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  • Happy birthday chris, your my bigest fan and i just want for u to enjoy the days you live on this earth and hope that us fans see you do more incredible things for your biggest afn that like your music, for me i hope one day i can perform with you and be able to collabrate with you!!!!

    your biggest fan,arlenia henderson follow me on twitter @kristina2423

  • this is going to be awsome for a 23-year old be nominatted for a big awards like favorite male artist and favorite album!!!!! and including he is so hot to be friends with him or even more!!!! your loved fan Arlenia henderson.

  • this music video is great i akes me wanted and telling me to stop juding people by what they did.

  • this video is awsome and romantic it just gives me the goosebumps and this video inspires of people to do what we love and what i love is chris brown and music.