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Love Has Its Own Mind

Brooklyn,New York there was a 16year old girl by the name of Tiana Mitchell,this little girl was a person with an obsessive matter towards the Hip Hop sensation Chris Brown. Tiana isn't a hip hopster she's a typical ordinary girl that stays in school and listens to her mother. Tiana has never come out her shell, because her shyness, and low selfesteem has been a really huge obsticale in her years of aging.Later on Tiana is on her way home riding the school bus,she sits behind two screaming girls and she over here's the girls talking about Chris Brown's new album Graffitti she decides to take some money out of her savings and buy the album, she listens and immediatley falls in-love with his voice,and invisions herself with him.She then begins to print out pictures from her computer of Chris Brown and hangs them on her wall screaming as she nails the pictures on her wall, "WHY YES CHRIS BROWN I'D LOVE TO MARRY YOU", as she laughs at an idea that she thought was very silly, and then she begins to invision Chris Brown and her getting married and say,"That's not a bad idea after all" as Tiana sits back at the computer she see's when his next concert is and where it's being held, she sees the next one is being held in Miami,and she say's to her self smiling with an enhanced evil look on her face,"MIAMI HERE I COME"


Damn dis b**** out there she dnt care bout nun man run it

Chapter 1 ending

Tiana decides to get the gas, but what she doesn't know is that she's been put on the news for questioning of the death of her was soon to be boyfriend. She's gets out her car and decides to go into the store policeman looking at her she's starring back with an unsure smile as if she were trying to hold back the guilt she had done. Tiana then walks into the gas station and the cashier has the TV turned on with the news channel on, Tiana looks up to only see that her face has been posted everywhere the cashier says here's your change,and Tiana doesn't here him because she's distracted by the words that are being said about her,"A WOMAN HAS GONE MISSING SHE IS NEEDED FOR QUESTIONING AND ASNWERING ABOUT THE DEATH OF HER BOYFRIEND AND THE FIRING OF HER HOUSE IF YOU SEE THIS WOMAN PLEASE CONTACT THE POLICE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE",so the cashier turns his head slowly at the TV still starring at the girl she stares at him and distracts him asking for scissors, he then gives her scissors she buys a hat, and she goes into the restroom and she thinks,"I HAVE TO KILL MY IDENTITY",so Tiana begins to cut her hair off Tiana thinks going bald is the best solution she cuts her hair off and places it in the toilet, it then begin to stop the toilet,so Tiana screams, "the toilet is jammed" The cashier runs into the restroom,and then begins to look at the toilet then looks at her she walks slowly to him with the scissors and he falls on the floor only to know this was an old man she closes the door with the man and she comes out the restoom 5 minutes later with the man still laying on the floor, but this man wasn't alive only to know she tourted him.


O hell no dis b**** then killed a cop wat the hell she has lost it for real run it

Chapter 1 continued

On the highway moving through a stormy night hundreds of cars speeding through this dark and dreary night trying to make it home before the storm gets worse.Tiana is speeding never slowing down and in the mist of her driving she's thinking,"how could I do this I was a innocent girl I only dreamed to live a happy life with children and a wonderful husband" moodswings occured again with her screaming,"I LOVE CHRIS BROWN IF I CAN'T HAVE HIM NOONE CAN I PROMISE THIS!".She eneterd the highway only to see that a sign said 100 miles until Miami, as she was speeding she sped across a police officer who then followed her, and then alarmed his sirens she look in her reaview mirror and decided to pull over she kept her hands on the steering wheel beating her fingers to an unknown beat in her head, the officer gets out his car and walks towards Tiana car,"license and regerstation please" she hands him the information walks to his car only to find out the car was stolen. The policeman walks back to Tiana asking her,"will you step out the car ma"am?" Tiana asking,"is there a problem officer?" "yes ma'am there is" he then begins to turn Tiana around and places her on the stolen car. Tiana cries and screams,"I'M SORRY OH MY GOD I'M SORRY!!!!!" Tiana then begins to get quiet and goes into this trans and turns around and starts to endure time inorder to reach her hand in the window she unzipts her bag and pulls her knife out and starts stabbing the policeman remembering stabbing William she's now scraming,NO ONE CAN STOP ME FROM CHRIS BROWN NO ONE!!!!!!", now she comes to realize that her knife has broken the blade is now stuck in the policeman's chest , and because the storm is so bad no one can see Tiana nor the policeman, so Tiana drags the policeman into his car, and drives off! Tiana then realizes she is very low on gas, so she pulls over for gas, and because there was blood on her hands she had to clean herself up, but come to realize that there are three police cars, she thens look to see if there is another gas station near by the next one isn't for another 100 miles, she wouldn't make it, so what will Tiana do get the gas or drive on empty to next one? TO BE CONTINUED

