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Chapter 1 .
Nine years ago---
"mommy ,daddy are we there yet? " i asked my parents as we were driving as it seemed like centuries . "almost sweetie" my mom said with her soft voice and candid smile while my dad said to "she so restless " while chuckling. We were moving to Virginia because of my dad's construction business. we were from L.A. so my hopes and dreams were shattered as I often dreamed about the Hollywood life and now that was all over cause Virginia is straight country and boring . When mommy explained to me why we were moving i didnt understand at first because i loved my school,house,and friends ! mommy was a housewife so its not like i would be alone. i had to leave my kitty Mr.Whiskers behind too. I was happy that i got to move far away from uncle joe , i knew that we couldnt play games anymore that he always made me play with him ...
"WE'RE HERE BABYGIRL!" daddy exclaimed as we arrived at a big white house with, tall brown doors ,pillars,and a pool . i darted out of the car into the house where the movermen were . "Chyna wait baby girl be careful!" i couldnt hear a word my mother said as i stood in the middle of the house and stared up at the glass chandiler hanging above and a staircase on each side of the house it was beautiful . "DADDY THE HOUSE IS SO BIG AND PRETTY!CAN I PICK OUT MY ROOM?" i said excited.
"Come Chyna ,downstairs the neighbors four houses down are coming over so that we can meet them i think their son is the same age as you and goes to the school you will be attending" ,I heard my mom say as i was just putting clothes into my dresser and making up my bed. I put on a baby blue dress and sandals with my favorite . "is daddy meeting the new neighbors with us mommy?" "no sweetie. he's too busy".I nodded sadly and understood. "babygirl dont look like that. whats our saying?" "daddys busy right now. he wont be later and he still loves me ." we said in unison . "but, why does he have to be so busy all the time doesnt he love us right?" "yes baby. daddy loves us very ,very much hes just busy with work thats all." she said smiling down at me . then the doorbell rings taking me out of my thoughts . my mom then answers the door." hello ,i'm Faith and this is my daughter Chyna . i'm sorry my husband couldnt join us .he's probably getting his rest for tomorrow" my mom says as i stood behind her. "Hi,Faith i'm Joyce Hawkins. i'm sorry to hear that but this is my son Chris-- boy if you dont come from behind me hiding!" just as she said that a boy that was a little taller than me with, black curls,pink lips,freckles,and wearing basketball clothes came from behind her . he stared at me for awhile then stared down at his j's . My mom and his's were just talking about how beautiful the house was , where we were from,and other stuff , when i noticed chris was looking at me again and i caught him and he was red in the cheeks and just looked away again. I noticed how pretty his mom was with her dimples and pretty smile so i blurted a little above a whisper ,"youre very pretty" "aww why thank you sweetheart youre beautiful yourself. Oh before i forget i brought these brownies for your family and the pan is disposable so when you are done you can just trash it ." "why thank you Ms.Hawkins how very sweet of you ." "please call me Joyce" "will do . Chyna sweetie can you take Chris into the kitchen to show him around while i talk to Ms.Joyce?" "mhm" i nodded as i began to walk to the kitchen when i heard Ms.Joyce "boy if you dont follow her into that kitchen!" i heard him dragging his feet behind him. once we were in the kitchen i asked him "um do you want me to cut you a piece of brownie while i'm getting mine?" he just stared at me and finally replied "uh ,sure"."okay" i cut both slices and slid him a piece ."thanks" he mumbled while choking it down. "mmhph" i giggled . he darted his head and now on his third slice ."what?" he answered with a mouthful. "you have chocolate all over your mouth.. are they that good?" the chocolate looked like a beard and mustache . he went over to the microwave and looked at it while wiping it all off ."so, youre going to the same school as me ?" "yes" "oh, well we can be friends and i can introduce you to mines if you like.." "um, okay but i never had a boy as a friend before" "its going to be okay, i'll ptotect you if anyone tries to hurt you" i just nodded and smiled . "well i see you two are getting alone just finee " my mom said entering the kitchen with ms.joyce behind her. "lets go chris we have to let her get ready for school in the morning" he nodded and walked towards the door ."you will be riding the bus with chris in the morning it picks you guys up right in front of their house" my mom told me as Ms.Joyce and chris left. "bye christopher ,bye ms.joyce" i said with a small wave "bye chy" he said as i realized he gave me a nickname . i just blushed "well lets get your bath and tucked in you have a big day tomorrow" she said as we walked up the stairs hand in hand.
***Next Morning
"come on chyna youre going to be late now !" my mom screamed as i tried to look for my favorite headband and i saw it under my bed with my Hello Kitty backpack . i could barely sllep last night because daddy and her had a fight last night as usual and i was scared as usual . "your lunch is on the table now go before you miss your bus!" her back was turned towards me but i just ignored it. "bye mommy .i love you" i yelled as i grabbed my lunch and saw my bus as i headed down the street . i got on , "you must be Chyna Evans, Ms.Hawkins was telling me about youre new here?" "yes ma'am" "okay, find you a seat missy" she said smiling as she began to drive off . i couldnt find me a seat the bus was so full so i walked to the back when i see christopher talking to a chubby boy in the seat across from him."oh, um Chy i saved you a seat!" he said moving his backpack out of the way as he scooted over. "this is my cousin Barry " he said pointing to the chubby boy he was talking to earlier. "hi" i whispered . "sup" he said while nodding his head .
**At School
We were now having lunch and i was sitting between chris and barry . then on the other side of the table was Chris other cousins Austin,and marquis. the bell rung for recess as everyone swarmed out the area. i walked up the stairs getting ready to slide down the stairs when this fat boy pushed me down and slid down before me . "move out of my way ugly! " he said and I fell. I got up and dusted my clothes off. When I see Chris "are you okay? " "um,yea I guess " I said with tears in my eyes. "who pushed you ?what happened? " "the boy down there" ,I said pointing at him.. and Chris glared at him "he pushed me..I fell and called me ugly while sliding down the slide before me! " "it's okay don't cry I said that I would protect you and that's exactly what I'm gonna do! " I didn't want him getting in trouble for me. "no Chris! you can't! " I said grabbing him by the tail of his shirt. "watch me. " by now everyone was in a circle around Chris and Billy the fat boy. Billy pushed Chris and he fell and Chris charged at him screaming and punching him. the teacher came and escorted both of them to the principal office.... I thought it was all my fault that chris was in trouble.


