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We and the future about

Once the brilliant clinking also however is yesterday, today is your square memory; I sing stage.
Hence, the myth braved years to become STAR Someone says myth but is ten years, o well, is ten years... It is this decade witnessed the myth of the invariant and persistence, also be this decade let <a href="">gap tours</a> myth become unique.
Nobody is like them, "myth" as part of life to guard. "Myth is all my 20th generation, my life is indivisible", "myth is to me is not choice, but fate", these deepest words, if not feeling really, not so each sentence knock in heart, If not, do not cut meaning affects every shred chord.
Nobody is like them, put another five YiXing brother when brothers to love. Together they cry, laughed and <a href="">gap careers</a> danger, also with well. "Our next life still together," and "I understand there is a kind of feeling, can than brothers kissed," he never before them the most comfortable, most didn't image, six people together, can smoke welkin, image is what? They just happy!
Nobody is like them, serious when handsome clinking, mischievous and regardless of the image. From Mars <a href="">gap shirts sale</a> extraterrestrial humanistic administration Hector, ready to flirt members rascal 李玟雨, loquacious stingy and housekeeper mirror finish, mad gold now make make little sticky taekwondo WangZiShen comets, and who are close but always torment yourself image JunJin, surface cleverly quiet but always telling jokes are lovely treasure LiShanHao. They never care oneself before the audience how many image, <a href="">gap 1969 jeans</a> they have only the most authentic self show up.
Nobody is like them, the tacit understanding to be envied. A look, an action, I already know what you want to do, and then put on one feet, again smile.
Nobody is like them, <a href="">gap blouse</a> insist to let a person is touched. 6, which is to be together. 6, is that it can because "myth" and special. We have choose 6, lifetime all don't give up.
Nobody is like them, ten years like one day of say "we are myth". Why must be separated? The simplest questions, it is the most direct instructions, what you call the separate reason, in our view is not worth considering.

Was the myth of this <a href="">gap pants</a> special existence, myths and special, because ten years this decade might it not because myths and wonderful? Because together through time, just let everything be unique.

We and the future about
We and the future about, about in space and time limit
Over time, with love <a href="">gap</a> life connection
Ten years, ye next-best-thing. You say "please wait for our back", in this moment, we saw your anxiety and font. As a fan, we can not give you many, only a pledge: "one day for fan, for the life of fan." This is like your determination.

Ten years, is not an end. <a href="">gap card</a> We also was standing on the boundary, look at past, again into the future. Since we have arranged to meet future, why to years of efforts today as a starting point, striding forward. So, must be more beautiful, I watched more sophisticated handsome you in that day still confident reunited chanted