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  • like the new song good work no luck for me but it was sum bs anywayz dont let people publicity tear you down i know so

  • hey its me Ashley again hopefully u got to read muh comments goodluck with all ur court s*** KEEP YA HEAD UP have a baby on tha way so excited haven't yet made it to florida but someday ill go back out there and maybe looking at A 7 MILL SETTLEMENT HOPE THEY TAKE MUH CASE WISH ME LUCK THEY TOOK OTHER PEOPLES SIMILAR TO MINE THEN I REALLY WILL BE MEETING U AGAIN SOMEDAY

  • or maybe were just gonna meet some day in Miami lol
    I had these dreams visions whatever you call it that I was in the club wit you and we had sex haha hope that comes true

  • we met at valleyfair in mn so ou can know I actually met you

  • hey whats up chris your probally sayin nothing we met way back n the day before u had a record deel damn it I wish that number never got disconnected good thing you gotta deel other wise I would have never known that was u who I met back n the day that's what 2001 stands for come back home hope I get to meet you in Miami ash

  • one more thing i never gotyour last name except tina davidson plus i had dreams of you so i know it was you i seen you

  • hey its ashley i love this song remindes me of how we used to talk over the phone together for 2 weaks then your auntie disconnected her number so i couldnt get ahold of you no longer makes me wanna cry and i did then for hours because i was so happy to be talking with you this was before you had a record deel well keep checking these messages im going to florida sooner or later and maybe you can meet me at a club or something my number changed to so there was no way you could get ahold of me eaither so sad just imagine if we still did talk id be there with you right now famous we met at va

  • hey im just siting here getting tispy laughing my ass off but anyways f*** the bull s*** neyo is a fake and he might get hurt yeah thats a threat i ran into him pedro ghostfacekilla in the parking lot of subway after hours 2005 chilled for like twenty min with them neyo opened up his car door got out and smiled at me i stold the car i was in and the police were parked right behind me so i had to bounce meaning get out of there i was on the phone cause people were blowing my phone up and i said what thuh and then asked neyo and pedro for directions on how to get back to wi from where i was at t

  • hey whats up chris im moving to florida so imma be in miami hoping i meet you at the club i stay in wi some where so i have to tell you this story i was rollin in my whoopty on the back streets and as i was driving i seen these plates that said omari g this was the first time i thought of omarion but i thought they were fake then forgot about that then seen the plates again that said omari g i said if theres a black guy in that car im going to be so excited it was omarion i sped up infront of him cause he wasnt driving he gave me the right away sign then watched where he went he stoped at the

  • your still wearing those college varsity coats i remember you wearing one of those before you had a record deel ill be watching you shout out to your fans by the way im 24 25 in april