run it

run it

oh no!! run it!!!! i wish there was a way chyna and kevi could leave...kevin needs his ass beat

oh no!! run it!!!! i wish there was a way chyna and kevi could leave...kevin needs his ass beat


aww monday? So sad for chyna and kevi

aww monday? So sad for chyna and kevi

BLAH...Monday though!!!

But anyway, Kevin's a douche, I hope she and Kevi gets away from safely. Chris is too much but I thought it was sweet that he still celebrated her birthday. I hope they find their way to each other soon.



Girl you need to Run It cause this is making me mad and stuff the way Kevin is treating her and thee baby her and Chris need to reconnect again cause them too is too cute together

Omg he is ridiculous got me over ere hot! I would mess kein up!

She needs to hide 2 bags somewhere in the house he never goes n pack them secretly everyday until they are full then book a flight but erase all the history fom her phone or computer what ever device she buy the tickets on and when he goes to work have a cab waiting around the corner n leave but book a flight to one state he would never think she would ! For real bcuz he gone end up killing her and that baby my goodness I hate him

Sorry most post is so long but I love this story

RUN IT and RUNT IT FAST I'm ready to see what happens next!

Run it

run it!!


it seems like the more i try to change the more chyna goes and f***s up! flirting with other niggas and with our daughter? she must have lost her damn mind!


