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Mother's body is bad, I go to school of charge is made for hard o. O made at age 14 injured because there is a rascal use bad language humiliate me and mother, he spelled a life that rascal played for mercy, suddenly feel only fist can <a href="">pandora</a> protect us against the bad guys, so put all your eggs in one basket, the study did quite chance to me, and force I take an examination good university...
I crazy general rushed out and clubbing find made, but in the doorway, o saw him, he is with one hand holding head go toward outside walk down the fingers, blood flow, like a red earthworm in hand back to climb. We four eyes relative instantaneous, o facade has no facial expression and even before I open my mouth sat a hybrid <a href="">pandora hearts</a> to the left. I've been talking to follow up, o to lane dilapidated rental housing.
Shut the door is find o made medicine. "You should go to hospital." I said. He ignored me and fined out a box of medicine swallowed two soft gels began to tear cloth cover the wound. "Your medicine has expired." I said <a href="">pandora charm</a> again. "Know".
You know, how so silly! Elder brother ah, I rush toward to set body, wow, o a loud cry out. My child bawled, I grow to more than twenty years not so loudly cry. At first o made also tapped me on the back to comfort, slowly, his hand <a href="">pandora jewellery</a> motionless, nothing happened. I raised my head, o set is already was in tears.
I finally learn to return, o made decision "retreat". After leaving the city, no qualifications and skills of o stand, had been displaced suffering, but do not have again. Mom said o made into a large building materials city, by labor do a porter to earn extra money.
2006 September day, I was working, suddenly <a href="">pandora gold</a> receive o made calls. He told me this National Day to go home, never to be parted from the family. Microphone was heard in the tone with evident excitement and exciting, but I can't cheer up. On the day before, I was on the job is wrong. Because of my negligence, make the company suffered a big loss; the company let my personal compensation 2 million Yuan. In my favor repeatedly, manager force gave to three.
And his acquaintance, are not accidental. From a very ordinary net chats know, this thinking just talk about nothing, because most people will believe that network is virtual, not true, so also too won't go to care. I didn't have the feeling <a href="">pandora bracelets</a> of love at first sight, or weary hate feeling, every time he online chatting with me I will deal with accompany him, be a kind of polite it. Gradually, from a strange to understand, I started to know his everything, I think I so quiet life, not transitory ripples, also do not know from since when I was moved and specifically by his sincerity and man seldom the poise touched, not I easily moved, nor my easy like others, but he did have seed make I couldn't resist the reason, in my eyes he is an independent, self-confident, self-improvement and good men, from <a href="">pandora sale</a> then on, he walked into my heart, and I like him, in love with him, and a shield.
He and I was so dull communication, chat, the network has become our only communication platform, phone number is also he asked me for a long time to tell him, and his every chat all is relaxed and happy, every time chat will feel <a href="">pandora jewellery uk</a> how time flies fast, want to me he would call me sometimes. Even not favor of the time he will surf the Internet, we can chat day also have topics, from family, to work, to life, I can when his audience, also can talk about our views.