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TOP NFL TOPIC: Cutler upstage Vick as Bears beat Eagles

michael vick may still take the 2010 NFL Most Valuable Player award, but his season turned a beautiful little death Sunday at Soldier Field in Chicago -.<a href=>brett favre jerseys</a>

Eagles quarterback threw his first interception since 2006 second quarter throw Bears turned into a touchdown just before the break - and in Chicago the third ranked defense limited the NFL's most versatile offensive player with 44 rushing yards, while the sack him four times for 40 yards not. <a href=>nfl jerseys</a>

But the Bears' 31-26 victory, their fourth in a row, was less about what Vick does not do what Jay Cutler has finally made it to a franchise-picked in 2009 to their quarterback franchise <a href=>kobe bryant jerseys</a>. By movement of a strong running game and the introduction of a wild cat attack, Cutler threw four touchdown passes in a game between two NFC playoff contenders into a confrontation with the main issues of 7 - 3.

"It was an important game for us,"said Cutler, who led the Bears in first place in the NFC North <a href=>michael vick jerseys</a>
. "We talked about there. We must go forward. We have put behind this. The real test for this league is consistency, especially in the months of November and December, in the case of the third story, red zone, turnover, or to win ball games. We just move on."Best Adventure Bears uniform Cutler had a big push for the running back Matt Forte, 14-carry, 117-yard performance, but almost toppled Vick throw a late score, well-threaded 30-yard scoring throw a tight end Brent Celek with 1:48 remaining. <a href=>peyton manning jerseys</a>

Eagles tried to make a most interesting attempt onside-kick by David Akers from Philadelphia 30 Bears wing Johnny Knox, and jumped back into themselves, with the Eagles 43 and fell to the turf, before appearing to place the ball land. Eagles then won the player on a loose ball.