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Look At Me Now

Chris Brown
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I got so many of my friends into this song! love itt my fave part is if you got eyes look at me now b****!!

omdiazzzzzzz this song is in my head 24/7 and I just can't help it

Amazing!! i wanna one! I love u chris!

i love yuh chris brown

Look at me now is the s*** i love this song and i know all the words

i love this f***in great song!! :)

Im lhuv'd by fams, but 4r Chris Brown 2 shw integrity, personality, belief in his hrd wrk mkes mii undastnd who I relli am...

chris is so artistic and dis is mii jam hahahahahahahaha

I have an audition coming up and this track is the opening tune...It just makes me wanna dance!!

One hell of a tunee big up to you breezy!<3<3<3