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  • Can You Put Scotch Guard on Suede Boots

    How to Protect Sheepskin Boots | eHow

  • Located in the upper U.S. Midwest

    Located in the upper U.S. Midwest, Minnesota has one of the harshest climates of the lower 48 states. With the state having such long, cold winters, people tend to look for activities indoors. A variety of indoor children's activities are available. From museums to indoor playgrounds, there is something for children of all ages. The Minnesota Children's Museum is located in St. Paul and is home to several exhibits, hands-on activities and educational programs. The museum opened in 1981 and has had more than 6 million visitors as of September 2010.

  • Whether you are doing embroidery on shirts and jackets

    How to Embroider on a Pocket By Ronnie Dauber, eHow Contributor You can add embroidery to a <a href="">ローター</a> pocket before affixing it to a new clothing item or add an embroidered image or monogram to the pocket of your favorite shirt or pants. Add an embroidered monogram to the pocket of a new bathrobe for a special friend or family member, or add decorative embroidery to the back pockets of your favorite jeans.