we made it to the house as she unhooked kevalina and i unlocked the door. we walked in as i slammed the door hard and grabbed chyna by her neck banging her head against the door. "please kevin! stop no in front of my daughter!" she yelled . "your daughter ? what you mean your daughter huh? she aint mines?" i asked throwing her down to the carpet to her knees as she got up picking up kevi running to our room packing. "you dont want to be with me anymore chyna ?huh?" "i-i do but i dont feel like its safe for kevi." "safe? maybe if you stopped being so f***ing stupid and doind stupid s*** i wont have to beat your ass!" "but what you call stupid isnt stupid." i smacked her across her face. always talking smart. "when are you going to learn that , your mouth is going to get you into trouble?" "already have." she mumbled. "you know what? i'm going to pretend like i didnt just hear you talk back." i snacthed the suit case from her hand as kevi sat in the corner. "where the f*** you think you going huh?" i asked choking her as she gasped . "huh?" i yelled . "zaddy stop hurting mommy please !" kevi cried. "shut up!" she sobbed lowly "taking MY daughter far away from here!" i grabbed a hand full of her hair and she kept trying to remove my hands and each time she did i gripped it tighter. "you not leaving and taking OUR daughter anywhere!" "our daughter kevin? you may as well call yourself a sperm donor. you cant even look at her for a second. you treat her like your mom treated you and she doesnt deserve that." i blinked while sniffing. "what the f*** did you just say?" "you heard me loud and clear." she spat. "i will f*** you up chyna! you hear me?" "do it ! please do! it shows how much of a man you really are! you are a f***ing low-life and poor excuse of a man!" she yelled in my face picking up kevi going into her room. "come on baby. put this this on." she said filling a backpack with clothes. "chyna you not f***ing leaving me!" "yes i am kevin ! if it kills me! i cant take this anymore . gthe lies , the other women, you dont love me! this isnt love!" i clenched my jaw grabbing kevi running downstairs. "mommy! mommy !" she screamed as chyna ran down the stairs. "let her go kevin! " she yelled jumping on me and i threw her at a nearby wall. i pulled my gun from my back putting it up to her hear as kevi called chyna.
i was going in and out from the back pain from the wall but all icould hear was kevi . "mommy! " i looked up and kevin had a gun to her head as she held her monkey from earlier crying silently."k-kevin. what are you doing?" he didnt answer just looked at me then her . "so i can shoot her in the head and we can live happily ever after." i swallowed hard. "kevin. are you crazy ?" which i knew he was to pull a stunt like this. "l-look . dont do this i wont leave." i said feeling low and worthless. she ran in my arms crying as i kissed her all her face as wiped her tears when i felt a tug at my head and kevin was dragging me by my hair to the kitchen as kevi ran behind. "go upstairs kevi !" i managed to scream through blows to my head, face and body. she screamed my name over and over again and he dragged me by hair again to the basement."no kevin please dont! i wont try to-" "shut up!" he yelled as i felt a blow to my head being blacked out .
"f*** baby .ride this d***." i grunted in some girl ear i didnt even know name but she was sexy as f***! we were in the restroom at this ny club."oh s***! chris i'm cumming!" i chuckled .well atleast i was no stanger to her. she sucked my d*** trying to kiss me and i pulled up my pants. "later ma." i said chucking up the deuces makin my way back in V.I.P. and jasmine came sat on my lap. "hey where did you run off to?" i smirked. "i had to handle a little some,some." she smirked whispering in my ear. "i have something you can handle." "well, lets go handle it." i said getting up as we got inside my lambo .


Run it

a month later*****

"mj wake up. time for school." "mommy i no wanna go!" "I thought you liked daycare?" "nope!" i laughed this boy was really something else. "boy get your ass up!" mijo came in booming but mj got up. "barry how many times do i have to tell you not to talk to him like that." "oh, yea baby. i forgot." "mhm..." i said as he kissed me on my cheek.
"byw mommy. byw daddy" "bye mj." we both said in unison as we pulled out of the parking lot. "i'm so happy you got this off baby." i was one of L.A.'s best interior designers and dapped in modeling and music from time to time. i think i deserved a little vacay now and then. "first stop?" "star bucks, mijo. you know the routine." it was drop off Mj , starbucks, then work. but, today starbucks then chill with hubby.

i know i was wrong about yesterday and going off on chyna about kevalina but she was suppose to be a boy. i loved her but, i was afraid i was only going to treat her like her mom so i kept my distance. i know sooner or later i was going to have to stop because, chyna was right. she was going to look in love in other places that i never gave her.


at dinner kevin mumbled two words to kevi but, hey that was improvement. i had gave kevi a bath and tucked her in and walked in kevin and i's room and he was sitting on the bed with his shirt off rubbing his hand through his wild hairs . everyday i think of if he wasnt the way he was and we could have alot of children i would be a author, we would make real 'love' every night and i would enjoy it. he was sexy but.. when he would abuse me he was the most unattractive man in the world. but it seemed like he could only go a day or half a day without me ended up bruised. "chyna!" kevin yelled knocking me out of my thoughts. "y-es kevin." "um, you didnt as about my day at the academy" "oh. so how was it?" he shrugged gaping the back of his neck. he was a policeman . he followed his dad footsteps each one of them including the abuse,drinking , cheating etc. he was terminated for six months but turned into three ; on handling a suspect rudely (banging his head against the metal table until they were bleeding. which they received a broken nose. so i wasnt the only one?) "i will never f*** up again baby . i love my job . wearing the uniform makes me proud , saving people lives." he said smiling. if only he could be a cop at home. "i'm going to change at home too. its time." way past. "i've been thinking.. i should more time with kevalina." he managed to choke out. "okay." "um, tomorrow . the cheif said i was okay so i want to take her the zoo and other stuff she likes ." "okay baby. i'm proud of you." i said truthfully. he was changing for the best.
next day

