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  • Your artwork is tight, Chris Brown. I love the overlap of the characters. Its like looking into the mind of an artist...U never know what ur gonna see. I like the boldness of the teeth they really standout. From one artist to another, ur pretty good.

  • Oh yes...I can't wait till it comes out!! :) #TeamBreezy

  • Team love not hate

    I'm so mad that I'm broke. I really wanted to get Chris Brown's 'Love Not Hate" jacket.....oh well

  • Keep doing your thing Chris Brown cuz you are really shining and I'm loving it. #TeamBreezy I can't wait to hear your next album

  • Sweet Love

    I was just watchin Chris Brown's 'Sweet Love' video. I like the part where him and his crew were dancin for the girls. The car scene wascool too. All in all the video is awesome and I love that song. #Love #TeamBreezy

  • CCONGRATULATIONS Chris Brown!!!!! I knew your album would win. I listen to it all of the time. your an AWESOME artist. Keep it up. #TeamBreezy :)

  • Dat was AAAWWWWESOME!!!

  • Alright Chris!! Now a sexy model...Congrats

  • Confidence

    One thing about Chris Brown that I really admire is his confidence. He has so much of it and it's just so good to see, especially as a life long fan. When I see him work it makes me want to get more confidence for myself because confidence helps you become a better person. Plus it makes whatever u love to do that much easier. Keep up the confidence Chris because I'm really inspired by it, eventhough I'm not a singer or a dancer.

  • I think it was an interesting video. It was sad and heartfelt towards the end bcuz Chris died and his girl was yelling for him. It was sad to see him crying. I knda understood the song compared to the video. I love this song though, I always listen to it.