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The Step Brother

"<strong>We are gathered here today, on this happy and joyous occasion, to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. Marriage is a solemn institution to be held in honor by all, it is the cornerstone of the family and of the community. It requires of those who undertake it a complete and unreserved giving of one's self. It is not to be entered into lightly, as marriage is a sincere and mutual commitment to love one another. This commitment symbolizes the intimate sharing of two lives and still enhances the individuality of each of you.</strong>".

said the preacher as we all stood lined up on the sides of my mother and soon to be step father. I rolled my eyes and yawned until my best friend hit my arm then gave me the eye saying "<cite>stop being a b****</cite>".

I sighed and grinned my fake grin as the preacher continued. "<strong>Groom, do you take this woman to be your wedded wife? Do you promise to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her in sickness and in health, remaining faithful to her as long as you both shall live?</strong>"

i looked to my <a href="">mom</a> and watched as a tear fell from her eye and smiled shaking her head,"<strong>man i do i do..</strong>".

<a href="">I</a> clinched my jaw in hurt in anger as <a href="">Mr.Thornton</a> winked and slid the ring on her finger. The preacher then continued again, "<strong>Bride, do you take this man to be your wedded husband? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him in sickness and in health, remaining faithful to him as long as you both shall live?</strong>", he looked down at my mom as he stood tall above her grinning showing his dimples. "<strong>ohhh yes i do!</strong>", Everyone laughed and giggled that's when things got serious when the Preacher said....

"<strong>Then by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.</strong>", when their lips met, my stomach dropped and i wanted to die...i wanted to run up and shake my mom asking why? why him? why couldn't you stay with dad? I looked around as everyone clapped for them and smiled with happiness.

They made their way down the isle and held each other hands as they smiled making their way out the door. i picked up my dress tail and trailed behind them and that was it...i was officially a "member" of the Thornton family.


"<strong>akira get up! its time for us to get on the road for our flight!</strong>", i heard as it rung through my ear.

I sat up groaning as i sat up in my bed...I looked around my room and saw that all my clothes were packed. All my furniture was ready to be moved. I sighed and stood up from my bed that was to be left here and as well as memories.

I stepped into my shower, cleaned up, put my wet hair in a messy Bun, threw on some sweats, a hoodie and my grabbed my purse, phone, and ipad. I made my way down the stairs and saw she was standing there impatiently waiting for me to come. I placed my shades on my face and flopped my hoodie over my head as we got into the car quickly.

IT was quietness as we made our way to the airport, i was so hurt leaving my family, my Friends and past behind. My thoughts and quietness was interrupted when my mom spoke, "<strong>um...Akira...i know you're hurt about leaving, but baby things will be great once we get to California</strong>".

I chuckled and turned my attention to the window not saying a word, i sighed and took my shades off, "<strong>whatever mom</strong>".

She sighed turning her attention back to the road. I chuckled and picked up my ipad and pulled out my art digital pen and began to draw until we finally arrived to the air port. We gave the people our tickets and boarded the airplane...


hours later we arrived to LAX, and their stood Mr.Thornton as he kissed my mom and waved at me happily, i nodded my head and placed my shades back on as we got into his BMW and off to see Cali.

He turned down the music on the way to our new home as he looked at me in the review mirror, "<strong>so...Akira how was the flight?</strong>", he asked cheerfully.

I looked up from my phone with a blank stare, "<strong>fine</strong>", it come out bland as day even though i didnt mean for it to. I just didnt feel like being bothered with this s***.

He then turned my attention back to phone placing my head phones in, i did not want to be bothered.
Moments later we pulled up to a gated community to a big house that sat on a hills of Los Angeles. I sighed and got out, i mean dont get me wrong, i love LA, but i really wasnt feelings the whole moving thing. But i give Mr.Thornton some points...the <a href="">house</a> was beautiful, i stepped inside to it fully furnished, and looked back as he smiled wrapping his arms around my mom, "<strong>do you like Akira?</strong>".

I nodded my head taking off my shades, "<strong>something like that</strong>", i shot a smirk at them as they laughed.

He then nodded his head signaling me and my mom to follow him, "<strong>i got something to show you Akira</strong>".

I followed him up the stairs and he stopped at a door on the hall, he looked at me and then nodded his head to the door, "<strong>open it</strong>".

