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  • you got some preetty hair!!! n u sexxii as hell!!

  • twin maybe? wow u look so much like him its not even funny!!!

  • nice smile! its so cute!!!

  • Damn boy u sexxii 4real!!! it me up@!!! damn!!!

  • u a hella lotta sexy but u dnt look like cbreezy

  • No comment.. ok yea im gonna make 1...eeewww!

  • anybody who can actually show a pic on here kissn chris tjen ill believe that your'e his "BOO"

  • if that were me, id b grinin from ear 2 ear...on top of that if he waz single id probably kissn him!(if i wuldnt get truble from the security gaurds LOL :)

  • yea i actually HAD it... until we moved and my mom took it off he door and RIPPED IT!!! : (