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Posted by dc_rocker1993


sHE BEST B whisperin sumin in his ear or its on n poppin. i can't believe u dump over a million girls that actually love u 4 one trick that will leave u in a heart beat. real stupid chris. real stupid.

i agree wit all of yall the fact of the matter is his fans are decreasing drastically and frankly people are starting not to give a f*** what him and riforehead do.


chris i was already emotional ova this already!!!!!!!! i get sick of this n this picture is gonna make me throw up!!!!!!!!! u said u luv yo fans and u aint doin a good job of showin it. my friend that's a boy luv rihanna but said he gon give up on her cuz of u. jus tell the truth, whole truth, n nothin but the truth, 'kay? i still love u but even though we already know bout y'all we wanna hear the words come out yo mouth. everybody say i if u wit me?

HEY Chris I don't alwayz use these words unless I am very mad and oh yes I am very mad at u right now why is she on u like that and i don't like dat one bit if u wana know why i am so mad please get my e-mail because i had to give it so i could put these comments up here so get it if u can and please write me back

I love me some chris dnt get me wrong, ive already wreckd bytches ova him however he just need to tell the truth. We all know he datein or just f***in her 1...etha way they aint jus friends...friends wit benafits

Chris Brown's Real Wifey 4 Lyfey

it ain't no use for him tellin' now. most of his fans almost don't care what he do or gotta say. at least i don't.

was up with that she telling you a secret about what she gone do to you later or something? Yall aint that cute of a couple, and when you gone tell everybody publicly,even though we already know, so you can stop playing around?