I stepped forward and and twist the door nob slowly and closed my eyes and opened the door, i opened my eyes back up to see the beautiful <a href="">room</a>, my heart dropped completely. I ran over to my mom and hugged her, "<strong>mom its amazing! thank you!</strong>", She smiled and looked over at Mr. Thornton.

"<strong>dont thank me, thank him</strong>", I looked over at him and smiled, "<strong>thanks..</strong>".

I watched as they walked out and i looked around my room, i opened up my dressers and saw new clothes, shoes, everything. I then walked over to the last dresser and opened it, it was filled with canvas's , different types of paints, EVERYTHING. I plopped down my bed and looked around smiling, "<strong>maybe this wont be so bad after all...</strong>"

After getting settled in and taking a shower, i put on some shorts, hoodie, slid on some high knee socks making my way down the stairs because my mom called my name saying i needed to meet someone.

I walked into the Den rolling my eyes yet pausing as some light skin guy with curly blonde hair stood beside my mom and Mr.Thornton. I walked over to them as they sat on the couch, i sat in front of them placing my legs Indian style on the couch, "<strong>whats up, you called me down?</strong>".

My mom nodded her head happily and turned her attention to the light skin guy and her husband, "<strong>yes um Akira, meet <a href="">Maurice Thornton</a>...your step brother</strong>".

STEP BROTHER? i scream in my head. where this s*** come from? i wasnt expecting this at all and i know damn well he wasnt either. But from the looks of it i think his dad already broke down the news to him because he was giving me looks that could kill if they could. I know he was mad, but i was mad as well. Why could parents keep this s*** hid until after getting married? what type of sense is this?

I raised my eyebrow and turned my attention to him as he sat there looking annoyed as if he didnt want to speak. I parted my lips then i stopped. looked like to me he didnt want to be here or speak and neither did eye, but i wasnt going to be the bad person and just leave out the room just because he didnt want to talk, "<strong>nice to meet you Maurice</strong>", i spat quickly folding my arms.

He nodded his yea, "<strong>uh dad im out i gotta go do some stuff</strong>".

Mr.Thornton got up and stopped him, "<strong>no you're not, we're having dinner tonight, this going to be our first dinner together Maurice</strong>".

Maurice sighed and clinched his jaw as he turned around, "<strong>but i go-</strong>", his dad cut him off and shot him a look, "<strong>Maurice...</strong>".

He then let go of the door handled and slammed it as he made his way into the dinning room, "<strong>what yall waiting on lets eat..."family"<strong>". He but emphases on family as he shot us as disgusted look and lead the way to the kitchen.

I got up and followed my mom and them into the dinning room and sat down quietly looking down at my phone as me, Maurice, and his had sat there waiting for my mom to bring out the food.

"<strong>so Akira, what grade will you be going to this year?</strong>", i looked up from my phone as Mr.Thornton waited for me to answer him ,"<strong>12th grade...</strong>".

He smiled and looked over to his son, "<strong>Oh! how great my son will be going to the 12th as well!, im guessing we have to up coming graduates in the house aha!, im glad though because now Maurice can show you around school Monday</strong>".

Maurice raised his eyebrow and looked up from his phone with annoyance on his face, "<strong>says who? im showing her no where, not my sister..</strong>".

His dad shot him a look again, "<strong>says me, thats final</strong>", demanded looking over to his son.

Maurice sighed and placed his phone down looking pissed off, i stared at him until he looked at me in disgust. I turned my head ans saw that my mom had come in with the entrees, finally the air was back to normal.

Dinner was over with and i helped my mom clean dishes quietly. She shut off the water and looked over at me as i dried the last glass, "<strong>Akira...whats wrong?</strong>".

I placed the rag on the counter and leaned on it, <strong>"why didnt you tell me he had a son ma?</strong>", i asked now folding my arms.

she sighed placing the plate down, "<strong>because you didnt ask.</strong>"

"<strong>MOM!</strong>", i shouted as she gave me a stern look. "<strong>look child...its done, we are married and why does it bother you that he has a son?</strong>", she asked.

"<strong>Its his son, he's giving me attitude yet i havent did a damn thing to him</strong>", she shot me a look.

"<strong>um language Akira Kahdijah!</strong>", I rolled my eyes and sighed.

"<strong>im sorry mom but he's being an ass, and im not the one, he acts like hes the only one that doesnt want to be here, I DONT WANT TO BE HERE EITHER !</strong>".

