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The CB Love Project (FANS NEEDED)!!

Hey Chris Brown Fans,

As some of you may know, Chris Brown's career isn't doing as well as it was because of past events and the media/haters refusing to see that this HUMAN being is still a PHENOMENAL, talented artist. Put yourself in his shoes, the whole world appears to hate you, EVERYTHING you do you're criticized for it--Even though your intentions are good, and people do whatever they can to prevent you from pleasing your fans, etc. etc. It's NOT EASY!
So i'm starting a movement called the ''CB Love Project''. This movement is nothing but POSITIVITY! We don't respond to any haters, media/blogs (Cause 98% of the time they don't know what they're talking about anyway), etc. My goals are to call radio stations all over the world, call promoters so they can contact his managers, create fan projects (videos, songs, etc) that will be sent to him. Though these goals are manageable, I NEED help from the fans! I know there's a lot of ya'll! I also know that i'm not the only one who believes in Chris! So if you're willing to be apart of this movement, please follow me on TWITTER @CBLoveProject ( ) YOUTUBE (! FACEBOOK FAN PAGE (!/pages/CB-Love-Project/100788379973954) FACEBOOK PROFILE (!/profile.php?id=100001206752510&v=wall) If you know of ANY OTHER CB fans or people who are just willing to stop the hate, PLEASE JOIN THIS MOVEMENT AND FOLLOW THIS PAGE!

The FIRST ''CB Love Project'' is being announced today! This video will be seen by Chris (as well as all the other projects), so if you want to be apart of it and the movement come and follow!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at:

-Much Love


CB Love, Child, Im with you 100%! The Ultimate thing to do is to get a corporate prayer chain going that the REAL people of God will intercede with prayer. Chris's career is not over, it is just beginning, the young man made His peace and asked the Father for forgiveness, I believe that he has asked the girl for forgiveness and the father has forgiven him and I noticed it during his tribute to Michael Jackson! He has been changed and just watch what God is going to do. Chris has to now begin to be a spokesperson for DV, he has to now start being a spokesperson for the young men who are abused and just finally faught back! He has to show them that a man can be a man without retaliating back but enduring the trials and tribulations that come to make us tronger and wiser! He will be a better man for his trial and the young girl will continue to deal with demons in her life until she repents and acknowledge her part in the situation and stop playing the victim because anyone who really knows anything knows that she was not the victime but the agressor and when the tables turned, she used her female card so that the world would have sympathy and she thought that it would give her an edge for her career....but it backfired and didn't work out the way she hoped it would. Instead, Chris is the better person and I applaud him for his ability to know what the enemy was doing.

So I am with it, I would love to assist in anyway that I can to show the positive and bring God glory in the midst of it. Prayer and fasting for Chris is how He will continue to persevere as this situation is now part of his past and he has proven and shown that he has gotten over it and that he is using it to build himself spiritually and emotionally.

Thanks for your work!