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Happiness is too short

You say you want to grab the happiness is someone from the past, the present. Just, love has expired, his narcissism, is no longer my... Strange one <a href="">bracelet sale</a> only in the past can not let go of the past. Originally the love, in full in life, we sometimes only care about his ideas. In our life, in the cradle of these days, we had thought many beautiful memories of romance.
In the lonely sleeping dreams, we have not forgotten between the commitment that we just young heart has started a variety of thought, or who also fathom guess, we're all searching for someone for their own work, love and life, we are <a href="">pandora bracelets</a> not satisfied, always feel oneself enjoy too little. Therefore in the flow of time, wake up in the morning till night sleeping.
Our life is increasingly dull, so we’ll reflection, starts contradictions, and began to quick-tempered has begun to conflict, until the increasingly fierce, the endless. In the 1990s, we hope this so-called peace era, what we do what? In <a href="">pandora box</a> our daily life and become familiar with the trivial, never walk in the distance, we is the childhood travelling companions, after many years of this day, we still keep in the deepest contacts. We understand each other; we are unable to forget Pilate square.
Just happiness too short... The rest is full of sorrow. In these years, when we spend our lives to pursue dreams think all is bright, until we pursue to perhaps feel is just so, so we don't swayed loss, unnecessary too stubborn. We don't need too <a href="">charms jewelry</a> contrived determined in some himself doesn't want to believe slants however want persistent things maybe next second we'll regret. Often this is our made many foolish and then will afterthoughts already late. Let one to regret it.
Need not fear whether the result is better than yourself, what we want is a process to treat sincere side every one, let us not be suspected does not need to blame. Everyone has double their sharp eyes and in discern that surround each <a href="">pandora braelet</a> person's action.
So we want to know, what we should do. Cannot importune love, love we are all real, who also cannot hide from who. Began to love is bright; who also not the wish is situation sentimental. We just difficult in the love always keep a single constant heart. So we just had the last and bad ones, many things. Therefore, we exclamation: happiness <a href="">pandora wholesale</a> too short... The rest is full of sorrow.
A man sitting in front of a computer and a day, and see video, web flip went for a walk, is just to buy the electricity, because the dormitory has no electricity. Music, songs, music...

Like life really is such a dust unchanged down, if he knew, and it is time again say oneself enemies? Think about it, she giggling once. Anyway, similar accused of words, she has heard not many times, listen to a few times also fall <a href="">charm jewelry</a> doesn't matter, and she thinks like this, it does shake his head. Or listening to music right, listening to music can withstand miss; can listen to people's sweet and sadness.
Who said, every song is a story? And who said that in everyone's world, every song has its special meaning? In her or countless his and her life, those songs are rich vitality of? Rich their own unique color it.
She didn't know what happened recently, heard the "I really love you" this song, always cannot help sentimental. Listen with fish <a href="">genuine pandora jewelry</a> break into tears voice, always feel very sad. The lyrics are still written very disappointed; do not know this is a kind of what kind of feelings? Don't know this song in other people's world again how past and bitterness? She is always on the ideas for themselves lucky, also fortunately she world have him, can nuzzle could touch, can feel, can love.