She grabbed my arm and looked at me like i was crazy, "<strong>akira, lower your voice, and you have no choice but to be here!</strong>". I chuckled and pulled away from her angry, "</strong>why? because dad is gone and you fell for him? because you wanted to be here and ruin my life? i guess so mom, i guess so!</strong>"

She slammed her hand on the counter and looked at me face to face breathing hard, "<strong>YOUR DAD IS DEAD AKIRA, GET OVER IT!</strong>", she yelled loudly.

I stared into her eyes as tears streamed down slowly, I stormed out of the kitchen and went outside sitting on top of the car looking up at the skys as tears fell down my eyes, "<strong>dad...please come back...please, i dont like it here!</strong>"


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I knew his ass had feelings for her!!! J and Q funny haha! So does she have them back?? I think sooo, but i thought he was gonna kiss her for a second i was bout to be like whoaaa Flag on the muthaf***in play hahaha!!! Oooo cheerleader this should be interesting!!

Oh and that picture of Chris had my ass like yesssss Jesus!!!!

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<strong>Akira personal Thoughts.</strong>

We pulled up to my house and I got out to see my mom car wasn't there and neither was Mr.Thornton, but Chris car was there. I rolled my eyes as I walked in to see him watching ESPN and laying on the couch.

<a href="">He</a> cut his eye my direction and gave me a smirk as he sat up , "<strong>I see you found a ride home</strong>".

I paused cutting my eye at him then made my way to the den as I grabbed the remote turning off the tv, "<strong>ARE YOU f***ING SERIOUS NIGGA?!! YOU LEFT ME AT THAT DAMN SCHOOL AND THEN YOU HAD THE NERVE TO SHOW OUT IN FRONT OF YOUR FRIENDS AND HOE TODAY ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?</strong>".

He sucked his teeth and leaned back looking at me, "<strong>maybe I shouldn't had did that and I sorry ok? But it's the fact that I don't like people coming in messing up my relationship with my dad</strong>".

I chuckled and shook my head thinking the same thing but yet that still isn't a excuse for leaving me. "<strong>how do you think I feel huh? I didn't even want to move here, I felt the Same way you felt about my mom. You're dad is coming between me and her and now look what I had to do, I HAD TO LEAVE!</strong>", i yelled angrily.

"Strong>I had to leave my family, my friends behind while you still have yours here.</strong>"

He looked at me with concern then his face stiffened back up like he didn't care , "<strong>look you stay out of my way and I stay out of yours it?</strong>".

I nodded my head and stood up grabbing my bags, "<strong>got it</strong>", I let it be done and went up stairs to my room.

<strong>Chris's Personal Thoughts.</strong>
I watched as she walked out the Den and made her way up the hall. My face soften back up as she left and I felt bad a little bit. Maybe I was being to hard on her, I mean it wasn't her fault that she had to move out here and be in this type of situation. I know she feels the same way I feel but it's whatever. Now I really feel bad for leaving her like that at school knowing she didn't know anyone nor did she have a ride to get home. I let my anger and feelings get the best of me each and every time I'm around her and I can't control it.


It was Saturday night, my dad and her mom was gone and finally got to get away from them praising her for being so perfect and all with school and her being so great at what she did. My dad liked her more than he liked me, I could tell because now they were getting along. Since I didn’t really talk to Akira and wanted to be around her, i decided to call my niggas over to chill and play 2k since it wasnt s*** to do and i needed to clear my mind. I opened the door and let my niggas, <a href="">Jarell</a> and my nigga, <a href="">Quincy</a>. I dapped them up then they followed into the den getting ready to start the game. I sat down and grabbed my remote while Jarell and Quincy smirked at each other then looked at me, "<strong>what yall niggas smirking about?</strong>".

Jarell shook his head and grabbed his controller, "<strong>man, where yo step sister at, her fine ass</strong>", he laughed and quincy dapped him up licking his lips, "<strong>man im telling you, she bad, and we saw that s*** you pulled after school a few weeks back</strong>".

I raised my eyebrow and turned my attention to the game i did not really wanting to talk about the s***. It was coming clear to me that after these past few weeks of her being her, i find her a way. I didnt know if this was right or wrong but i liked how she carried her self, I liked her vibe, i liked everything about her but i hated her at the same time.

Jarell smacked his lips and cut his eye at Quincy, “<strong>nigga you hear us, why you had to do her like that, if I was her, I would kicked your ass</strong>”.

