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They are applying to just do an insurance company. He is a handsome boy, but because of the docile is often called his tender, "chicken". Therefore, she feels very distressed, he even dreamed of a brave and respected. She thinks that the links London sweetie bracelets are the best. Insurance company are for new 30 employees arrangements for three months of training, the purpose is to exercise their various abilities. She wants to buy the links London bracelets. Holmes very much hopes <a href="">links of london</a> that this new environment can make oneself.Actually, he did have another reason, because he was a secret: he is a group of girls, she is a pair of eyes, appear so emerald is nifty and lovely. Holmes thirsty type with outstanding performance attracted. The links London necklaces become <a href="">links of london silver</a> the goal. However, he is soon into new misery. Originally, because he is weak, he again into the character of banter others. But it is more painful to Moscow heart. He felt compassion must never be love. Besides, another call marks on the boy. Mark also loves to play trick, but his summers in this training group < is the most daring. He wants to buy the links London earrings. He always lead, whenever the drillmaster questions, when he first hand, then contentedly and light. In such a romantic, he humbled before. However, his heart to Sophie's affection, he couldn't restrain to summon up courage to her. I love the links London rings. One day, she calls summers, quiet place and smile, that her beauty and considerate eyes staring at him quietly, encourage him to speak, but at this moment, a whole night he wants to say a word, finally to say: "you know, know that mark likes you, I think you are well-matched." He <a href="">links of london charm</a> will buy the links London pendants. Sufi look bleak, she immediately fells head also different ground to walk alone, leaving Moscow bottom27 stood there, filled with shame and infinite regret. He desperately wants to: I really hopeless, even to his beloved girl's courage to express love!From the end of the day training closer, he knows once, and he ended training may be divided, Sophie he has no chance. He will buy <a href="">Links London Watches</a> the links London watch. He knows no girl would like a coward. Now, the only way to save the love is in before the behaved like a real man.But on the moss took "man", and he will act for cold fever ill, but for a day off. One day, a group of training new instructor, said to all the physical quality training. I like to the heart disc charm. Then he took everybody to an empty place. At that moment, suddenly a grenade toward the queue threw in the past. Mark is still "lead", he fled in front of the team, but in mix she was stumbled on the ground."Come back!" Instructors look pale, he angrily says: "this is not an explosive <a href="">Links London Chains</a> grenade, I do so only to test your psychological quality, see you in emergencies whether can truly before the brave and calm. The two hearts charm-red are so beautiful. You escape reaction is fast, but unfortunately, you lack a thing, what is it? Think about it back."The next day, recover <a href="">links of london UK</a> after the summers training ground, because only to have "special one", so instructors inspection prior to the other students do not have hinted in secret, but usually at Moscow for those who are looking <a href="">links of london sweetie</a> for. The big rock ‘diamond’ ring charm is so good. So, in the training process, the instructor heavy, will the grenade thrown at the team again. Many people expect to see the funny he scared to death, and Sophie is nervously sights the moss. The black friendship bracelet is so beautiful.With the same reaction, they did not know that it was just a MEDALS won't explosive grenade he length two seconds, full of fear. I am afraid that the radiance is better.


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