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'07 Moments

Take a Walk Down mEmory lane. '08 is near. What is your favorite or most cherished '07 moments and your favorite Chris Brown '07 Moments?

My Favorite 07 Moments
Food Fight
My first love
found a crush
summer vacation
boys vs. gurls dance off
the cute guys
The olD boards & of course new years on the old bOaRD (ppl were celebrating it at difFerent timEs)
harlem week
making the band 4 finale
& Charm Skool

Favorite Chris 07 Moments'
When kiss kiss was bout to premiere on 106 i was anxious to see that and watching chris on there
the today show summer concert
When Stomp the Yard came out and Me and my friend went to go see it(screamin whenever chris came on the screen)...wait it did come out this year rite? help me out u me out lol
Seeing This Christmas...that was a funny movie

*still thinking*

add Ya list...


Chris Momentz:
~UCP Concert
~This Christmas
~Stomp The Yard
~Tyra Show
~VMA Performance
~AMA Performance
~Chris in VIBE
~Exclusive Week on BET
My Momentz:
~iPod Nano
~UCP concert{{best xmas gift ever lol}}
~Moving to a new city
~Becomming more independent
~Relizing ppl u've known 4ever can change for the worse
~Meeting my long lost 'Exclusive Sistaz' on here lol
~Going down south to see the fam
~Family Reunion
~Talkin to God everyday
~Talkin to this looozer boy but hey i laugh about it now...lesson learned officailly haha....
~Met some new ppl
~Relized that reachin my dreamz arent as impossible as i thought...

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New Years Official 2 Do List~~ Have fun, stay flyy, cry when i need to cry,continue 2 chase dreams, stay fresh && st

Itz new years already!!!
My Favorite 07 moments were:
•When Exclusive came out
•This Christmas hit theaters
•The 1st time i went 2 Canobie Lake
•Watchin Chris on Sweet 16
•Chris on da Tyra Show
•Chris on Road 2 Platinum dissin Bow wow
•Watchin Chris's Take u down performance on youtube
•And definetly makin new friends on here!!!

08 moments dat i look forward to
•Losing da w8 dat i want to
•Bein kinder 2 my fam && friends
•Definetly tryna go 2 a CB concert or meet him
•Keep my straight A's in skool
•Build even more confidence && self esteem
•Alwaysz remain myself && be honest wit myself

"Aww man datz messed up i'm goin da otha way && get me a cinna bun." You mad Goofy Chris Love Ya!!!
♫▫♥ExċLũŞїvέ Şĩştαz™♥▫♫ -Smiley ♦•♦..::▫♪♥Tha*Exclusive*Sistahood™♥♪▫::..♣*♣
♥Luvv my Sistas Forever~*~Mega Ladiez Stand Together♥™

-Flavor of love
-I love newyork
-Sneakin' out with my homeboy bking all the time ridin' in the cheeto chevy
-hangin out at the club 731 on thanksgivin'
-movin to memphis..
-gettin' exclusive lol
You know that sayin' Theirs a dime a dozen i'm included in that dime.

hmm... 07... i'll try to keep it positive lol
-my sweet 16
-i got my driver's license
-i met a bunch of cool people
-i saw trey songz for the first time and i love that dude!
-umm.. ok maybe 07 was boring lol
chris moments:
-the album; wasn't exactly what i was expecting, but it was fun watching the hype around it lol
-i saw him in concert twice. the first was a birthday gift in the summer and the second was a christmas gift. the second concert wasn't that great of an experience, but...
-when i saw him for my birthday, his mom walked past me and called me sweetie. i felt special, but then my friend was acting all groupieish and she laughed at us lol
-i don't know if this is really a "chris moment", but after the birthday show me and my friends were attacking chris's friend/this rapper guy lol. and i was dying, because he still gave one of my friends his hat, an autograph, and his phone number even though she was the worse out of all of us. and then like, the next week i saw him on chris's episode of my super 18 and i was all shocked cause i thought he was lying about being friends with chris when i met him lol. good times, good times...

