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Something's Wrong With the News Board

Don't know if other TeamBreezy members are having trouble posting messages on the news board, but I am. Keeps reading, error after trying to submit a post. Just letting the person who maintains this site know, as I'm sure others want to congratulate Breezy on his latest accomplishments.


Chris Brown(BREEZY).I love your music and it really saddens me to see in the media that you are thinking about retiring from music.I know the media can be cruel and they seem to really be after young Black artists.You CAN NOT let them win.You ARE the best singer/dancer out there,BAR NONE...Miguel,Jason Derulo and all the others can't hold a candle to you."WE NEED YOU TO STAY IN THE MUSIC BIZ".You are the essence of SONG and DANCE.Don't give up,your dream is still evolving.You have millions of young people that look up to you,no matter what the media puts out about you.Believe it or not,people out here are hip to the media and their slandering ways.

*** I am talking to you as I would one of my children.You have so much to offer,don't let the "HATERS" win,please...Keep doing your thing and the fans will ALWAYS be there...

We love you man...

Your Oldest Fan :)
Ray Mac

Ok so it works now. Now if only we could get rid of all the spam.