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Where's BSHAW????

Did I miss something or was BShaw not in the Wall to Wall video. I was watching the video again and I realized that I didnt see him. Is he in the video and I missed him??? I havent seen any of Chris' shows lately so maybe yall could tell me if Chozen and BShaw are still dancing backup for Chris??? I was just wondering thanx.



NAW BSHAW IS ALL GOOD, Chozin, Bshaw, Moddy, &2Sweet still dance for CB Bshaw wasnt in the video to Wall to Wall because of a family problem..there still that same CBE family!


dang i hope he'z aight!!

June 7, 2008 !s My D2y +0 Sh!n3!!!
Cl@ss 0f 2008 Ch!ck!!!!

Aw that is sooo sad I hope he's alright thanx for the vid allstarr


P.S. bellaMARi Chozen and Bshaw have been Chris Browns dancers since day one they're in all his videos and shows

who iz dey?

he said in one of his concerts that his lung collapsed or something..
i saw the vid...

here actually, found it for u.