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I am the mother of a13 year old. We saw Chris Brown in concert 4 years ago. My 13 year old and my other daughter absolutely loved the concert. We were on the second row and my daughter who was nine at the time, wanted me to give Chris her phone number. She loooovvveeed Chris!!!! Once the news broke of the infamous "incident", my 13 year old and her friends now hate Chris. I bought Chris' new CD because I like his music and told my daughters that Chris deserves another chance. They said "No way. There is no excuse for violence." I liked their repsonse because they have never seen my husband (their father) violent toward me or anyone. Yet, I think Chris needs to work on gaining the trust of this demographic again, if its possible.

My suggestion for Chris is to do a campaign targeted at your teen-aged demographic (13-19) that says something like what I did was wrong and encourage girls to only be with partners who are non-violent and kind. Maybe even, gives some tips on how to know if a person is violent. I think Chris needs to do a lot more to repair his image because the teen in my house (and her friends) have no tolerance for Chris right now. However Chris' team chooses to handle his image management is up to them. Yet I think Chris' image repair will take a really long time if he fails to be truthful and obviously remorseful about the events that took place. Yes, we saw the apologies and those were great. But more is needed. There is lots of anger and unforgiveness toward Chris out here.

I am completely rooting for Chris. I believe he has talent enough to have a long career in entertainment. I just wanted to share the feedback that I have heard.

By the way, how do I find the remix tape that was released on February 14th?


Espero que alguém possa traduzir isso para o Crhis,
Não sou uma super fã como muitos aqui, mas gosto MUITO das musicas dele.E acredito que ele possa mesmo estar arrependido do que aconteceu, não vou deixar de ouvir o som dele, por causa de um erro, um grande erro, mas, quem não comete besteiras na vida né? Aconteceu, e não ha nada que possa mudar o que passou, o que importa é o que ele realmente sente, arrependimento, e que ele mantenha a cabeça erguida, saiba enxergar o erro, e não comete-los novamente.
Hoje eu li uma reportagem dizendo que ele vira para o Brasil em maio, ouvi ha um tempo atras na tv, que tem gente não querendo ir ao show, por causa do incidente, é uma pena que eles pensem assim, porque o Chris é um otimo cantor, dançarino e bla bla bla, eles com certeza irao perder um grande ESPETACULO.
Espero que ele consiga ter a imagem restaurada logo e que todos acreditem no arrependimento dele, e que parem de julga-lo por apenas um ato infeliz, e que o julguem pelo o que ele tem feito para se redmir !
Chris acredito em você, não só como pessoa, mas também como artista ... Você irá muiiiiiito loonge, ainda mais do que já foi ...Parabéns pelo artista que é !

Mari - Brasil



i just want to tell chris to keep your head up and always trust in God
and i know your in a storm right now but you are about to walk into your season

love you always

My suspicions about what had really happened were confirmed during Chris’ 20/20 interview with Robin Roberts. When Ms Roberts asked about the DV classes and how they were helping, Chris looked at her intently and said that he had not realized that men could be abused. There were also previous eye-witness accounts from people who said that when they had asked Chris for an autograph in the presence of his GF, she was not pleased and had proceeded to slap him, curse him out, and push him away from the fans to embarrass him publicly. Add that to the fact that we are living in the days of PhotoShop, and most people's opinions were based on a picture from a gossip site, the story can be quickly put together. There is not really much more that he can say if it is his personal conviction that he will take responsibility for his part in the events, but others are to come forward on their own and take responsibility for theirs. Things only went as far as they did as far as the case is concerned because everyone is not brave enough to face the world with truth.