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  • w8n 4 dat dsy wen u become 18 huh

  • the onli form of sanity u kno is insanity

  • i mean ya shudnt hav rolled em again

  • lol ur jokez bout take ma candy
    damn thief
    i hope ya choked
    u gimme bare jokez doe
    i aint gona say nufin
    *whispers* ima message ya haha
    but ooooooooooooooooooooooooooook
    and he cud b beta dan mj ya dnt care?
    w8 iz dat wut u sed?
    i aint wid it dat much 2day bare wid me

  • haha
    quit rollin ya eyez woman lol
    me and u iz on dif levz n ting init
    ok ima admit it he iz nutz and s***
    but boiii
    i aint tryna lie he iz safe
    no i aint blinded or nuthin
    but nah on a realz he iz safe init
    and come on sis u knt lie
    u done kno he iz da s*** out dere atm
    he can sing he take risks [ i jus realized how much admiration i hav 4 him d otha day afta -forcefuli- watchin d video for forever datz a diff story doe loooooooooooool]
    but w8 wut wuz i sayin? lol
    but yh atm he iz fire touchin trakz and they are reachin places
    go chris

  • sis idk wut u mean by Chris has changed
    but if u mean he aint care and tingz like dat
    den all i kn say iz dnt get fooled by media coverages
    he iz crazy safe itz unbelievabl
    dat dude iz so cool

  • i cant repl 2 ya messages cause u set ya thin so u not abl 2 recieve messages
    but im gd

  • aint got time

    i been thru a phaze in ma life which went on fa some months
    and now im hapi 2 say im returnin 2 who i reali wuz
    nigaz be warned
    do or say s*** which dont sit wel wit me and i will cus ya ass
    b****es none of yall aint got s*** on me
    jus like nigaz if ne of yall b****es try s*** jus pray dat i got otha thingz ocupyin ma mind cuz i will cuss yall out
    im tired of bitin ma tongue now i reali am
    i been doin it fa 2 long
    may i say who eva read dis and take it az ofensive den u kno wut datz ur bizniz
    cuz i neva tied u down here 2 read dis

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