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(I Do it for love and He plays games) ♥ ♠ ♦ Sincerely Confused

Where Does It hurt? Tell me cause I understand
The words of a heart beating like wings in my hand
We cant hide we'll never lie I'll always see into you
Theres nothing wrong with coming up empty and cold
Staying too long and trying to turn rocks into gold
I've been there too I've wasted myself and you were there for me
So whenever you crash wherever you land thats where I'll be
And for every endless midnight theres a sky full of Broken stars
But they'll always be a place for you inside my arms
Where does it hurt?
When you open your heart theres always so much to lose
So far to fall and nowhere to go when its through
But if you let me in I wont let you down put your faith in me
Cause whenever you crash wherever you land thats where I'll be
And for every endless midnight theres a sky full of broken stars
And they'll always be a place for you inside my arms
Theres a million streets to walk down in this city of broken hearts
But they'll always be a place for you inside my arms
Where does it hurt?

Ur p.o.v

Thats how it was between me and chris hes 3 years older than me and he treated me like I was the only person in this world that he cared about but now thats all changed. I love him and I know he loves me but what am I supposed to do? Just because I was 16 doesnt mean I cant fall in love with someone it all started out when I had to work with him for my first album he was producing it and helping me write my songs I was never really attracted to him but its like when I was in the booth and he would sit at the mixing board watching me sing did something to me its like I sang with so much depth in my words I just wanted him to understand the many different ways I felt for him...

Should I continue?



bAbI_sWaGg bRaNd nEw sHaWtY
!!!!!!sTeP yO gAmE uP!!!!!!

run it

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Gangsta Gurlz, F.Y.A.A.D.S. N Fiya Squad
2 D! FL!PP!N W3RL!!!!!!
Hot Suh Bad Suh Evrything Inna 1 Suh!!!!
Tru Jamerican A Tek It 2 Dem Like QQ 2 Rahtid!!!

Ima run it in a few

♦ Im Bad So f*** U

run it! this story is really good!

~~bribri:peace,love & harmony~~

love you chris!!!

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i be reppin dat 305,VA,JA,and MS!!!

"Time to be your 21"

Today was the one of the many days that I was in the studio working with Chris on my album. I wrote this song called "24 Hours" it was supposed to be a fun song something I wanna do it just wasnt turning out the way I planned it to just when I thought it couldnt get any worse Chris is screaming at me!

Chris: Y/n u have got to sing with more umph some feeling!
U:What the f*** you want me to do pull more umph out my ass?
Chris: If that helps you know what I cant do this s*** right now so how about we pick it up tomorrow where we started off?
U:Fine whatever (Walking out the booth)
Chris: Whats your problem y/n? How do expect to have another hit single if you cant get into the depth of the lyrics?
U:I am getting into the depth of MY lyrics thank you I wrote that song arranged it and everything so dont f***ing tell me how to sing
Chris:(Clenching his jaw) This is what I mean about I do not have time to work with little girls who are sensitive and hell bent on everything and everybody catering to their needs
U:Whatever (Getting my bags) Like you said we'll pick it up tomorrow (Walking out the door)
Chris: Oh goodness that girl! (Started messing with the mixing board)

Ur P.O.V At Home

I hate the fact that he feels just because he has a couple Grammy nominations, and went multi platinum on both his CDs that he can tell me what to do and who the f*** does he think he is (Mimicking him) This is what I mean by I dont have time to work with little girls...He can kiss my ass if he wasnt so f***ing sexy ooh I just get goosebumps being around him! I've had it up to here my mom doesnt want me singing she sees no future in it and she just doesnt understand me shes always telling me that Im too young to possibly know what I want to do its just a phase and that i'll get over it she is so wrong! Singing is my passion!!! The only person that seems to get me is my dad...As for my sister lets just say everything has to be all about her so she doesnt really care too much (Sighs laying across the bed on your stomach playing with the pen in your hand Hummming Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm)

U:Thats it!!!! I got it!!!!

"Time to be your 21"

You never lied to me not once
Its not your fault that I cant trust
Its in my past its in my path and I can go there
Making a mess out of this game to see it all go up in flames
Im so tired of being ruthless and reckless
Time to be your only one
To almost be your way too young
Time to crash into the sun
Time to be your twenty one
Its time to dream that love will last
Its time to drive my car too fast its time to walk before I run Its time to be ooh time to be your twenty one.....

♦ Im Bad So f*** U

Continue! :]

Don’t’ know how long I’ve wasted my time
I only want to lie with you here
I never thought that you’d be so blind
Stay if you want and we’ll disappear</em>
<strong>Say So</strong>♥<strong>Uh Huh Her</strong>

yes you should soooo. RUN IT!!!!

-Thinkin Of A Master Plan-
D:Chris Im thinkin of a master plan
C:Bout what
D:How I want you to Take Me Down ;)

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Its a Banga Yall

</em>It's killing me
We die when love is dead
It's killing me
We lost a dream we never had
The world in silence and should forever feel alone
Cause we are gone & we will never overcome
It's over now</em> </strong>♥"Love Is Dead" by Tokio Hotel</stro