong."

"I do talk to her Jia, but she is not going to stand down for you."

"I get that but be my superman in front of me and my eyes. not behind closed doors."

"I promise babe." Jacob kissed Jia and rubbed her butt. "Lets go to the bedroom." He winked at her. Jia kissed Jacob and guided him to the bedroom without breaking their kiss.

"This is the best part after our arguments." Jacob stated before laying Jia down on the bed.




Run it

Brooke is hilarious drunk lol..Mandy is a fake ass friend..I don't like her..but Carson is where its at! Run It, :)

<em>Carson Continued 12:03AM<em>

Everyone at the cookout had a few drinks in their system and was feeling good. Either eating what's left of the food or bumping and grinding to music. Carson was in the house putting away his cameras in the basement, he was reaching up on the top shelf when he felt a pair of hands wrap around his waist.

"You looking mighty sexy tonight." Carson sighed and pulled Mandy's hands off of him.

"You tripping Mandy. Don't touch me." Carson turned around and saw Mandy smiling at him.

"Carson, why do you always pull me away?" She said reaching for him. Carson could smell the alcohol on her breath which irritated him even more. She was drunk but he will not blame it on the alcohol, for she has hit on him plenty of time, with alcohol she was just more aggressive.

"Mandy, I am not remotely attracted to you and you are my wife bestfriend. I am not going to hurt her and neither should you."

"Ugh, Carson, I don't to hurt Brooke. I just want what she has, I mean...I did see you first." She stepped up to him, her breast to his chest. She caressed his chest and squeezed his butt. Carson rolled his eyes and lightly pushed her off of him. He moved to the side, "You need to chill."

"Or what? You gone tell Brooke?" She smirked, knowing his answer.

"You know I'm not--"

She cut him off, "And neither would I, so what's stopping us?"

"She is my wife. I take our vows serious and I am not willing to hurt her by telling her what you do. If she is your bestfriend then you should respect her and me, and keep your comments and hands to yourself. Get out Mandy!"

Mandy smiled and shook her head, "One day, Carson. One day." She walked by him bu not without grazing his chest. She opened the patio door and walked out.

Carson shook his head, after 4 years of being married to his wife her bestfriend continued harass him, knowing he will not budge. Carson made sure his cameras were safely placed and walked out into backyard. He saw mostly everyone dancing and having a good time, he looked in Mandy's direction and saw grinding on Bryce. He shook head again, not surprised.

"Carson!" Justin shouted.

"Damn, what you so loud for?" Justin was tipsy and didn't care how loud he was.

"Better question is how do you resist drinking vodka?" He slurred his words.

"I just know I'm better without it, man."

"Yeah yeah, you see Bryce over there?"

"Mhmmm, why you not dancing?"

"Good question." Justin scouted the backyard and found a woman sitting down bobbing her head, "Bingo!"

"Good luck!" Carson shouted.

"Babbbbbyyyyy." Carson turned around and saw his drunk wife stumbling towards him. Although Carson doesn't drink, he didn't stop his from having a good time with drinks. "Come dance with me."

"Brooke," Carson grabbed her waist. "Don't you think it should be time for everyone to leave?" He was digging on what his wife was wearing, short, tight, blue sundress. He wanted to be alone with her.

"Nooooo, baby. Let everyone have fun."

"But I want to have fun with just the bedroom."

"Carson, you are such a bad boy. You want some <em>Good Good<em> baby?" Good good, is her term for sex.

"You know what I want." Carson pulled her in for a passionate kiss. He caressed her back and she pulled on his jeans to feel his erection. The next song that came on was Ginuwine, Pony.

"Ooooh, baby, this my song!!!" Brooke yelled. She grabbed Carson's hand and guided him to the dance floor.

"After this everyone is leaving!!!!" Carson yelled.


"You guys sure you don't want to spend the night?" Carson asked Bryce and Justin.

"Nah, man. We know you want ya wife to yourself--"

"Caaaarrrrson." Brooke yelled from the bedroom. Justin and Bryce laughed.

"Nah man, we ain't staying while she in that mood. Besides, I'm fine, just getting off being tipsy. I got Justin." Bryce said.

"Ight, yall be good man." Carson dapped up his friends, walked them out, and locked up the house. He Walked into his bedroom where he found his wife undressed in lingerie. He smiled, "You ready baby?" He picked her up, then he smelled her, "You don't want to take a shower first baby?" She smelled like outside and a bbq grill.

"No, I just want you." She kissed him. He asked her one more time and she refuse to go to the bathroom. He sighed, "Alright, babe." He laid her down on the bed. "I love you, Mrs. James."

"I love you more, Mr. James."


RUUUN It! I love how Brooke doesn't get bothered. She secure in her relationship..and might I add..yes indeed is her husband delicious!!

Jacob is fine! I love him, but he is a jackass. Why won't Jai just say something to him??

IDK but Run This like now lol

9:23PM - <a href="">Carson<a/>

"Damn, Brooke you are so lucky!"

"Yes you are. Your man is just a Goddess."

Brooke's friends, Mandy and Angie was drooling of her husband, Carson, in their backyard at a cookout. "Mhmmm," Angie licked her lips. "I would put it down on him so hard, he would be paralyzed."

Brooke smiled and shook her head at her friends, normally any other woman wouldn't take their friends talking sexual about their man, her husband for that matter. But Brooke didn't mind at all because she knew her husband was all hers. He was faithful and didn't pay attention to other females drooling over him.

"You guys are too funny. Why don't you get your own man. Justin and Bryce are good men with great jobs." Brooke stated while pointing at them standing next to Carson while he was cooking on the grill.

"Pssh, Justin and Bryce don't got s*** on Carson." Angie stated.

"Right, Justin has a damn beer gut at 27 years old. Who would want a man like that?"

"Mmmhmmm, and Bryce is already losing his hair. And black as midnight."

Brooke laughed and shook her head at her friends, "Yall haven't even given them a chance and already going on them."

"Don't need a chance just by looking at them." Mandy said while her face scrunched up.

"But Carson....yeah, Carson is just what I need." Angie smiled.

"I am what Carson wants." Mandy chimed in.

"You girls are ridiculous." Brooke joked with her friends.


"You hear talking crap about us man?" Bryce asked Justin.

"Yeah, they loud as s***. They have nerve."

Carson chuckled, "They want ME to hear them but I could care less."

Justin took a swig of his beer, "They obviously on your d*** and Brooke just sitting there laughing."

"It doesn't bother Brooke because she knows I am not interested in neither one of her friends. I'm not interested in no one but Brooke." Carson flipped the steak over on the grill.

"It might not bother her but it bothers you, Carson."

"Yeah, but you know how Brooke is. Those are her bestfriends and they can do no wrong. I'm not the one to ruin my wife's happiness. I can handle a little....a little..."


"No no, don't call it that."

"I am not losing my hair." Justin and Carson looked over at Bryce, who was standing there with his arms folded.

"Dude, why you tripping off them? They just females." Justin said.

"You just gone let them talk about your gut?"

"Aye, man I don't have a gut." Justin sipped his beer. "It's just a little pudgy."

Bryce and Carson laughed, "You not tripping off of them because you're in denial."

"Come on, just admit it. You have let yourself go since high school."

"Nah, just some haters."

Carson and Bryce laughed again as Justin walked off away from them.


updating when i get off work tonight!! xoxo

RUN IT!!!!
omg this is good :)
What will Jia do next? I think she'll sneak out of that apartment, but we'll just have to wait and see.....


Sound's good so far...we need to know the back story!! RUN IT!!

She needs to leave this Jacob dude tf alone!! He is an a**hole!! He is no good for her. Run it!!