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  • Both songs are addicting to me.. everytime im on YouTube i go straight to these two songs.. Chris really has my heart and i love him more then he will ever know! :))

  • Congratulations Chris :) my sister and i have been doing every single Challenge and when we found out you won , nothing could describe how happy we were... your performance was AMAZING ! when you came on and performed i was running all over the house and screaming "Its Chris Brown!" :D im so glad you are starting to come back into the spotlight you deserve.. And when you won the Fandemonium Award and said "I let yall down once and i wont do it again, i promise.." it made my night ! ... i still havent stopped talking about your performance!

  • wtf... i missed it lol nd i was watchin the beginning but i changed it :(.... oh well ill find out later but when i saw Chris at the concert in Orlando,Florida my sisters nd i were sooo in love lol! he entertained and talked to the fans in the crowd and all the flips he did .,... I was the only one in my family who was a Hugeeee Chris brown fan but after the concert .... my sisters suddenly wanted a peice of Chris :l .. haha