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  • Hey CB!!

    I just wanna give you a 'MASSIVE BIG UP' to you and your 'moon men'. If there was ever an artist who deserves this. No question, it would be you EVERYTIME!

    A wicked acheivement for a VERY WELL DESERVED ARTIST. Keep cranking out your tunes - big fella. I will always be your biggest fan. I think you are amazing.

    All the love, luck and best wishes for your future and a massive 'WOOP WOOP' to all of your future 'WELL DESERVED BIG - WINS!!!'

    Love you lots 'n' lots xxx

  • Whatever. Just shut up!!!!!!!

  • Why are U.S. Residents the only people who can enter this competition for the signed canvas??? What about the rest of his fans around the world then??? {a very pissed off fan}.

  • To all of you people out there who haven't indulged in Chris Brown's newly released album FORTUNE yet.

    Grab yourself a copy ASAP - you will be glad you did!!!

    Natalie xxxx

  • Hey hey Mr Brown

    I just wanted to give you 'A MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS' on landing your first ever #1 Album in the UK.

    Obviously all your hard work and dedication has paid off. I have purchased the album myself, {and it was worth every penny} I think that the album is 'cracking' and it really deserves to be number 1.

    Reap the benefits and walk round proud with your achievement. You really deserve it. Chris, keep doing what you are doing and keep those UK number 1's coming!!!

    Once again 'CONGRATULATIONS' You are so worthy of it!!!

    Proud of ya!!

    Natalie xxxx

  • I hope that your getting professional help for all the delusional comments that you keep making.

    If your not getting any help, then I strongly advise that you get some REALLY QUICKLY!!!! YOU ARE AN IDIOT AND YOU CHAT s*** HA HA!!

  • I just wanna give a MASSIVE SHOIUT OUT TO EVERYONE. Also, make sure that you go and buy yourself a copy {or 2!!} of Chris's latest album FORTUNE. If you dont - your deluded!!! xxx

  • Hve you seen the official photo/picture?? He is like a god!! Chris Brown I could get you in to a lot of trouble!!! I would let you DESTROY ME!!!! BIG TIME!!! Loves Ya loads!!! xxx

  • I never tire of watching this video!! The more I see it, the more I want him!!!

    This Geezer is an absolute LEGEND!! and I LLLLOOOOVVVVEEE him!!!