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My boyfriend

Fan pulled her: "today don't waiting for the bus, on my car, call my boyfriend sent you, anyway also drop by." Warm see her enthusiasm disadvantageous also rejected, get on the car, summer, drive air conditioning are closed window, and window also stick to the heat insulation membrane, warm completely didn't see her boyfriend, estimates <a href="">gucci clothing</a> that saw, say what also won't get on.
Fan &linked warm hands together sat in the back seat had got into the car, Fan introduction say: "ah, this is my senior high school classmate, clock warm. This is my boyfriend, Metuchen." Warm one long, front of the man turn head blunt she a <a href="">gucci jewellery</a> smile: "hello!" Warm remember this picture and familiar and unfamiliar face.
Warm wonder: I say how the land rover thinks so familiar looking, really ciao, this playboy change again girlfriend? The last time at home stay facility saw him and the school together, less than half a year, now how is Fan boyfriend. Really mess.
In the bus, he also did not say no more, and warm <a href="">gucci</a> also just and Fan spoke. Two station bus rides, land rover is cornered. The he'd have served a warm, get off and Fan ways don't also gently and he say: "thank you." He will put the lay out the next motioned. Warm thought: this playboy all day to see how many women: it sure is already not remembering her.
After several days, which is still in the bus station etc? Car, land <a href="">gucci sale</a> rover abrupt once stop at her side, the Metuchen lower the window blunt she shouted: "ah, it's you!"
Warm a foolish, then politely smiled: "hello, hello again, Fan not with you?"
He leisurely to lie prone on the car window: "have no."
Warm and don't want to speak to him, because of her classmates boyfriend, two days ago and sat somebody else's car, can freely and his <a href="">gucci handbags</a> entertainment. Come, see the bus distance clinking liberation, said: "I'm bus comes, I walked first." Behold, he has to drive door walk down said: "I send you, you hurry?"
Warm repeatedly said:" Just wanted to the bus, but he is a drag caught her. Also not very familiar bar, warm simply do not know how should a reaction, normally, warm early a beating so impolite person, and now want to give her classmates <a href="">gucci wholesale</a> save face? Positive pause of, but his xi a smile: "you really don't remember me, or thought I don't remember you."
Lightning flint, warm completely know, he had recognized her, even heard her and Fan conversation, know she often read books here. Today is definitely not meet, is what he expressively to find her, and was his playboy another interesting hooking up.
She is now entirely know how a reaction, face to pull down, should beating his hand, also differ, went straight to the bus Bangui shop to buy a square of <a href="">gucci shoes</a> cold drink, sitting on the chair, a book.
The road is no parking is busy streets, really stop, soon kung fu, ticket trailer will come, she turned away, and not the letter he leaves their cars at the bus station to find her.
Unexpectedly, he also really leaves their cars at the bus station over her come over, he just went to a sitting beside her, who have frowned, see <a href="">gucci discount</a> him: "you parked in the bus station? Less than 15 minutes will be towed away."
He had to warm reveal eye slowly said: "who took it away, then again pull it back, I also not letter, the son who dares to drag my car. This is called my site that I make decision."
Warm sneer at 1: "what your site you to decide the land rover.