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Love and providence

On the twenty-third day, maybe you will eventually forget that day that we make beautiful promises to day. The past two beautiful moments, when a person's desolate scene, make me feel I'm right, and then you are so attached to miss. You stupid me to your sweet words sweetness, I was too excited to plan our blue sky, all of all, have immersed in our future happy yearning among. I promise your promise, like the sea lighthouse, light up our front road. Every morning, my habit is on QQ, looking at you, I feel a bit grey head <a href="">links of london stores</a> disconsolate, looking at, waiting to wait... Finally see your penguin like instant brighten, my heart will brighten. And so we chatted chatting, unconsciously, we spent a summer time, we never boring, only two people of enjoyment, but let the other prior to the tourists.You in Zhongshan, I in don guan, although only one city apart but let you I full of expectation. That day I carry family alone with excitement, with yearning, and you proceed with back home. Jiangxi To meet that day you glasses lyric poems, a small mouth, take me to walk the streets of the zhongshan, for only a contract, the love we bracelet. Until we got in that moment, I know, we <a href="">links of london bangles</a> opened a beautiful journey. For over ten hours to journey at the time but feel so short, because there are you, my idiot. When we lie in their respective sleeper, we look at each watching... Results because of my involuntary; I kissed your forehead, but, you shed tears, then I helpless. Looking at your brush tears, I struggled with the hand to fondle dry, you silly smiling, grab my hand, stick in your cheeks. That moment, I was a fool touched, I silently swear: I want to use lifetime to protect the girl. The car of you I am so happy, so sweet... Parting at that moment, I smiled send you to get on the car; I said I'll miss you, I'll call you... But is due to shunning god, or because you of sentimentality gave me a suffocation of message, you said we each other no result, or <a href="">Links London Necklaces</a> to let go... Never thought, this parting unexpectedly is forever and forever. Let me tear language, you say tallymen, unable to give me a reasonable explanation. At <a href="">links of london UK</a> the moment, I felt so helpless and so helpless.Then every night, I still cannot touch to your shadow. My piteously entreat, your care, I tore heart crack lung, your pig. You said that because I kiss, let <a href="">links of london</a> you feel self-abased, let you can't accept, listen this explanation, I callous, I lost... Maybe, you've always been so, your idea is always so strange, but I can only after approval, I caved in, I give up. You say I do for you so sad, you'll get someone else to let me you. Really, you <a href="">links</a> really do, you thoroughly let me heart-break. I watched days, not let my tears, but they all burst out of the, in one corner, my humble crouched, sniffles...If love is the providence, can you go back? The past good, you can forget? Now, I would you no mercy? Face my piteously entreat, you use the countless times sorry rebuffed me. You say that you love me, but always not put the kiss. You said you will be a good, you will and his happy! Yet you still haven't taken into <a href="">links of london silver</a> consideration, leave me alone, I figure, for you alone SOB, for your tears...If love is the providence, cowherd will mutually guard? Can you let me one protect our promise? Love this have no wrong, wrong is that you are stubborn, my stubborn. Perhaps we never intersection, because you my thinking is quite different. I've <a href="">links of london charm</a> advice themselves to give up, but again found impossible, love a humanistic should bear many, but lonely love and several people can experience. I've be you force back, I still can't get to your world, you set for me a Jiamusi, but I never know the password. I had to your vow is probably a mistake, the love from both yet cannot be together, this one human beings cannot agree but always is staged continuously.Be hurt, the heart is tired, doesn't matter. If love is the providence, I already numb otherwise. Don't want to have much happiness, for you to be happy. Hope he can give you happiness; you all the way walk good...