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  • Chris u looked hella bom nd yo voice so so damn sexy boo!!!!! strip = my jam finally a video!!!!!! its da s***ttt!!!!!!!

  • chris, u rocked the house out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me nd my fam absolutely loved watchin u perform both of those songzz!!! boy was u lookin fine up on the stage!!!!!!! like that's sumthin new!!!!ol congratzzz!!! = )

  • dnt worry chris all your fans will definately vote
    4 you cuz we all luv you!!!!!!! = )

  • Votación: 

    Aye yo chris mann u did yo thang out dere on da stage an i want u knoe dat whateva u goin through jus cime an tlk 2 yo fanns bout aiite?
    Much luvv 4 u when u went on tour with SHE AINT YOU i routed 4 u all the way boo!!!!!! hopefully u give us anotha song like run it or yo
    4reals dough mann i luv keep singin an dnt let nobody say u cnt sing u knoe y......................

    i think ill say yo i knoe i dnt knoe yo name but excuse me miss i saved the last dance 4 yoooooouuuuu!!!!!! =)


    Peace 2 da middle east!!!!!!! =D

  • Well i cnt waiit 4 chris 2 show his moves an wat he can bringg 2 the game's table hopefully he has or had funn while it lasted an mayb he'll want 2 du it again sum otha time!!!!!!!

    Cant waiit 2 see it on 106&Park ya!!!!!!!!!!! = )

  • Aye yo chrissy!!!! congrats i luv u sooo much an i thinkk u deserved all 5 ov ur awards =)