we had been walking around the zoo for hours. watching shows,lunch. kevin and kevi were hand in hand. "zaddy look munkees!" kevi screamed pointing as kevin picked her up so she could she them better they were both and i couldnt do anything but the same. "i see baby girl." "i like munkees zaddy." we went to a stand cause kevi wanted a pretzel. i sat at a nearby bench running my hands through my hair enjoying the environment. been a while since i've been actually out. a month . i saw kevi running towards me with the pretzel and kevin was flirting with the lady at the cash register. i tried to brush it off but she wrote down her number handing it to him and he walked back over to the bench picking kevi back up as we walked to the giftshop. he brought her monkey backpacks, stuffed animals and anything else that she wanted. it was a nice family day. although, i was out in public i still felt trapped in a way. elderly couples would pass by and say that we were a 'cute'and 'nice' the 'ideal' family. if only they knew... we were far from it. "i so hungry mommy." "okay, baby. wait till we get home. i'll cook you something." "nah. since we're out we can go out to eat." "where zaddy?" "whereever you want baby girl." "hmm.." she thought with her finger on her chin as i laughed. "McDonald's!" "mcdonld's it is." kevin said as we drove to the nearest mickey d's. when we got there ran up to the register as i picked her up and the dude at the register laughed. "she sure is cute." i joined in laughing faintly looking at kevin who was on his phone. "thanks. um kevi what do you want?" "nuggees, hi-c, and fries!" he chuckled. "okay. and for you ma'am?" "oh, um just a dasani." he punched in th order . "i see where she gets her looks from. youre very beautiful." i blushed and smiled hard which caused my dimple to appear. "thank you." "nigga dont be giving my fiancee no compliments. ! who the f*** you think you is? come on lets go!" kevin said grabbing my arm as we got to car and i strapped kevi in. "mommy why is zaddy yelling?" "kevin why would you that?kevalina was hungry. you and youre jealousy problems!" he smacked me right in my face. "dont ask me no f***ing questions chyna! you always talking to other niggas like we not together. i'm tired of that s*** ! thats alright all of that is going to end tonight." he said as he clenched his jaw speeding towards the house .

She needs to tell somebody...anybody...go to the grocery store and scream it from the top of her lungs...SMH

update ??? or what ???

honestly, I could say I feel sorry for her but I don't. she put and is keeping herself in that situation. I like this though. run it.

glad to see you guys are liking the story lol. but, i'll update when i get about five more reviews,run its, and comments etc !

i'll be watching lol

Run it

She aggravates me right now cause shes staying in a place she doesn't have to be.

smh im so disappointed she need to bouce go to her parents house
stayed there for a bit and move to cali
fresh start or something
kevin is so dumb
its still his child!

i woke up at six a.m. every morning to make breakfast for Kevin and iron his clothes while Kevi watched cartoons. she says she like to watch me cook. it was seven now which meant Kevin should be coming down for his uniform shirt. "morning baby." he said passing up Kevalina and kissing me. he acts as if she isnt here. i know he said he wanted a son but,he doesnt have to ignore her like that. i .passed him his mechanic shirt with his name on it as he buttoned it up and sat at the table. "kevi. come on time to eat." i semi-yelled as she came bouncing from the girl loves to eat. "mommy food looks yummy!" i smiled "thanks baby." i said while kissing her on her curly textured hair. "so,youre going to clean the garage like i asked you?" kevin asked me as he finished his breakfast. "yea." "tank you mommy." "youre welcome." "alright.i'm bought to go .i'll see you for lunch." he said putting his plate in the sink kissing my forehead. he left out of the door; once again not saying anything to Kevi. "mommy.""yea baby?" "why daddy no talk tew me?" how did i explain that to a two year old?so i changed the subnject."hurry up and finish so you can finish watching your cartoons."she nodded stuffing her small mouth.i was going to have to talk to Kevin about this. she was starting to realize.

