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There are two common causes of hair loss

There are two common causes of hair loss

The most common hair loss in men is male pattern baldness , also known as balding . Generally, balding treatment accounted for about 80% of patients . It is usually caused by genetic factors , hair loss rate, extent and severity determined by genetics . Because after puberty begins to secrete hormones , so onset is usually after the age of 17 , and with age, the incidence and degree of hair loss is increasing. Alopecia often former forehead began to gradually expand to the head . Patients often accompanied by bushy eyebrows , forehead sebum secretion and more and shiny , and finally form a particular pattern baldness men . In addition to genetic factors, mental stress, eating too much oily and spicy food, staying up late tend to aggravate hair loss, or cause hair loss occur earlier . Many drugs can also lead to hair <a href=""><strong>indian remy lace wigs</strong></a>, such as immunosuppressive agents , chemotherapy drugs, such as arsenic .

For the impact of smoking on balding , researchers analyzed , smoking may damage hair follicles , resulting in damage to the capillaries , making the blood and nourish hair growth hormone can not reach the hair follicle . Estrogen levels may also be increased , weakening the role of androgen , which led to more severe symptoms of hair loss .

Another called alopecia areata , accounting for 15 % 20% incidence . Expressed as hairdressing, hair when suddenly an area or a few pieces of hair loss , is not accompanied by desquamation , severe cases may develop alopecia totalis . Generally , alopecia areata and more from work stress, stress, lack of sleep causes . Endocrine , autoimmune diseases can also cause alopecia areata. Experts pointed out that if these symptoms occur , do not be nervous , should actively look for incentives to maintain a good life as long as the law and optimism , most patients can eliminate the incentive after six months to a year to heal.

How to determine hair loss hair has a metabolic process , lost 70,100 per day , all within the normal range , <a href=""><strong>curly lace front wigs</strong></a> hair loss is also affected by seasonal factors, and emotional state , only found in hair loss within a few days , no need to panic. But experts have warned that , if every hair over one hundred or more, or a continued hair loss within two months , you need to go to a regular hospital dermatology clinic .

Usually men are more likely hair loss, but also the actual female hair <a href=""><strong>wavy lace front wigs</strong></a> loss . Because the female body has androgen , but its incidence later than men , mostly in before and after menopause , and to a lesser degree . But now, there are quite a few young women after puberty mild male pattern hair loss. Generally , postpartum hair loss will be , more than a month after giving birth .