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Second Chances

7 years later

<a href="***-0-300x300.jpg">I'm</a> walking down the street in Atlanta and that's when I saw her. This is the first time that I've seen her since I choose my ex over her. Damn I was dumb, She look good as f*** too. What do I do? Do I go up to her or just leave her? I know she was better off without me....but I just gotta know.

He walks up to her slowly, her back turned to him and just as he's about to say her name she turns around to face him.

She squints her eyes looking at him surprised "August?"

"Hey, umm <a href="">Colbi</a>. How you been?"

Colbi smiled sweetly and said "I've been great" just as <a href="">he</a>appeared by her side.


Thank You Ladies

run it

August looked at himself in the mirror by his front door while spraying some cologne on just as Lando walked in coughing.

"Where the f*** you going smelling like Macy's and s***"

"Shut up, and I'm about to go meet up with Colbi for lunch"

"Oh word. Well don't f*** it up this time"

"What you mean this time bruh?"

<em>. . . . "Colbi please don't be mad at me" August begged looking at her wet face "I was gonna tell you I grew feelings for her but I just didn't know how. You know I love you . . . But I like her too"

<em>"All you had to do was tell me the truth. I hate finding out stuff on my own because then I look dumb"

<em>"I'm sorry, I just don't know what I want. Y'all both make me happy foreal but sometimes she be lying and stuff and I don't know if I can trust her and you just seem too perfect sometimes. I'm just gonna stay single for ever"

<em>Colbi stared at him with a blank face "so you rather spend time with someone you can't even trust over someone that's been down for you since day one" she shook her head "maybe we should stay friends to make it easier for you since you're so indecisive"

<em>"Colbi I-" August was about to beg for another chance but was cut off

<em>"Can you just leave please" August did as he was told and exited her home

<em>August still went out of his way to text her and they had some pretty chill conversations now trying to over step any boundaries being just friends.

<em>Kori and Colbi were out having a girls day at the mall. "How have you and August been?" Kori asked

<em>"We've been good. I think we can really be JUST friends"

<em>"That's good. Y'all look like the type to always be in each others life no matter what"

<em>Colbi kind of blushed "I hope so" just then her phone buzzed. She pulled out her phone and saw it was from August

<em>I know this might be a bit of a stretch but do you think we can have one last time?

<em>Colbi stopped walking and stared at the phone "what's wrong?" Kori asked

<em>"He asked if we can have one last time" still staring at the phone "what do I do?"

<em>"I say do it. Ain't no time like the last time" Kori said pulling Colbi into the Victoria secret

<em>Colbi quickly replied "okay, I'm down" .......</em>

"Will you quit it with these damn flash backs" August said lowkey pissed off at Lando "I'm tryna get my mind right and you in here f***in it up"

<a href="">Lando</a> bust out laughing. "Look man I'm sorry but you can't fake y'all fall out was some soap opera s***. Just go in there trying to make it right"

"Whatever bruh" August said walking out

"Okay, I'll see you later babe" <a href="">Colbi</a> kissed Jerome on the cheek

"Where are you going?" He asked

"I have a business meeting with this woman who needs a makeup artist for her fashion show" which was true but it wasn't until after lunch with August

"Okay, do your thang boo. Good luck"

"Thanks" Colbi blew a kiss as she walked out the door.

They met up at August's favorite restaurant, Gladys Knight chicken and waffles. August was already inside sitting at a table when Colbi walked in. He instantly got nervous but didn't let it show. August stood up to give her a hug and then pulled her chair out so she could have a seat.

The waitress came and took their drink order and August dove right in with questions trying to get to know Colbi all over again.

"So what do you do? Are you a teacher like you planned"

"No, I'm a make up artist. I worked for MAC for a little bit and then decided to go solo. I actually have a meeting right after this with a client"

"Wow look at you. Maybe you can be my make up artist cus you know I gotta look good at all times" they both laughed

"So you signed to Def Jam?" August nodded his head "that's huge do you have solid fan base yet?"

"I'm not really sure yet. I know I got fans out in New Orleans and in Atlanta but I won't really know how deep my fan base runs till I go on tour."

"When are you going on tour?"

"Not sure yet, hopefully with Kelly Rowland and The Dream. My people still working it out"

"Well that's great" Colbi smiled genuinely

The waiter came back with their drinks and then took their lunch order.

"So what's up with you and ole dude I seem you with the other day?"