Jasmine was finally asleep which was i really needed right now. Jasmine only knew the half to Chy's and I's relationship.she knew we were bestfriends but what she didnt know was how i loved her so much more than what an eye could seee. its not that i ddidnt love Jasmine cause i did. i just dont know if Jasmine is the love of my lifecause it sure doesnt feel like it.


it was 11:45 which meant that kevin would be home at 12 on the dot for lunch.i spent all morning cleaning out the garage then kevi and i polished each other hands. ipromise she was the reason why i was sane and kept me living from day to day. it was a time before she was born kevin beated me each second it seemed like. it was if everything i did was wrong. i wanted to end my own life just so i couldnt get blackeyes anymore. but,i started to throw up everyday andd told kevin i needed a test and we decided well he decided he didnt want to see the sex till it was born. he changed for two months well when i was three months i tried to leave him cause when i was washing his clothes i saw strip club receipts and victoria secret receipts and i never seen anything from there so i ran to a women and childrens shelter and he found me . but,me being as naive as i was saw the flowers and that charming smile and listened to his heart felt apoligy he recited in front of the entire shelter and jumped in his arms. when we got home he injured and bruised me to the point where i thought i lost Kevi. but,thank god he didnt. that was two and a halve years ago and i havent tried to run again. so when it was a girl he pissed.he didnt didnt look at her, didnt change her, never played with and everything she did annoyed him.
"hey baby." i said as i heard the door open. i set out the hoagie sandwiches with chips and his budlight. i fed kevi grilled cheese sandwiches an hour earlier and she was now napping. "baby. i need to go to the store when you get home later." "why?" he asked gulping up his beer as i handed him another one. "we need more groceries and i need to find something for dinner tonight." "so,youre telling me theres nothing to eat?" "there is something to eat.but,it wont be a full meal." "alright. i'llleave work an hour early so be ready at six." "oaky."i said cleaning off the table as he finished his second beer and walked over to the couch scanning through channels. i wanted totalk to him about kevi ..but i know how he gets plus he had already had two beers and i didnt want to blow his buzz."come here baby.why you standing back there alone?" he asked as i walked over to the couch and he pulled me on his lap. "just thinking." "about?"he asked with his eyebrows meshed together."um, comeyou always iggnore her like she isnt her?" "we talked about this chyna." "kevin.we really havent, you just changed the subject." "well why tf you keep asking me then?" he asked raising his voice. "i'm sorry.its just this morning after you left she asked why you never talk to her." "what did you tell her?" "i changed the subject.kevin, you should really stop that.she's going to grow up and remember that and look for love in other places." he pushed me off of his lap causing me to fall onto the carpet."so you telling me what i should do now?" "n-no." why did i even open my mouth? i am so stupid sometimes. atleast thats what kevin tells me . "so what did you mean?" "lets just drop it okay? i dont want you going to work heated." he shook his head as i got up. "be ready at six." he said walking to door leaving out.

lol... updating later on today .

Run it


omg run it!!!!

author's note: instead of them graduating in 2013 they graduated in 2006... some things are going to be a little different but i hope you get with the flow lol okay back to story now

