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Chris Brown

Posted by SweetTinkerbell


CHRIS IS SOOOOOOOOO CUTE N DIS PIC..........He is cute n every pic he takes though!!!

~!~!~!~!~I luv Chris Brown 4 lyfe~!~!~!~!~

Chris you are one of the rare things that get better with age. You were lookin' handsome then and you look handsome now!

~*$*~Ya'll can be his Cinderella because I'm his Winner! And when it's all said and done his gonna have me Now&Later! So to all of you we wish you'd be Just Fine!~*$*~

sInCeReLy Chris's Cinderella 4 Eva Eva Eh Eh

you look really young

Hey Chris u still looked sexy when you where a young man!

what was he thirteen when he took this iture or older or younger