Chris x Slick

Watch Chris’ latest masterpiece come to life from start to finish in this video, courtesy of Mechanical Dummy, below! Chris Brown X SLICK from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

Chris Brown’s Discusses Single “Fine China” & New Album ‘X’

Chris Brown has been hard at work in the studio recording his latest album X. Rolling Stone describes his new single “Fine China” as, “a hype combination of futuristic and throwback, blended with decidedly old-school romance.” MTV describes “Fine China” as an “instantly infectious heartbreak song.” Check out what Ebony,…

Chris’ New Documentary ‘Home’

‎Home is a brilliant introduction to Chris Brown’s 6th incredibly mind-blowing album. This documentary driving video travels with Chris as he tours the world inspiring people to be themselves and create limitless possibilities. This video shows how hard work and dedication allows everyone to achieve their dreams! Chris Brown “Home”…