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chris and his sister tootie


this was from the access granted: gimme that


it is da first time i see chris sister

and its on da dvd 2

Lovin you is easy cause youre beautiful
Makin love with you is all I wanna do
Lovin you is more than just a dream come true
And everything that I do is out of lovin you

i can see a little bit of resemblance like in the nose but other than that they dont look alike.
~There's an ongoing battle between darkness and light and my heart is in the middle of it~

I think Chris and his siter look nothing alike but she still
is pretty.


tootie was talking and then chris came over and was like "don't listen to her" he said she pushed him down the stairs when they was younger

they don't look alike

I didn't know he had a sister. Well I know now

P.S Msz.Brown you are not married to him. If you think about it I am kinda married to him because my last name is BROWN. Not lieing(how ever you spell it)

I remember dis she was telling da ppl watching @ home about how she ran chris to the top floor of there house n he wuz yellin MOMMY!!!!! dats wen dey were little
Can't remember if thats how the story went though

Tiffany Brown b.k.a Chris brown Wifey 4 Lifey a.k.a Msz.Brown

cool pic

brookiebabii xoxo