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Best Friend's Dad .

i'm only making this maybe 10-15 chapters ... i want it to be a short story .


"dad look at our new uniforms! omg i am so happy we got new uniforms!" casandra was like this all day, everyday, overdramatic, over the top and loud.. just like her mom. "dad did you hear me?" "yes cassie. its hard not to." i was in my office looking over case files for my upcoming case involing divorcees and casandra was min the way. "why dont you call over your friend." i was glad she had found a friend cause she was a headache. she was seventeen acting like this. "okay." she said closing the door but seconds reentering . "dad is it okay if jasleen spend the night?" i shrugged. "why not?" anything to get you out of my hair.
"so i'm happy my dad said yes cause he hardly lets anyone stay the night." i heard cassie from my nap. "oh okay thanks again. i was bored by myself at home so your'e the life saver." i heard an unknown soft voice say. i opened the door to my office as i saw cassie and another figure at the ice box wearing tights and and a tied up t shirt. was this her friend? she had mid back length black hair. nice long toned legs and an hour glass shape. i couldnt see the face yet but it would be too good to be true. cassie spotted me and turned around. "dad. we have no food . well we do but nothing jasleen and i want to eat." this jasleen turned around and i swear i was struck by lightening . "nice to meet you Mr.Brown." she greeted smiling. she was perfect. what the f***? "nice meeting you too." i went back to my office. this was one of casandra's friends i wouldnt mind keeping around..
"everybody clap!everybody clap! strawberry shortcake on 3! 1,2,3! strawberry shortcake banana split , we think the other team is full of shh!..." "lets go bulldogs! lets go!lets go bulldogs lets go!" i chattered through my teeth it was freezing in this mid-november air and these spandex long sleeve turtle necks and knee length socks werent helping a bit either. "jas. my dad says he's in the front." cassie chattered up to me as we grabbed our cheerbags , jackets and purses getting into hjer dad's sports car. thank god for heat! "jas. i'm going to my mom's house this weekend so' my dad is going to take you home afterwards." she said from the front seat as i nodded. i've never been alone with Mr.Brown before.
"bye casandra!" "bye jasleen!" we yelled as she arrived at her mom's house. her parents had been divvorced ever since she was one. i was aalways over her mom's or dad's house since my mom worked the 7-7 shift as i called it. we stopped at 711 as Mr.Brown looked back. you can get in the front if you like." i nodded getting my bags."you want anything?" i shook my head no. i watched him as he paid at the pump and started pumping the gas. i dont know how old he was but he was cute, if more.. i was always nervous around him. he wore a black leather jacket, white button down with a thin back tie, some jeans with j's and shades. i always loved his hair too which was curly now . i tried to stop staring but, i couldnt bring myself to it. like i would miss something. he walked back to his side geting in. he smelled like heaven if it were a fragrance. "so how was the game?" he coughed out as we drove down the road. "it was good. we won again." "if those boys keep it up they should go to state correct?" "yes sir." i hated that my house was so far. it was a bridge then alot of trees and road . "i'm sorry that you always have to bring me home. my mom says she's going to change her schedule." i said knowing the truth to that matter. he waved me off mumbling something . we finally arrived in my subdivison as i got out of the car. "thanks Mr.Brown." "Dont mention it. good night." "thank you. you have a good one too." i said as i entered my house. i might as well raise myself and call this my own place .

Character List
Jasleen - Gia H.
Jasleena- Stacy Dash
Maurice- cHRIS BROWN
Casandra- Cymponique
Casey- Zoe Salanda
Tremaine- Trey Songz
Graham- Drake


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Trey is an ass! Jas is a great friend!
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Kickback ******


