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  • oh my goodness! oh my goodness! oh my! AWESOME! Nuff said!

  • I am so proud of Chris Brown!!! Fan forever!

  • Chris had an AMAZING PERFORMANCE last night! I only wish it was longer! I have an attachment to the song "All Back" cuz I can really relate -- I almost cried. You are so talented and handsome! Keep doin what you do -- cuz we got your back! Love me some CHRIS BROWN!!!

  • 5 more days and counting! Can't wait to see him perform again! Whenever Chris performs he gives it his ALL!!! WE LOVE YOU CHRIS!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT MUSIC!!!!

  • Chris,

    You are a Champion!!! Your whole album is AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see you walk out of the show with all 4 awards!!! We love ya!!

  • IMMA B THERE 4 SURE!!! His show will leave you in awe! If you haven't seen Chris in concert -- GOOOOOO!!! He's awesome!!!!

  • I saw the Today Show last Friday -- LOVED IT!!! SHOUT OUT TO CHRIS BROWN -- YOU ARE AMAZING! Can't wait to see you in Virginia - DC -- somewhere close!!! Love your music and I am so proud of you - you have come so far -- please don't let the media get you down -- TEAM BREEZY VA GOT YOUR BACK!!!

  • Chris,

    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! You are truly an amazing artist! I know being in the public eye ain't much fun and everybody wants to be up in your business -- but when God gave you that beautiful voice he did not intend for it to be silent! You're amazing and very blessed!! May God continue to bless you with great love and fortune!!

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    I loved the video. It's amazing. You are amazing! I'm a long-time fan and loved every minute of it! God Bless!