Quincy laughed leaning back on the chair as I stopped and looked at them smacking my lips, “<strong>nigga that s*** wasn’t gone happened anyway, she too scared to do some s*** like that</strong.”.

Quincy sucked his teeth and focused back on the game, “<strong>Chris you don’t know that…you don’t even know her that well to know if she would your ass, which she should</strong>”.

I shook my head and continued playing the game, I wasn’t stun these fools.
After kicking there asses in the game , the trash talking and loudness went away and I watched as they all turned there attention to <a href="">Akira</a> as she walked into the kitchen. I sucked my teeth and turned back to the game acting as if I didn’t see her. On the other hand Quincy got up and called her name.

“<strong>aye Akira whats up?, mind if I join you in there?</strong>”, she nodded her head and I watched as he shot me a grin then got up going to where she was.
Jarell raised his eyebrow and smiled, “<strong>come on man, at least introduce a nigga or something!</strong>”.

I looked back at the game and sighed, “<strong>do what you wanna do man, im playing the game…</strong>”. He smiled and got up trailing right behind Quincy to go speak to Akira. I still continued to play the game but my ears were tuned into what they were doing.

<strong>Akira's Personal thoughts</strong>
I looked up to see Chris’s friends come in the kitchen all grinning in s***.
It was hilarious that they wanted to hang with me and instead of him, I can say they are quite entertaining. I got some drinks out the fridge and some chips as I sat at the counter while the both sat beside me on both sides.

I opened my drink and took a sip, “<strong>so Ms. Akira, where did you come from? Cause I never seen you around here before sexy</strong>", said Jarell as he licked his lips.

I gulped hard and shot a smile before placing my drink down, “<strong>well im from Georgia, and I moved here because well yeah, his dad married my mom</strong>”.

Quincy raised his eyebrow and looked me into my eyes, “<strong>so you been knew chris?</strong>” he said anxiously to get answer.

I shook my head no and rolled my eyes, “<strong>nah a few weekends ago was our first time meeting…he’s an ass…</strong>”.

He looked over at Jarell and nodded his head laughing, “<strong>you got that right hes an ASS, I don’t know why he was being mean to you, you too cute</strong>”.

I laughed and took another sip of my drink, these two are some characters. I looked across the room and saw Chris cutting his eyes back at us, he knew we were talking about him and he hated that. I saw as he clenched his jaw and continued to play his game. The laughter and conversation with these guys went on for hours and hours until Chris kicked them out….,strong>jealous</strong>.


It was now Sunday and we just had got done having a little “family movie night”. Almost through the whole movie me and Chris fussed and my mom and his dad left out the room pissed off since they couldn’t enjoy the movie. I blame Chris for being an ass, he never did left me breathe and and let me just be me with peace and without having to give him a peace of my mind. I went up to my room getting ready to close the door Chris caught my attention as he walked to his door which is right across from my room. I slowly closed my door as he looked at me closing his door, I took shower, put on some sweats and shirt and laid down in bed looking out the window thinking random things and slowly drifted off to sleep.


Next morning I woke up ,did my daily thing, put on something <a href="">cute</a>. I flat ironed my hair , grabbed my things and went down stairs into the kitchen and grabbed a poptart. I closed the cabinet and my face was to Chris's chest as we both stood underneath each other.

“<strong>excuse me…</strong>”, I said nervously as he reached above me pulling down a glass still looking at me, “<strong>yeah..</strong>”.

I moved from around him and say down taking a bite from my poptart waiting for Cat to come. It was total silence and awkward as we sat across from each other, lord please just let Cat come so I wont have to talk to hi…too late.

“<strong>you riding with me this morning?</strong>”, he asked in his raspy voice while looking at me.

I shook my head and bit my lip, “<strong>no…um my friend Cat is coming to pick me up..</strong>”.

He nodded his head and raised his eyebrow and parted his lips as if he wanted to say something. Before he could say anything a car horn sounded off. I grabbed my bag and and smiled slightly, “<strong>bye..</strong>”, I walked out the door and jumped into Cat’s car and off to school we went.

We pilled up and it was still pretty early so we decided to sit in the parking lot and watch all the guys cut the fool rap’n trying to show off there skills. I laughed at Quincy and Jarell as they battled each other trying to go hard but couldn't because it was all jokes and non of the s*** really went together. I leaned on the hood of the car laughed historically until Chris walked up dapping his friends. Cat raised her eyebrow rolling her eyes leaning off the car and pulled my arm, “<strong>lets go</strong>”.