My first REAL Crush

Auditions for Tv Shows

Mishon and C Dot came to my school

Lost afew pounds and was happy

My spritual relationship with the man upstairs has grown bigger and I talk to him more. Sometimes I think he's actually talking to me because afew times I'll get a voice inside now and again.


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The whole Raz B thing!

"B5 (BeeFive) fans are like Killer Bees"

GhEttO_ ReAliTy: THANKSz =]

QU0TE: "iN '08 BxTCH iM ACTiN bRANd NEW!"-ME

lol mystik and atl1217 congratszz on starting dance again wow...8 yrs.
now as for the ucp concert i'm just gonna have to wait till january for that one since i finally get to go for the return maybe that will be an '08 list for me

"haterSz Give Me THeM Salty LOokSz"

check out tha new story "Just like You" on the fanfiction part of the boards

-a junior in high school
-became a fan of chris [i became a fan in july :)]
-ipod touch
-the ucp concert [that was AMAZiNG!!]
-realizin who i should/shouldnt associate myself with
-started dancing again after 8 years

My '07 wzz pretty weird/interseting/fun/screwed up/sad, but for the most part the yr wzz aiight. My peek moments were:
~ Passing all my major high school exams.
~ Gettin' a third gen. Nano
~ Leaving high school and the haters behind.
~ Finding a major crush at ma new school (shhh. he doesn't know yet) lmao.
~ Coming here everyday and meeting/sharing with all ma new sistaz
~ Trynna keep up with all his performances (the VMA's wzz Smoking!)
~ EXCLUSIVE's release!!
~ The scavenger hunt (wzz in it even thou I knew I cldn't win. lol)
~The new board make over (even thou I still miss the old one)
So many more, but Imma just leave it here.

SQLiLDiva313 i like some of the things u listed on ur '07 list too

"haterSz Give Me THeM Salty LOokSz"

check out tha new story "Just like You" on the fanfiction part of the boards

-F00d FiGHT
-GETTiN 0UT 0F dA 8th grd & G0iN 2 HS
-HAd FUN bE'N A B5 FAN =]
bUT 0VERAll d0E '07 WAS dA W0RSE yEAR EVA 2 ME l0l

QU0TE: "iN '08 BxTCH iM ACTiN bRANd NEW!"-ME

lol mhhmmm gotta be happy bout tha food
but this 07 field trips were fun...well most of them
& congratsz to class of '07 since some of ya mentioned that
"haterSz Give Me THeM Salty LOokSz"

check out tha new story "Just like You" on the fanfiction part of the boards

-seeing Stomp the Yard
-Getting out of 8th grade
-becomin a bigger fan of Chris Breezy
-Bet awards
-My sister visiting
- actually gettin cd's (2 T.I., 4 Chris Brown)
-Not having to ride bike to school anymore
-This Christmas
-I am legend
-American Gangster

All u haterz can hate if u want to but u wastin your time.

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*Finished Driving school- thank God
*Got a car
*Went to Kwanzaa Fest - not so good memeory didn't see PLIES
*Went to Summer Jam concert feat,CB
*Sad because I ain't going to the UCP concert
*Field Trip at school- fools started a fight we probably won't go no where else
!!*MZ DIVA*!!
IT's DAT TeXas giRl dOiN it BiG
YEen KnoW!!

4biddentreasure that's rite! '07 all day!!!!

- Dancing in the multicultural show at my high school
- Senior prom
- Graduation
- Going to my first real house party
- Officially "talking" to this one dude [wow. waste of time]
- Going to VA and ATL for the 1st time [loved both]
- Went to a club for the 1st time
- Beyonce concert
- Chris's new album
- Starting college

That's about it.