"I told you he's my boy friend" Colbi said taking a sip of her drink

"He look insecure. He was staring you down like he knew you were gonna kiss me or something"

Colbi looked at him wide eyed "oh no, we're very happy" she lied

"Soooo about this party...where is it gonna be?" Colbi quickly changed the subject

"It's gonna be at this club downtown and all the people I worked with and some magazines, fans, some people from def jam are gonna be there"

"That's amazing and I'm glad that I can see you shine" Colbi said grabbing his hand

August suddenly got really nervous like he use too in highschool "yeah me too"

run it

Like who does jerome think he is nigga need to get it together. anywho

Let's get his lunch date poppin bruh!!!
Run It

I hope u dnt gt caught cus it aint gn be pretty run it

run it!!!

im liking this.!
that nigga Jerome gotta go though like fareal you gonna man
handle her because she ran into an old friend/boyfriend.? its
not like she planned the shyt smh
her friends are funny though they remind me of mines ready
for war or just partying.!!!
I wonder how she gonna get to this party though with august lol

run it.!!!

"He would pop up at a time like this" Colbi's friend <a href="">Asia</a> said taking a sip of her Cosmo

"Right, you and Jerome are going through a rough patch and out of all the guys you've messed with August pops up" Colbi's other friend <a href="">Kori</a> added in.

"I think it may be more than a rough patch though"

"What do you mean?" Asia asked with a concerned look on her face

"He slammed me against the wall the other day because he was made about me running into August"

"Oh hell no! Do you wanna key his car?" Kori asked

Colbi and Asia laughed knowing she was serious "calm your ass down. But seriously what is with him? He's been getting jealous a lot lately and he should never put his hands on you" Asia said

"I know but I kinda wanna give him one more chance and see where it goes from there" Colbi said nervously waiting to hear their response.

"Well you know we'll always support you-" Kori cut Asia off

"But if he touches you again I will be hiring a hit man" Asia nodded her head in agreement.

Colbi's phone began vibrating on the coffee table. She picked it up and saw it was an unknown number.

"Ughh I hate random ass numbers" she groaned

"Answer that s***, it's probably August" Asia said cheesing

Colbi did as she was told and answered the phone


"Hey, Colbi? It's August"

"Oh, hey. What's up?"

"Nuthin, chillin in the stu working on my mix tape."

"That's cool. I really wanna hear some of your music"

"Well we can grab lunch tomah , and then come with me to listening party. If you cool with wit it"

"Yeah, can Asia and Kori come?"

August chuckled "you still hang with them bustas"

"Yeah, they're my bestfriends. Do you still hang with Lando?"

"Of course that's my brova"

"Always up to know good. But I'll see you tomorrow. Text me the place and time of where you want to meet up"

"Iight. Bye shawty" August hung up the phone

Colbi hung up and put her phone back on the coffee table.

"So you telling Jerome where you gonna be or naw?" Kori asked

Colbi took a sip of her drink "Jerome doesn't run me. Besides my girls will be with me"


Run it

Run IT!!

I see what you .. mmm yup

I'm with my boys in the studio finishing up my mixtape and I just can't stop thinking about Colbi.

"Nigga the f*** you day dreaming about?" my nigga Lando asked

I looked up "huh?"

"Huh" he imitated "what you thinking about? You been sitting there for the longest with this dazed look on your face"

"I saw Colbi today" August inhaled the Jay that was in rotation

"The one that got away?" The producer asked

"More like the one he threw away. Straight dogged shawty and picked some random girl he was calling his bestfriend at the time over her"

"Thank you Lando for the story but I didn't dog her out. And I thought I was making the right decision at the time"

"Naw nigga you were dumb. Let me tell y'all what happened...."

<em>Thursday afternoon Colbi was getting ready for work at Ruby Tuesdays when her phone rang. She smiled widely because August was facetiming her. She waited for her phone to connect and when the picture came up it was her front door. Colbi squealed and ran to the door, opened it and ran into his arms.

<em>"Damn girl you missed me?" He said still holding on to her

<em>"Everyday" she pecked his lips

<em>They walked into her room and he saw her work stuff on her bed. "Damn you gotta work today?" She nodded her head "I thought I was gonna chill with my baby tonight" he wrapped his arms around her from behind.

<em?"We can chill tonight when I get off"

<em>"Iight just call me when you get off"

<em>"You better answer, you're always falling asleep on me" Colbi pouted

<em>"I will" he kissed her forehead

<em>Colbi grabbed her bag and walked out the door with August behind her. "I'll see you later"

<em>"Iight ma, just call me" he said getting into his car

<em>Colbi got into her car and drove off too work.

