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  • OMG!! This album is awesome! I have barely stopped listening to it since I got it on Tuesday!! Even when I'm not listening to the album the songs are stuck in my head and I sing them under my breath! I love the whole album but my favorite songs are Stuck on Stupid and Party Hard/Cadillac.

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    OMG!!! I loove it! This album is off the chain! I know all of the words to all of the songs already. My favorite songs are "I should've kissed you" and "Look at me now" If yall don't have this album yet you are missing out!!

  • Omg!! i loove this album!! I am soo glad that your back! My favorite songs are falling down, i can transform ya, and sing like me!!:)

  • the cover is awsome and i like how it opens up. I love the picture perfect remix and the dvd is good too, alltogether the album is amazing!!!
    Brandifer Robin

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    Hey chris brown i love this album! Even though the whole album is good my favorite song is Down feat. Kanye West. luv you!!