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I have so much fun being a B5 fan... <3
-B5 radio interviews.-funny as hell-
-Staying up late for Banddigs and B5's radio interview
-Japan being a city according to Carnell and Patrick.
-Hearing Carnell sing live for the first time.He can SANG!
-Dustin jumping over a car
-B5 quiz..."Horrible.GOSSHHH!"
-Patrick's laugh.He literally says "haha" -lmfao-
-B5 forum!
-Meeting B5
-Patrick's blogs

"B5 (BeeFive) fans are like Killer Bees"

-How much B5 grew up.OMG...*tears*
-Dustin not being afraid of 50 cent
-The story of Patrick picking up underwear someone threw on stage -deceased-
-The classic line "HAHA you ain't"
-Dustin doesn't have Mr.Snuggles (his stuffed turtle that his dad gave him) anymore!*tears* R.I.P.
-Dustin and Carnell got TATS!!!!
-20 is delicious...LMFAO!!!
-BANDDIGS!!! Mr.Grey Box.
-GM singing Irreplaceble *lmfao* -dead-
-Patrick putting that girl on blast!
-Patrick putting CJ on blast
-Don't Talk,Just Listen
-Carnell dating a 19 yo at age 13 . o.O
-Dustin did some UNFORGIVEABLE things ...lmao.
-What B5 likes in girls.YOU GOT TO SMELL GOOD!Bahahaha!

-all the rumors.LMFAO!!!!

"B5 (BeeFive) fans are like Killer Bees"

07 wasnt too much of a pop off for me either.
**I moved across the contry which sucked total a*s
** Chris Cd was kind of a dissapointment for me
** I found out that a football player had a thing for me <---which also sucked a*s
** I found out that who I thought was my best friend was a nasty evil skank lol
** but I found out this bad boy liked me, which rocked because I have a thing for bad boys. but hey thats about it lol

&hearts; Be happy.............. because sweetheart thats all I ever want you to be. &hearts;

Well I have no favorite Chris Brown moments sorry. Forget that crap. This year was a Chris crap year for me. Nothing happened or popped off for me.
07 was kind of wack for me.
But some good of my 07 year was getting my apartment!
I'm working on getting a house and going to college again in January next go around.
Spending the holidays with my fam.
But 07 was crappy, but I'm glad this is the last year I'll be a teenager, bye-bye 19 hello 20!!!

If it ain't southeren it ain't nothing

Lol, thanks girl! Food..good times, good times. But girl, I just cant wait until 2008..lord it better be better than 2007..or else I'ma shot somebody, lol. [How I go from talkin bout God to shooting??!]

fav 07 moments:
~graduating '07 baby!
~hanging with friends
~vacation with friends9 we went to ocean city!!)

fav CB moments:
~ his cd
~VMA performances
~road to exclusive
~UCP concert
~just seeing him on tv and everything that he did


lol gurl i agree with chu on the food part lol great memories
and u got some good ones i like that talkin to God one and waking up

"haterSz Give Me THeM Salty LOokSz"

check out tha new story "Just like You" on the fanfiction part of the boards

Fav Chris Moment.
- Every premeire of his new videos.
- Seeing Stomp The Yard [even though it wasnt a hot memory cause he died within 5 minutes of the movie, lol! good movie tho nonetheless..]
- Watching his 2007 interviews.
- The fact that Exclusive came out.
- Seeing This Christmas so many times.
- His VMA performance.
- Watching him on 106..
- Watching his Sweet 18...
- Watching him on Punk'D..
...I have plenty others but I'mma let someone else talk, lol!

MMmm. I dont have many fav moments in 07.
*Every moment Im eating good food.
*The old board/& meeting the friends I've made so far on here.
*Uhh. when I went to the Beyonce experience. [I just wish I was at the one when she fell down the stairs; front row..lmao! Im wrong for that, but I wanted to see it.]
*When I went to Alabama to see my folks.
*Everyday that I talk to God.
*Everyday that I woke up...
*Last Sunday was pretty cool & Christmas early day & This early morning....