Oh s*** this b**** is loco! Chris find help! Do what Teek says. Run, run like your old song!! Don't stop!! Oh my lawd! She is about to kill this nigga. William I'm sorry, but yo ass fell for it. I would've shut the s*** down when I seen all them pictures. Smh.
Run it

O dis b**** crazy run chris run she gn kill u n yo girl run it

OMGosh she is NUTS!! es muy loco!!!

Chapter 1

May 23, 2011 is Tiana's 19th birthday 2 months after Chris Brown's F.A.M.E. album was released, Tiana had then had a boyfriend by the name of Wiliam. William was a good boyfriend he felt that it was the right moment to propose to her at a resturant called Convivium Osteria this is the most expensive resturant in Brooklyn New York. Time dies and it's about that time to head to the resturant, as they arrive the first thing that Tiana realizes is that there's a car in the front of the resturant that looks like Chris Brown's car, but she figures saying,"NO IT CAN'T BE SO", as Tiana and William arrive in the resturant they are immediatley stunned by the magnificent view of the resturant, not noticing anyone,but simply admiring the beautiful view of Convivium Osteria.Lead to their seats by their waiter they sit and there's wine already poured with bread sticks sitting on the side. William is very excited about this because he has already placed the ring on the bread stick, Tiana picks up the bread stick and sees the ring and she smiles and ask, my love is this for me?" William replies in a little still voice saying,"YES MY LOVE I NEED AND WANT TO CONTINUE MY LIFE WITH YOU, I DON'T SEE MYSELF WITH ANYONE BUT YOU YEA YOU'RE 19 I'M 20 BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER I LOVE YOU AND I WANTS US TO GROW OLD WATCHING OUR CHILDREN AS THEY WILL FORM INTO BEAUTIFUL ADULTS" getting up out his seat and kneeling to one knee taking the ring from Tiana asking,"Tiana Roshell Mitchell WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Tiana looks around and begin to cry and as she begins to yes she sees a shoe that only Chris Brown will have, she pauses her yes, and slowly pulls her head up slowly observing this person's woredrobe coming to find out that this man was in fact Chris Brown.She stood up in a peacful manner, and she walked calmly with William still saying, "TIANA WILL YOU MARRY ME!?!?, TIANA WILL YOU MARRY ME!?!?" Tiana ignoring William dropping his ring and forgetting any and everythimg William has ever said or done for her finally she makes to Chris's table and stares and Chris Brown looks up at her saying,"Yes can I help you" while Chris's girlfriend is looking trying to figure out what's her problem. Tiana then goes balistic over Chris and says,"I LOVE YOU CHRIS LEAVE THAT GIRL ALONE LOVE ME" as his bodyguards escort her out of the resturant. William screaming,"ARE YOU SERIOUS? ARE YOU SERIOUS? I PROPOSED TO YOU AND YOU DROP MY RING, YOU DROP EVERYTHING THAT I'VE DONE FOR YOU, AND LEAVE BEHIND FOR SOME MAN WHO WON'T AND WHO DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU?" Tiana then says,"I'M SORRY BAE I DON'T KNOW WHAT CAME OVER ME I'M SORRY" Tiana and William then go home when they arrive home William is so angry that he goes to bed early. Tiana goes and sit in a corner and rocks saying,"SO WILLIAM YOU THINK CHRIS DOESN'T KNOW ME,YOU THINK CHIS DOESN'T LOVE ME? WELL LET ME TO YOU SOMETHING HE LOVES ME AND I KNOW HE DO I KNOW HE DO!" Tiana goes into the kitchen and draws a knife out of the draw, and quietly walks to their room and whisper in Willam's ear saying,"HE LOVES ME I KNOW HE LOVES ME" she then begins to stab William in the heart while sceams,"I KNOW HE LOVES ME I KNOW HE LOVES ME".William gasping for air Tiana thens slit his throat, to make sure he's dead. Tiana then packs her bag and finds which state will Chris Brown be perfoming at next. Now Tiana leaves the house with the same knife she killed William with in her bag and leaves the house on fire. WHERE WILL SHE GO NEXT? Well she gets in her car and speeds down the high way! TO BE CONTINUED

More coming soon!