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As I witnessed them dragging my fathers limp body out my home as they cuffed my mother I remember thinking that I would never feel this helpless and unable to protect my loved ones again. Screaming and shouting I fought with all my strength to get to my mommy. Watching the tears fall down her cheek as they walked her to the police car. She told me not to be afraid and she would be back soon. My mother had never lied to me before so I trusted her word and began to calm down. My mother died that day. The officers tried to beat her into confessing that my father was a kingpin. They wanted her to testify against her only family besides me telling her that if she did testify they would shorten her sentence to 20 years with probation and she stayed loyal. That was 10 years ago. Today at 16 years old I only have my father now. Because of my moms loyalty they weren't able to find anything on my dad. I still miss her and I talk to her everyday to let her know I haven't forgotten her love and she didn't die in vain. I will avenge her death even if I have to meet my maker in doing so.


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As I entered math and said by to my cousin I decided to take the seat in the back closes to the door. Math is my favorite subject but the class be boring the hell out of me. I don't know if it is the teacher voice or how ignorant the other students act in math asking the same question over and over again, but I be ready to go before it evens starts. I pulled out my note book and pen to begin writing in my journal (Dear Mommy) I began only to be interrupted.
"Ay yo lil mama you fine and all but I'm go need you to hop up out my seat still." I heard a voice behind me say. I continued to write in my journal knowing that he couldn't be talking to me until I felt a tap on my shoulder.
"You deaf ma" he asked as the students close by giggled at his question to me.
"Naw bruh, but I don't see your name on this seat." I responded with attitude.
"Don't matter I'm telling you now that it's my seat."
"And I'm telling you that I'm not moving, but you're welcome to one of the other empty seats in the room" I said with a smile before I turned around to finish my writing.
"D**n Jay she played your ass" I heard another guy yell to him from a couple rows over.
"Shut up Chris and mind your damn business, shawty lucky she bad or I would have treated her ass" He said making the guy next to move and taking the seat beside me.
"Aye ma! Since you took my seat and all can I at least get your name" he asked with a smirk. I looked up at his smiling face realizing how handsome he is. Don't get me wrong there were lots of sexy boys in the Chi but his ass was just drop dead gorgeous. I damn near stuttered.
"Maybe, if you're nice I'll give it to you before I leave"
"Or you can give me your name in exchange for my name"
"No need, Jay right?" I replied with a smirk just as the Teacher walked into the class to begin teaching. As I began to take note on what the teacher was teaching a piece of paper fell onto my desk. I looked up to see Jay whispering for me to open it.
I think it's unfair that you know my name but I don't know your name.
Life's unfair we just have to deal with it.
Thats a pessimistic way to look at life
are you even taking notes
yeah, your note. hoping your name will show up
persistent!! No! and stop writing me
How about you give me your name and I'll leave you alone.
Instead of replying this time I just put it in my binder and continued taking my notes until the bell rang signaling the end of class.
" You know what? Since you wont give me your name I think Im go name you Lil Bit" Jay said as he walked out of class with Chris behind him. I shook my head as I headed to my locker so I could drop off my books for my favorite period of all times. LUNCH!! =)
As I walked in the cafeteria I was astounded with the heat and noise that hit me as soon I walked in. Looking to my left I saw the fans that they had on to try and get some circulation in here although it seemed to me the only thing circulating was heat and musty and ass. I continued to walk in the door until I heard my loud ass cousin going off again.
"Can't go one hour without cursing someone out can you Red?" I asked as I walked up behind her. She turned around with a smile on her face.
"Nah girl I be having to set s*** straight cause Jay ass swear up and down that I ain't beat his ass in basketball yesterday and we all know what it is. He ain't got s*** on the "Shaq shake" that you taught me back in the day. Never go wrong with that one."
"Jay huh?" I responded looking around her curious if it was the infamous Jay from class. Surprise, surprise there he sat with that smug ass grin he liked so much. "Well all I gotta say is if you did the Shaq shake I'm sure you won." I said with finality then laughed.
"Man whatever Lil'Bit you come in taking other people side." He said shaking his head
"Lil'Bit?!? Uhn uh ya'll know each other" Red asked with surprise
"YEs/No" we responded at the same time.
"I hardly call it knowing each other, but he was in my math class bothering the crap out of me." I responded.
"Jay you better not have yo hoes stepping to my cousin on some other s***, we all know how everybody and they mama be on your d*** like you that s***."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm trying to make Lil'Bit over here wifey even though she won't tell me her damn name." he replied.
"You mean to tell me she wifey after 5 minutes and you don't even know her name?" Red asked with a puzzled look. "That's that pimp s***, you need to teach me that one cousin." she said turning her attention to me.
"I really don't know what I did, but anyways when I'm go meet Tasha?" I asked trying to remove the awkward spotlight from me. I may be confidant and easy with people but I am shy on the inside I just hide it really well.
"She should have been here she probably hugged up with Chris ass somewhere. Nasty asses. They always being touchy and mushy the s*** is irking as hell." Red said bitterly with a grossed out face.
"LMFAO!! Hell nah. You jealous Red? You just mad cause ain't nobody d***ing your ass down? I mean you pretty as hell you just got a foul ass mouth and be acting to damn mannish sometimes. I mean you could have hopped on the Jay train if you wasn't walking around telling people you beat my ass in basketball." Jay said before he went back to texting on his phone.
"See, this why I'm glad you're here. I've been having to put up with fools like his ass. The sh*t he just said doesn't even deserve a response" Red replied talking to me just as the bell rang.
"Catch ya'll on the flip, I'm bout to roll out"
"What about class Jay, you keep messing with these hoes you go flunk"
"Not as long as I got you to depend on, let me check your notes later Red"
"Hell naw, bring your ass to class" She responded before she linked arms with me to walk to class.