"aye man Jasleen and Casandra just came." i jumped up from my chair and Onika burned holes through me. "what the f*** is she doing here Tremaine?" "i invited her." "why?" "cause,its my kickback. youre free to leave cause youre bugging." everybody looked at her that was in the kitchen. "what the f*** yall staring at me fo?" she yelled as i left to go meet Jas. Casandra spotted me and tapped her on the shoulder as we met each other half way. "i'm glad you could make it." i shouted over the music. she just nodded as i admired her body in her light blue jean high waist skinnys with black combat boots and spandex long sleeve crop top . i grabbed jasleen hand leading her into the kitchen where the noise was subsided and Onika grilled her. Jasleen just smirked. "something to drink?" she shook her head no. "cas?" she shook her head as well. "you enjoying yourself so far?" I just got here trey." i needed to get her alone. "i can change that." "change what?" "make it more intereesting." i smirked biting my bottom lip. "oh. you cant make it any more fun than it already is." i smirked waving my boy shad over. "whats up Jas?" he said hugging her. "so cas, my boy here has been trying to get with you. he's just been shy." i said as we winked at each other. he took her hand as they went into the dim lited living room. i grabbed jas's hand walking upstairs to my room. "whats good?" she giggled. "nothing. why are we in your room ?" i unzipped my pants as her jaw dropped. "i am not having sex with you." "i heard you gave it up." "well, you heard wrong." "stop playing games Jasleen. just suck my d*** then." "no. i'm leaving!" she said walking out. "my nigga what happened?" flex said from the closet cutting off the camera. i shrugged. "i have another plan." he laughed. "nigga this one didnt work." "this one will though."
i tried to call Casey but,, it kept going to voicemail Casandra didnt answer her phone. i know she was suppose to be over my house this weekeend. i turned on the location on her phone and got the address where she was. some unknown address by her school. i got into my car driving. if she was at some boy's house ; God please help me.
i arrived at the address and it was drunk teenagers, girls dressed like they belonged on somebody's corner and dudes smoking asking me did i want to hit. i called casandra one last time and she finally picked up. "hello? dad?" "cas where are you?" "uh..hold on." i heard her mixed with music and shuffling in the background. "hello?" "yea. um, i'm with jasleen." "where with Jasleen?" "her house.." i couldnt believe she was lying to me . "look .i'm outside at this party. come outside now." i heard whispering again. "dad why are you here?" "dont f- look just come outside Casandra." "okay." she said hanging up.five minutes later her and Jasleen came out talking and Jasleen looked pissed. i grabbed casandra by her elbow . "what do you think youre doing here? huh? and dressed like this! do your mom know youre here?" "n-no" she choked out on the verge of tears. she was wearing a little to no bra with tights and make up. "mr.brown it was my fault. i invited casandra. please dont be mad at her." my face as well as my tone soften. "lets just go." i said putting my hoodie over casandra as we got into the car. i couldnt deal with casandra right now. i dropped her off at my house then headed to jasleen's .

the ride to my house was awkwardly silent like always.. i still wanted to apoligize to Mr.Brown about tonight. "Mr.Brown. um, i know i already apoligized but, it was my idea. i wanted Casandra to come with me tonight just so i wouldnt be alone." i lied. but she was my friend. my only friend. he just looked at me then back at the road ."you dont have to cover up for her." "Who says i'm covering up?" he chuckled. "your voice is shaking." i laughed. i hadnt even notice. i nodded as i stared out the window as i felt his eyes on me and he looked away and he began talking again. "i'm not mad that she went to the party . what i'm tripped up about is the fact that she lied to me or didnt get my permission to do so you know?a parent should know where their child is all times and should want them to be safe." i nodded. "i wish my mother felt the same way. she says i need to get out more and experince things in life." and not the good ones. "was it worth it?" he coughed out. "if youre talking about the party then , no." "really?" "really! it was so lame. i'm sorry boring." i said still creeped out about Trey's advance. "what do you mean sorry? you think i dont know what lame means?" i smirked alittle. "i didnt say that." "what?you think i'm old?" i just laughed and he gave me a face. "what? i dont know your age and i'm terrible at guessing." he chuckled again . "try me." "um.. forty.. one ,two?" he pushed on his breaks. "i hope you have a flashlight to find your way home from here." "w-what?" "you have offened me. ride's over." i just stared at him. "i told you i was terrible." "thirty four " he coughed out as he put the car back into drive. "oh." he looked good for that age. "what you mean oh?" i shrugged. "you just look good for your age thats all." he smirked . "it was good that , that party was lame that ought to teach you and Casandra a lesson." he said smiling. i have never seen him smile before. or smirk or chuckle the convo was a plus. it was beautiful. i never took my eyes off of him. i though he was mean at first. but, he was all work and no play and never really had time to have fun. he coughed as we came to a stop in front of my house and i stepped out. i felt a warm tingling feeling on my elbow when his palms touched me."your purse." he said handing me my clutch looking at me as i grabbed it. "thanks." i mumbled. "goodnight." i said shutting the door gently unlocking my door as i looked over my shoulder and he was still there.

updating maybe today... thanxs for reviews you guys <3

I love the way this story is developing, RUN.

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I notice that Jasleen'smomis never home.she never said what she did but i'm guessing its a field considering her nice house. i was in the middle of tearing upsome good ass when Casandra call me . now i answered because it was my daughter anything could have been wrong.when her mother Casey called; however i declined. she said she couldnt pickup the girls talking bout she had a cold. when i finally made it home my car wouldnt lock."this piece of s***!" i yelled while kicking the tire on the passengers side. i looked inside and seeing a bag. i done told Casandra about leaving her s*** . i opened the door and the bag was a gold LV backpack purse . nope . this isnt Casandra's . i looked inside of the bag as i made my way upstairs. i looked inside seeing a journal: JASLEEN M. WINTERS . i felt something buzzing and it was her iphone. should i return this? or wait till morning? morning.i 'm not going anywhere else in that cold weather . i dumped the rest of the items on bed. pens,stickers,gum. i went back to her phone. surpringly she didnt have a lock on it. i went to her gallery. she took some nice pictures. her recent one was before the game.her and Casandra in their uniforms. Jasleen had a petiite small shape alone round ass.not that i was looking... i put her belongings back in her bag as i dosed off.

