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  • new year

    happy new year to everyone, we shal mark more in life, new year new things and new promossion, happy new year to da finest in da world Crist Brown, 2013, we be our success.

  • forget how it hapen cristopher maurice brown is da best in da world, no one can stop me not lovin brown again @any body, for about lie, brown is no one defeat at al' in this planet.

  • hapy sunday brown' wil shall do more in life

  • talking about the dressing brown is best' singing or skill dancing i give him first-class in it, so how are goin to do new year mr brown let us know my fwend.

  • chris brows is awesome, amazon and da finest, my man am in need of your help' psl have mercy on me, fwend

  • hapyness of the day

    am very hapy to be having' Chris Brown as my friend online, am dreaming have Him on my book, because is my finest man in da world' even is my role model but am not white that is the only thing I lack, but ganna love Him so much, and I have much thing to be discouss with Chris Brown coz I really need Him help, and if u can help me, I wil be very glad to you my friends, and how is your family and friends too, so I wil se you later, bye for now fwend.

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