As the bell rang signaling the en of class I was a little disappointed knowing that my cousin didn't have the next class with me.

"I'm go show you where you next class is real quick after that you have lunch. Where you can meet the crew at okay?"

"Thats cool" I responded as I gathered my books and made my way out of the class.

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"So cousin how you liking it i the Lou so far" Jessica asked with a big smile.

"To be honest Red, ya'll country as hell. Can't even say hair right. I be like did this hoe just say her or hair." I said laughing as we walked to second period. Accidentally bumping into someone.

"Damn B***h watch where you going!!" she said with lots neck rolling and attitude.

I looked at her and laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. I looked up to see her and her friends looking baffled at my laughter. In my head all I could think about was how easy it would be for me knock this girl teeth down her throat. I looked over at my cousin to see her standing there nonchalantly smirking.

"Aye Red, who is this chick?" I said with chuckle in my voice. Losing the laughter and stepping to her face "Cause I know you must be stupid or out your d*mn mind to think that you can talk to someone you dont even know so disrespectfully. I will knock you on your ass so fast you would rethink everything you thinking right now. APOLOGIZE."

She looked behind her at her girls then at me. "Look, you must be new here. So let me inform you. I'm Angel. My dad is the principal here. So if you even think about touching me you will be on your ass outside this school so fast you will be thinking how did I end up in 9th grade again." she said with a smart ass smile.

"Let it go Shaq. Trust you can catch the uppity b**ch at the Underground. My homegirl already tagged her ass last week. I just don't understand why she won't shut that damn trap of hers." Red said grabbing my arm.

"You know what you really ain't worth it, but just so you know. I don't give a damn if your daddy was the da*n chief of police next time you talk to me out of the side of your neck I'm go pop you in your mouth." I Said. " Have a nice day lady's" I said in my valley girl voice as I walked off with a smile.

"Is that how everyone in this school act? Cause if thats the case they mine as well expel me now." I said to Red with frustration.

" No, not everyone is like that just wait till you meet my homegirl Tasha. Now she is hella cool." Red said with lots of energy.

"No offense to your homegirl but where the nighas at?" I laughed as we walked into class late.

"LADYS!!" The english teacher yelled at us. "Who do you think you are walking into my class late like you're the teacher. And loud and obnoxious at that. You can make your way out the same way you came in the next time you walk in here late."

"actually Mrs. James I was showing her, our new fellow student who was in the hallway lost, how to get to YOUR class. But thank you for the 5 minutes of my life that you just wasted by thinking that you were going off on somebody. Fix your life." red said pissed off.

