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sexy cb jr again lol


i even got his stance lol



Bab! bo! cum & h!t y@ g!rl up s0 sh3 c@n t3ll u @b0ut d!s 1 0v@ h3r3 w!t y0 s3x! @ss.

~$S@wt1 M@c A.K.A L!l P00hd@ 1!~$

U hAvE a NiCe BoDy.....HiT mE uP sUm TiMeZ....sO i CaN gEt NuMbEr.....CaLl Me (318)413-0611.....♥

hit sweetangel207 up when you get the chance!!!!!!!!
Sweet as can be(LIE!!!!!!!)

this is my favorite pick of u! but you as hott as hell and me like abbs!

Dang boy what u do work out everyday? mang u fine as hell. everygirl goin to melt 4 u.

u fine as hell boy sexy ass body f*** da boys dat try 2 holla at me cuz if u did damn i wouldn turn u down lol u sexy as hell

dang boi you is lookin sexy i added you as a friend k so jus add me plz holla at ya grl by da way dis iz my fav pik of u. u is jus so cute,fine, and sexy

No way you look like chris but you cute you look like Lil C from Rise and stomp the yard

Im not hatin im just tellin da truth
Da skata girl-

boi u lookin good