I grabbed my stuff from the hood of the car and walked away catching Chris and his guys looking at me, I smirked and made my way on to class.


Lunch came and I was pretty damn hungry, thank god that my mom and Mr.Thornton picked this school because they had chipotle which is my favorite place ever! I ordered some flat bread chicken tacos and a Mountain Dew, grabbed my stuff and heard Jarell and Quincy calling my name. I smirked and walked over to them as Chris rolled his eyes turning his head unpleased.

I sat beside Quincy and saw how Jarell was looking jealous and mad, I then got up and sat between them and Chris even got more madder. I placed my stuff down and smiled happily, “<strong>whats up yall?</strong>”

I said waiting for them to answer and waiting for Chris to look over at me. “<strong>s*** im trying to ask you whats up with me and you ma</strong>”, Quincy said as he licked his lips.

I rolled my eyes and took a bite from my food and saw how Jarell was staring at me.

I laughed and looked at me, “<strong>what ? you must like what you see?</strong>”. He rubbed his hands together and nodded his head, “<strong>hell yeah I do, s*** f*** Quincy , get with a real nigga!</strong>”.

They both began to play fuss and pull on me as I laughed loudly causing Chris to slam his drink down and get up from the table walking away.

Quincy raised his eyebrow and looked at me then at Jarell, “<strong>what the hell that nigga problem is?</strong>”.

Jarell sucked his teeth, "<strong>oh his period on, hell be alright</strong>"

I bit my lip and shook my head, “<strong>I don’t know..let me go see</strong>”.

I got up and walked quickly from the table leaving Jarell and Quincy there as they fussed still. I finally caught to Chris calling his name as he finally turned around looking at me annoyed, “<strong>Chris whats wrong with you?</strong>”.

He quickly pushed me against the locker as we met face to face breathing hard looking me dead into my eyes, “<strong>you’re what’s wrong with me Akira! I think I like you i dont even know if that right to even have feelings for a step sister, You make s*** difficult for me, my dad barely talks to me because you’re around now, you make all A’s AND not only that you trying to take my niggas away from me! CUT THE s*** OUT AND LET ME BE MAN! STOP BEING SO GREAT!</strong>” I breathed heavily with anger as he still stood over me with hate in his eyes and hurt. Before I could even say anything back he stormed away walking down the hall shaking his head.

I leaned on the locker in shock that he just yelled and told me how he felt, I never knew I was coming between him and his dad, I didn’t know he actually saw me that way…he had feelings. Never in my mind would i think Chris would have feelings for me or even want to be around me after all the s*** he had said to me and step brother may have feelings for me?...I thought and thought as I leaned on the wall and then the bell rung and there stood Cat in front of me, “<strong>girl guess wh…wait whats wrong with you?</strong>”.

I shook my head and cleared my throat shaking off how I was feelings, “<strong>oh nothing girl… fine, lets go</strong>”.

She rolled her eyes and pulled me down the hall and began to talk , "<strong>ok then! i got some good news for youuuuuu<strong>", she song now coming to a hault as we approached her locker getting ready to go to out last block of today.

My eyebrows furrowed together, "<strong>what?</strong>", i asked folding my arms.

She bit her lip and reached into her locker pulling out a form and handed to me. I sighed taking it and began to read it, "<strong>whoa whoa whoa! noooo way me being a cheedleader? girl please.</strong>"

She smacked her lips closing her locker door, "<strong>pleaseeee, for me? i really would like to be part of the team, dont think i didnt see you in your dance class last week tearing it up</strong>", we both laughed.

"<strong>ugh...i dont know about this...but since you my girl ill do it Cat</strong>", she squealed with joy and hugged me.

I groaned, "<strong>ok ok enough now lets go get to class!</strong>"

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Hahahahaha, i think it's funny as hell that he is such an a**hole, like i'm laughing off the anger haha. He's a pure douchebag!!! I would've scratched the f*** out of that car when i got home. Awwe she made a friend! That's good!!

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Glad she made a new friend. I don't like Maurice at all, very disrespectful and inconsiderate! RUN IT!!!!

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Ayo Chris is a pure ass!! I'm really not feeling his ass right now! But chink is real cool. Her outfit was cute!!! Run it! Can't wait to see what happens next.

Monday morning came and there I was, laying in bed wishing and hoping it was a dream. I heard a knock at my bedroom door and my mom came in, "<strong>Akira...first day..get ready</strong>".