I kept a straight as we walked to our seat really wanting to laugh at the appalled look Mrs. James had on her face from Red's response to her.

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"Aye Yo Uncle Jack!! What's poppin?" I asked happy to see him? "Hey Shaq, same ole same ole. You ready to start at a new school again?"

"Am I? Like I told dad, as long as they don't bother me I won't bother them. I smart as hell so getting the work done ain't the hard part. It's these jealous nighas that be pushing my buttons."

"Well what you expect youngin? You go to school acting fresh they go treat you fresh. I know you can protect yourself and you nice looking so you feel like no one is on your level but make sure you keep a level head too. This your freshman year. You growing up so grow up. You got me?" he as looking me in the eye in the rearview mirror.

"Yeah I got you Unc. No more f***ing around. You picking me up today?"

"Yeah I'll be here and watch your mouth too. You look more and more like your mother everyday. I'm sure she would have been proud of you." he smiled. "Now get in there before you be late for class.

I smiled as I hopped out the car. One thing that I can say is that I can always depend on my unc. He's been my best friend for as long as I can remember. I continued thinking about my mom as I walked into the building to find the office and get my class schedule. As I was walking I felt my phone vibrate with a text message from my cousin Jessica.

Jessica ( Aye let me know when you get to the school, I can't wait to see your ass.)
Shaq ( s*** I'm here now looking for the damn office, where you?)
Jessica (I'm about to meet you at the office)
Shaq (Cool.)

I finally saw the office ahead and walked in to see Jessica leaning on the desk

" Damn Shaq you grew the f*** up!! I remember your ugly duckling days" she laughed

"yeah aight. I may have been a lot of things but ugly was never one of them, I've always been sexy." I winked. "I see you looking fresh" I responded.

"It's in the blood boo. Us Williams's is always on point. I got your schedule for you too I'll show you your first two classes since we have them together."

"Cool, Cool. Leggo" I smiled.

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I know its not long but Im going to make a longer post as soon as I can. between work, school, and family its pretty hard but I do appreciate the support. :) Much love.

I awoke to Tupac ringing in my ear. I knew then that it was time to get up though I really didn't feel like it. I hoped out of bed through on some sweat and a wife beater and made my way out the door for my daily jog. I love my morning jogs because it wakes me up and gives me time to clear my mind before the day starts. I ran around the <a href="">house</a> for about an hour I went in the house to shower and get ready for school.
"Shaq!!" I heard my father calling my name as I finished putting on my shoes.
"Yeahhh" I responded.
"Come down here I wanna talk to you before you leave for school." I hated the before school talks. Dad isn't a morning person so for him to catch me before school I
a.) Got in trouble at school and the principle called
b.)He's going out of town
c.)I'm in trouble or
d.) there's something he wants to break to me easy that he knows that I wont like.
"Okay, coming" I ran down the steps to see my father sitting at the kitchen island eating.
"How you feeling today champ?" he asked.
"Good and you? I see you're eating chocolate chip pancakes. You know that's not good for your health. especially at your age."
I looked at him with my serious parental face before we both laughed.
"Funny, anyways I wanted to talk to you because apparently you haven't been going to your kick boxing classes lately. What did I tell you? If you want to be the best you have to do your best. In anything that you are apart of and half assing in something that you begged me to sign you up for isn't part of it."
"I know dad, but I just feel that I know longer have a use for the class. I mean really how often is that the student can outdo the teacher? Honestly he should be paying me for being there." I responded with all seriousness.
"What did you expect shaq? You've been doing this since you were 4 years old. How about from now on you come downstairs to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday and we will work more on your self defense just me and you."
"Sounds like a plan. I don't mind beating up on the senior citizens. Gotta go school starts in 15 minutes. Don't wanna hear you talking about homeschooling me next. Love ya dad."
"Love ya too. You got jokes for days but you know that's the next step if you get expelled again. So no fighting in school this year." He said in a stern voice.
"Hey you know how it is dad. I'm the new kid on the block. If I'm to quiet they go pick on me. If I'm to loud they go dislike me. Someone always wanna step out of line and test me. I just be protecting myself. But I promise to try. Hopefully this school is better than the last." I replied as I walked out to my uncle Jack car.

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