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1. The front and rear body is a model recently developed by diagonal 2-tone knit mesh
2. Body: 100% nylon diamond back mesh 5 oz
3. Sleeves: 100% 5 oz nylon dazzle mesh Collar fourth: 100% polyester 8.6 oz flat knit rib
4. All numbers and fifth letters are sewn on single layer printed tackle twill
5. Stripe-Knit sixth Inserts (select teams): 100% polyester knit band 8.6 oz engineering seventh inserts
6. The sleeves / inserts sidebar / yoke area is a dazzle knit eighth Well
7. Designed and constructed to duplicate the individual team and skill position 9th Designed using fabrics and applications like the version Cut Pro
8. Player Name shown on upper back on a nameplate

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