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Chris brown <3 Myy Boiifriend <3


Hee is soo Sexyy Myy Man :P

Posted by sabbiih



dnt worry bout all those haterz just put em behind ya n keep on doin wat ya do boi!!! Cuz i bet ther r way more luvers than haterz 4 u out ther baby!!! Chris ur sooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!! like i cant explain it any betta cuz ur more that hot n sexii n all those otha words!!!!! ur everythin!! u look such a top guy chris!!! n thnx so much 4 givin all of us ur wonderful awesome music 2 listen 2 its da best n i mean that from the bottom of ma heart!!! every time ma ipod comes out chris brown is the first 1 i alwayz put on!!! SO 4 THAT I THANKYOO!!! chris ur mi dream n inspiration!!!! i just wanna meet you so bad!! that wud b 1 hell of a nite 2 rememba!! BUT i was lucky enough 2 go 2 ya brizzy show n i almost died with the excitment of seein ya!!! CHRIS I LUV YOO!!!
stay tru 2 me boi

Ur no.1 fan kell xoxoxox chris ur poppin 4eva in ma heart!!

I love Chris Brown soo Much he is very hot and he is soo good to Dancee My Boiifriend :P