A Weeek Later~~~~~

"mom i'm staying over dad's this weekend." "okay." she mumbled while feeding Caiden breakfast. he was three .he could feed himself for christ sakes! she paid him more attention than she has ever paid me seventeeen dad loved me and iloved him for that. "mom. come on! i'm going to be late for school!" "i cant wait till you get your own car." she said wiping Caiden's mouth as we walked out of the kitchen. "i cant wait either." i mumbled. "what was that?" "nothing." i said while kissing my teeth. "play with me if want.i'll tell Ms.Cain you cant cheer anymore." she was a b**** sometimes... all the time! "i'm the co-captain mom." "well.iguess that just means someone else is going to have to fill your position then?" she strapped in Caidenas we drove towards the school and i saw Jasleen get out of her mom's convertible bmw with tinted windows. i only seen her mom once and that's when Jasleen enrolled. her mom was pretty and all the dudes made jokes. "bye mom!" i yelled getting out of the roverso i could catch up with Jasleen. "arent you forgetting something?" i looked under the seats. "nope." "your brother." "bye Caiden."i mumbled."bye-bye sandra." i rolled my eyes shuttting the door. why couldnt mom and dad still be together?

I had won my divorce case and felt pretty damn good. so today should be a good day. it was quiet as usually which was a good thing. "Mr.Brown. you have a visitor." my timid assistant said through the crackedd door. "send them in." i said resting my hands behind my head. "Ms.Michele." i said seeing one of my clients well , f*** buddy walk in. "Maurice." we greeted as i hugged her locking the door as she took a seat . she was the only woman i have known that knows how to please, handle her business,and keep moving. she wasnt technically a prosititute but, she was paid well for what she knew how to do best."so what brings you by beautiful?" "oh nothing.just came to see you. havent heard from you in a while ." i chuckled. "you know the deal." "yes.thats why i'm hear." we had a agreement.i call her when i wanted to 'talk'. she was a white collar escort.professional. everyone knew her from;doctors,lawyers,ceo's etc. "i've been busy latly."she gasped. "well ,that never stopped you befoore." "yea. but you know Cassie is a cheerleader now. co-captain at that. and her best friend is captain do i'm always the chaffeur." she laughed standing up as she approached my leaning position at the front of the desk ."well my--never mind... i have really been feigning."i bit my lip. "oh yea? last week wasnt enough?" "uh,uh." she mumbled licking those seductive lips of hers. "no charge." "i dont mind." she said getting on her knees...


"jas!" i heard Casandra yell from behind."hey." i said trying to sound happy."whats wrong?" she asked dropping her smile. i guess it didnt work. "oh and mom got into an argument this morning."i said half true. "tell me about it." Casandra was my only real friend that i had here. she was sweet and nice. i had people i associated with but, they didnt mean well.some girls mugged me, some wanted me to sit with them at lunch and dump Casandra but, i couldnt and wouldnt. she was the only person that was friendly towards me besides the dudes ofcourse. "did you hear me?" i heard Cassie ask. "oh. i'm sorry... what?" "are you going to trey's kickback?" she asked as we got our books for our classes. "nope." "why not?" she whined. "cause.." "cause what?" "i know what he wants." "well.. dont give it to him." i sighed while putting on my red lip stain. "exuse me ladies." i heard his irratating voice. "yes trey?" "damn! somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed." he joked flashing that goofy smile as his two sidekicks did the same. "h-hey trey!" Cassie stuttered. "whats up Cas?" "Sup." she was grinning like a possum. "so...Jasleen.are you comimg to my kickback this weekend?" "nope." "n-nope? girl are you crazy? its going to bee the biggest and best of the year." "okay..." i said locking my locker."okay? i want your sexy ass there." "trey i'm busy." i lied. "well, just in case." he said scribling on a sheet of paper as i took it. he had his cell number like i wanted or needed it, address, and momma number. he was taking the definition of chasing to all new heights...


"so whats the real reason why you wont go to Trey's kickback?" Cassie as we went through the sub line. "onika."i said low. b**** was cray! "psst! you aint gotta be scared of her. Trey is f***ing any and every girl at school." "and thats cute?she needs to keep her man in check." "well. if he asked me i would." "yea right!and your dad would kill you both." i said as we sat and laughed. "mhm. somebody thinks my dad is cute." "who?" "you dingy!" "i do not!" i fibbed. "whatever. but lets go to trey's kickback. please!" she begged. "okay." "so how are we going to get there?" "my mom." she always vote for things like this. "i have nothing to wear." "we'll go shopping." i said to her as i looked at 'Trey's table' full of fakes and he licked his lips winking . if i didnt love Casandra ...

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I like it! its reminds me of another story I've read.
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i'll update today ...