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    Odio cuando la gente decir que me estoy un breezy fan duro morir y luego cuando se le pregunta largo sido cuánto ellos tienen un fan ellos responden uno o dos años yo soy como eres estupidos

  • TEHE<3

    i love Chris brown he is just amazing him his personality everything enough said(:

  • I keep it real

    If you don't like me guess what ion give two flying f***s because i am me and that's all I can be soooo yea cool beans kk byyyyye teambreezy all day<3333

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  • OMGnot my uncle</3:(

    Okay breezy fans idk if he wanted me to tell you all this but i was texting him a few weeks ago and i go unc you know there are rumors about you being sick and having cancer and he said lol i'm sorry mimi but there not rumors I have stage 5 lymphoma. I'm not sure if he wanted his fans to know yet so please DON'T spread this info just yet Thanks guys pray for our family</3
    Teamy Breezy until the death of me<33

  • b**** don't talk about Chris like that and obviously you're not a true fan because if you were you'd know that he started getting famous when he was like 13 and got signed in 2004 and started his albums around 2005/2006... and his true fans think his tats are f***ing sexy on him and they love everything about him through good and bad through hell and back they don't judge his past and only stick with him through his future even when he isn't famous anymore.

  • Yo tell me fellas have ya seen her it was about five minutes ago when i seen the hottest chick that a youngen neva seen before

    OMG im on the mosaic version of the Fortune album i feel soooo lucky and guess what im not telling anyone how to do it you have to figure out for yourself<3 <3 <3 i love you chris team breezy for life(:

  • if ya man on the floor if he aint lemme know lemme see if can run it run it <3


  • CMB i'll love you always<3

  • JULY 3

    I CANT HELP BUT WAIT lol im getting at least 4 copies <3 i'll love CMB til i die

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