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  • Im dancing to Fine China in my Talent Show

  • i know u deff get this all the time but ur an amazing dancer, a big part of the reason i started dancing was u. Obvi im not as good as u are but u dnt even know it but u taught me how to dance. And i feel like i can learn more from u. Not just dance but music as well. my goal is to be a producer and work wit and meet people like u. Btw wen u gon' be in Boston,MA? aha

  • Since 05 ive been a huge fan. Im tryna kno when u gon' be in Boston,MA im tryna see u live bro. i know ur gunna be in mansfield,MA but thts mad far from my crib. ive been wanting to see u live since run it aha. i live just outside of Boston. Again i really wanna see u headlining a show in Boston,MA. letta brotha kno