4 1/2 years later

the background to take you down played as i got on the mic. "alright ladies. soi'm looking for a special lady tonight. who's it gonna be?" i asked as the majority female crowd went wild. "you." i said pointing at the latina chick we had already picked before the show. she came up the stairs as big pat helped her up to the stage and i walked her over to the chair . i got on her lap facing her as i began to sing and grind."here we are all alone in this room.oh,oh,and girl you know where to start and what we're going do..." i sang while kissing on her neck and unbuttoning my shirt getting up throwing it into the crowd. "i'll take my time . we'll be all night girl..." i grinded and rolled my hips and the ladies loved every minute of it.
"thanks ma." i said to the girl on stage. "good show breezy!" mijo said dapping me up. "thanks man.where's wife and jr.?" "you know tey.but i just came to see you off." "you gon roll to the club?" "yea for a little bit... what time?" "i'm bought to head to the crib ,take a shower so about ten or eleven." "ight." singing was one of the talents no one ever knew besides my ma and chy. she told me to look into but i just waved it off. but looke where i am now ... i still paint from time to time to clear my mind and doing other big projects. i dropped out of college thhe first semester i couldnt do it. mama was pissed, but chy was always there for me. cheering me on helping me to the next level. butt, not this time. so i went to new york with my schloarship money. i sang for some producers and it started from there. between my good looks,body,and vocals; girls dripped over me. teyana does the same thing from time to time . "baby you ready?" i heard jasmine ask. she was the only girl besides the others that was here because i was just famous. i mean she was a model. my type. "yea. i'm bought to buy out the bar!"
i dont ever leave the house hardly. if i do, its with kevin and our two year old daughter. and even then i have to dress in unattractivee clothes. i dont have any friends, i lost contact with my parents. i dont even argue with kevin anymore. i do what i'm told without putting up a fight its pointless. if i miss a ingredient in his favorite meal i get beat,if i look someplace other then at him when we're in public; i get beat. i can never win from losing and my baby kevi, kevalina has to watch and kevin doesnt give a f***! we had just finished "sex" "DAMN chy scream my name!" "kevin!" i faked. he didnt deserve my moans. he released and laid on his back and started to snore. never in a millon years would i hhave though i would be in something like this. i cautiously got out of bed slowly wrapping myself up in a sheet as i felt him tug on my arm. "where are you going?" "bathroom." he turned back on his side as i stared at the stars and moon from our window, thinking that tomorrow will be my 20th birthday. that meant an extra five minutes addded on to horrible sex if thats what i can even call it. how lucky was i?
today was chyna's birthday and i wanted to treat her special.she really deserved it and i was going to change alot of things starting today. she didnt do any of the cooking and ironing she usually did. i went into the room to wake her, "baby wake." "five more minutes." she moaned. and i laughed because she wasnt a morning person. i tapped her again as she opened her eyes. "happy birthday beautiful." i said pecking her on her plump lips as she smiled that gorgeous smile i was happy i made appear. "so, today i was thinking i could take you out,anything ." "really?" "yes chyna." i said chuckling.we got ready for our day as we sent ikeva to a neighbors house and headed out.
today in words today been going great! i went shopping went to the salon, everything was a big deal for me today.surpringly he let me wear a cute shirt with some dinner on top of a penthouse was on the top of a penthouse was ontop of the list. someone or something has gotten into kevin and i was secretly hoping it never found it way out. we had just had "shower sex" and i told keviniwas tired and he accepted and turned over to sleep. i went into kevi's room to find her sleeping peacefully . her third birthday was coming up in a few months and i didnt want her to spend anymore time here suffering for my one,matter how much he seemed like he was attemping to change .
i rolled over to wrap my arms around my sexy boyfriend when all that meets me are a bunch of covers and pillows.i kissed my teeth as i read the alarm clock on the night stand 11:45 i slipped on one of his tshirts which was large on me and headed downstairs to his project room . when i got there he was scanning through pictures that looked like high school pictures. "baby." i said startling him rubbing him on his shoulders that were tense. "yea?" "why so tense?" he sighed and looked back at his mac. "oh.her again." "jas.-" "no chris dont jas me! i'm sick of this s***! you show her more emotion than you evrer showed me!" "so dont show you emotion jasmine?" "the only passion you seem to have for me is in the bedroom.and i dont think thats fair." "jasmine. dont be ridiculous." i laughed because it was true ."am i?" "yes you are.""since we'veb been together. every year on her birthday you always get like this." "it been four going on five years since last i seen her." "shows how much of a friend she was.""dont go there.""why not chris?" "you know what?i'm going to bed." he said getting up. "wow!" "so youre not coming?"he asked from the door. "nope." he shrugged dissappearing upstairs; as i stayed down looking at the computer screen . i had to admit,girls was beautiful! gorgeous at a young age. i could only imagine what she looked like now.the collage he was looking at was titled 'the beginning of a end'. for prom she wore a red and gold embroided dress with a split on the upper left thigh walking down the stairs smiling.the others were teyana,mijo, and some sexy dude with green eyes. by the way he was holding her he had tobe this chyna girl's biyfriend.the next slide were chris and chyna being crowned as prom king and queen. wow! this must have have been a set up. the last slides were graduation.even inthe most simpliest outfit she still looked like she was on the runway. speaking of which ihave to finish my profolio from my different shoots. i closed the macbook and headed back upstairs.chris was knocked out in only boxers. i smirked getting on top of him."youre not still mad at me baby?"he moaned sleepily. " could i be? your love for her and love for me are two completly different loves right?" i asked nibbling on his ear. "right." he moaned pulling his t shirt i was wearing over my head