<em>Colbi clocked out, said goodbye to her co workers and headed out to the car. She sat in the parking lot and called August but got no answer. She drove back home and once she was in and showered she decided to call again but still no answer. She figured he was sleep as always and decided to go to sleep herself.

<em>The next morning she woke up and decided to send August a good morning text.

<em>"Good Morning Aug!! I thought you weren't gonna fall asleep on me lol"

<em>Time went on and it was time for Colbi to go to work and still no reply from August. Her shift was once again over and she decided to call again and yet again there was no response. Colbi shook her head and decided to leave it alone. If he wanted to contact her he would.

<em>Saturday Colbi was at work and she noticed August's friend Lando walking in.

<em>"Hey Lando" she smiled and gave him a hug

<em>"Wassup sis" he squeezed her

<em>"Nothing much, have you seen August ?"

<em>"Naw, not since Thursday when he told me he was going to surprise you"

<em>"And I haven't heard from him since he surprised me. If you see him tell him to call me please"

<em>"I got you sis"

<em>The weekend came and gone and August was still nonexistent. Monday morning Colbi gets on her twitter and see's August tweeting.

<em>"Oh you can tweet but can't call me back" she thought as she rolled her eyes

<em>Colbi then came across a tweet from his "bestfriend" that said

<em>"Spent the whole weekend with my boo "

<em>And he retweeted. Colbi shook her head. They weren't official or anything but she invested enough time in this nigga for him to at least keep one hundred.

<em>And like clock work he finally called her back........"</em>

smh, this guy!
Leave babygirl!!

Run It

Run it

She should have just kicked him in the balls
drugged him when she cooked dinner
then bury him alive

he starts that ish now
what's he gon do later?

son of a monkey!

"Who was that guy?" Jerome asked focused on the road

"I told you, he's just an old friend of mine" Colbi stared out the window as they entered a neighborhood

"How much of a friend was he?" Jerome turned her head to face him

"He was my ex boyfriend. But that was so long ago, You have nothing to worry about" she pecked his cheek and he turned into her driveway.

Colbi got out the car and got her shopping bags out the trunk and headed inside with Jerome trailing behind her. They got in the master bedroom and Colbi started taking all of her items out and Jerome just stood by the door and watched.

Colbi turned around and walked over to Jerome "baby why are you looking at me like that?" She smiled and wrapped her arms around him.

Jerome pushed back and grabbed her the wrists of her arms and slammed her against the wall "if you think I'm going to let you see that nigga August your f***ing crazy. And if I find out you were out with him that's your ass" he barked at her and then walked away.

Colbi didn't cry she was just startled and shook. Things weren't that great between them lately but this is the first time he has ever man handled her or yelled at her like that. She was considering ending things but now she was scared of what he might do.

Colbi shook her thoughts and went out into the living room and sat down next to him "what do you want for dinner?" She asked caressing his hand

"Surprise me" he said not taking his eyes off the game

Colbi went into the kitchen and prepared shrimp scampi and bread sticks. She sat his plate in front of him and sat down next to him eating and watching the game.

The game ended and Jerome pulled Colbi in towards him and kissed her forehead "babe I'm sorry about earlier. You know..."

"I know you don't want anyone else to have me because you love me so much" she pecked his lips repeatedly and then deepened the kiss.

"Don't start nothing you can't finish" Jerome said in between kisses

"Oh, I can finish it" Colbi stood up and walked to the bedroom

Run It Love ...

run it!!

Run it

I'm actually looking forward to see where this will go.
Get on it girlie

"Hey babe, who's this?" The guy asked glaring at August

"This is an old friend of mine, August. August this is my boyfriend Jerome"

August stoke his hand out "it's nice to meet you"

Jerome looked at his hand and then finally dapped him up "like wise bruh"

"What are you doing out here, August? I thought you would never leave New Orleans?"

"I did too" he chuckled a little "but I just got signed to def jam and I've been working with a lot of artists out here"

Colbi smiled widely "that's great. I'm proud of you"

"Thanks, but we should catch up since we haven't seen each other in years"

Colbi looked her boyfriend who was by their car "sure, we can do that" she put her number in his phone and handed it back.

Colbi saw Jerome staring at them and decided it was time to wrap it up "I gotta go but it was good seeing you August"

"Yeah, umm ill text you"

"Okay" Colbi said walking towards the car

August stood there watching her climb into the car and drive off with Jerome

girl you got me hooked please update soon

Girl I'm bout to hurt you...
That is just RUDE!
How you gon just add such a small starter?
I got a big appetite!
Hurry and run it!

I love the intro
Run it :)