I nodded my head not making eye contact nor talking to her after what she did Saturday night, I had to be to myself for a few days.
I got up took a shower , flat ironed my hair, and put on something that made me feel <a href="">comfortable</strong> on my first day . I grabbed my stuff and came down the stairs and went into the kitchen seeing everyone sit at the counter quietly. I went to the fridge grabbed a juice and sat down fiddle my thumbs together looking around. The silence then went away when Mr. Thornton spoke, "<strong>so Akira are you ready for your first day here?</strong>", he asked.

I shot a fake smile and nodded my head placing my hands
On the table. That's when Maurice came down the stairs looking pissed as usual and cut his eye at me as he sat down. I rolled my eyes and turned my head , I didn't want to see his rude ass face, and I sure he didn't want to see mine.

"<strong>Maurice once you get to the school I've already y'all to your principle she said bring Akira to the office first thing so she can get her schedule</strong>".

Maurice sighed sucking his teeth with attitude as if he didn't want to hear it or care , "<strong>man whatever, lets go...</strong>".

He snatched his keys off the table and I followed him as we went out the door. He walked over to a all black on black challenger and hit the unlock button. I got in and folded my arms huffing not wanton to go. He crunk up the car and sped off down the street to school.
The whole ride was silent, he didn't speak to me and I didn't speak to him, seemed like the perfect morning to me. We then approached this big high school and teens were everywhere , from the student parking lot to the out side of it. I got out placing my slang bag over my shoulders and followed Maurice into the school. All eyes were on me and him as we walked down the halls of the school. He then stopped to dap up some guys who stood leaning on the locker walls.

I stepped to the side raising my eyebrow waiting for him to come on, "<strong>I'm Maurice you suppose to be showing me to the office to get my s*** together!</strong>".

He stopped laughing at his niggas and turned his attention to me as he sucked his teeth , "<strong>I don't have to do s***, now gone on about your business</strong>".

I unfolded my arms and c**ked my head to the side this nigga was really serious , "<strong>excuse you?! You heard what your dad said this morning Mau-</strong>".

Before I could get anything out he cut me off getting even more pissed yet calm at the same time , "<strong>f*** my dad, now once again get out my face , you're not my female, you're not my sister, you aren't s*** to me, step!</strong>", he pointed down the hall signaling me to go.

My mouth dropped as his friends laughed and walked away him down the hall. There I stood lost as ever and not knowing where to as people looked at me. I slid down on the wall and placed my hands on my hand irritated and pissed off. I say there for atleast a few minutes until I heard someone clear there throat. I looked up to see some pretty <a href="">female</a> folding her arms looking at me crazy.

"<strong>you blocking my locker ma</strong>".

I stood up grabbing my bag and moving to the side , "<strong>oh I'm sorry?</strong>".

She stuck out her hand smiling at me showing her prefect straight teeth , "<strong>Im Cathy,cut call me Cat</strong>".

I shook her hand and smiled back, "<strong>I'm Akira just call me Kira or chink</strong>".

She opened her locker and looked back at me as she pulled a book out, "<strong>I'm guessing you new here because I never seen you around here before ma</strong>".

I nodded my head and looked around , "<strong>yep! Newbie, my moms husband son was suppose to show me around but he's acting like a b****</strong>".

She laughed and closed her locker pulling my arm, "<strong>I'll show you around the school and take you to get your schedule</strong>".

We went down the hall and went into the office , she helped me get my schedule and also showed me around the school before the first bell rung. I finally find out my way around school and walked into my first class and what do you know I see Maurice sitting in the back goofing off with his friends.

Everyone's attention was then turned on me as teacher introduced me. "<strong>everyone this is out new student Akira and she came in from Georgia , she will be joining us today</strong>".

I shot a small smiled and waved as everyone greeted except Maurice , he smacked his lips and turned back to his friends talking.

I say down and class began. I felt eyes burning through me as I turned to see this cute guy, nice skin , nice smile and teeth he was pretty cute. My thoughts were then interrupted when the teacher stood up before us and smiled writing on the board "Othello". She leaned on the desk and rubbed her hands together.

"<strong>I know it seems too early for us to bring up this stuff since it is first days for some of you , but can someone tell me about Othelle?....anyone?</strong>".

The room was quiet and everyone sat silently until Maurice opened his mouth , "<strong>yeah my partna Othello was getting the hoes Ms.B aha! AND he didn't let her punk ass daddy stop him from getting what he want, that's gangsta s***</strong>".

Everyone began to laugh and Maurice dapped up his friends. The teacher laughed as well and her face got serious again, "<strong>something like that Maurice...anyone else wants to tell ?</strong>".

I raised my hand nervously and she smiled nodding her head to me, "<strong>ok tell us !</strong>".

I cleared my throat and began to talk ,"<strong>well in my thoughts Desdemona wanted love , the type of love that no one could take away from here. She didn't care about race or who Othello was she wanted go because his heart and his ways so pure. Not even her dad could stop that. But you see Othello got the best of her and he realize men didn't rule...pussy did...sorry for my language but it did. He fell for her nectar hard and went crazy , he believed lies and jealousy got the best of him and now look....dead</strong>".

Everyone clapped after I got done speaking , she patted my shoulder and agreed as I looked at Maurice who was smacking his lips looking at me crazy. With hat being said, my day went good and luckily I didn't have any more classes with him, because I would've went crazy.

My day finally came to a end and I waited outside with Cat waiting for this boy to come. I looked at my phone and sighed leaning on the rail.

"<strong>he needs to bring his ass on, I'm ready to go</strong>", i groaned.

Cat smacked her lips and flicked her nose , "<strong>child, who is your step brother anyway?</strong>".

Right when she said that I nodded my head towards his way and he walked out hand in hand with some chick, "<strong>him...</strong>".

Cat looked at him and her eyes bucked then she laughed , "<strong>WOW the infamous Maurice Thornton...I couldn't deal, but look I gotta go to practice , see ya later girl</strong>".

I waved goodbye and looked back at Maurice, I raised my eye brow and turned my attention to him as he kissed all on the girl and steady kept walking past me. I walked up behind him and pulled his shoulder back as he slung my hand away, "<strong>damn what ?!?</strong>".

I crossed my arms and raised my eyebrow , "</strong>I suppose to ride back home with you!</strong>".

He chuckled and let go of the girl as he looked at me, "<strong>says who? My dad don't run s*** in my car, and plus I got some where to be!</strong>".

He walked away from me as the girl got in the passenger seat and as he opened up his door. I quickly caught the door as he stood there looking angry and annoyed.

"<strong> Boy where the hell am I suppose to do? Who's gonna take me home?</strong>", i asked in anger as he clenched his jaw.

He shrugged his shoulders and looked around then back at me talking in a low tone, "<strong>I don't give a damn where you go or how you're getting home, not my concern.</strong>".

He quickly got in and shut door pulling off fast. There I stood in the parking lost like f***. In my head I'm thinking he's playing, and he'll come back, his dad would kill him if he found out he left me. 5 mins pasts....10 mins past....and now it was a hour. I sat down on the steps of the school 2 more hours past. I looked at my phone and sighed, I placed my head in my lap and jumped when somebody tapped my shoulder it was Cat. She sat beside me placing her bag down, "girl why you still here at this school and where is jackass?", she asked giving my a nudge.

My eyes began to water as my lips trembled , I was completely that mad, I wanted to fight him , "<strong>he left me...said I wasn't his problem or concern...Cat he's a f***ing a**hole , I don't think I can do this much longer!</strong>".

She patted my back and looked at me biting her lip shaking her head in disbelief, "<strong>don't worry about him...look..I think you're a cool chick so , how about you can ride with me to and from, f*** him</strong>".

I looked up and smiled wiping my tears away, "<strong>foreal? Thank you so much Cat!</strong>". She smiled and helped me up, "<strong>come on let's go!</strong>".

I like this so far :). Chris is rude af I know he mad but damn. I'm curious to see where this is going.
Run It


this seeks like its going to be good.

Oh shoot!! Run it girl!!!

this is really good

Run it...

Lol i dont understand where all the anger is coming from between Maurice and Akira whats wrong with having step sibilings? but that is dumb that her mom never told her talkn bout cus she never asked uh hello she shouldnt have to ask but im loving it so far runnnnn it!

This is soo good!!
Maurice ol' fine, rude, sexy ass need to chill lol!! I would've let his ass have it though if he would've kept giving me them stank ass looks, like forreal my nigga damn!! But i was weak when he was like come on "family" let's eat! lol
And OMG her dad is dead that's so sad, but her room was the s***!!
keep going!!!!
Run it!!