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Some pitfalls Pandora jadeite market recognition

Hisui has use and collection two "effect", the key lies <a href=""><strong>pandora</strong></a> in how to identify market erroneous zone.
A: hisui misunderstanding the older the better
Many collectors pay attention to collect "gu yu," but hisui <a href=""><strong>pandora charms</strong></a> collection and no "antique" "today" cent. Hisui from the qing dynasty to enter China and 1940s.for the jadeite raw materials are few and identify ability is poor, so the emerald texture with long instead relatively poor.
Error 2: discoloration is A cargo
Some dyeing hisui can <a href=""><strong>pandora us</strong></a> keep bright-coloured colour 10 years to 20 years. While some fei fei red or yellow hisui may actually at short time discoloration, mainly because of jadeite internal chemical element changes.
Error 3: green jade is good
Emerald jadeite jade is A cargo of top grade, but not <a href=""><strong>pandora rings</strong></a> all halcyon is green, have A kind of halcyon due to iron huolulingjiao-pengwu, can form bright-coloured "fei" color. Such hisui if transparency and texture is good, also very well on the market.
Myth 4.the: process is more complex, the better
"Simple is beautiful," and many of its <a href=""><strong>pandora bead</strong></a> fine texture hisui is often made very simple bracelets or quit face without add carving, While some impurity or fissure emerald often by skillful craftsman carved figures or scene to conceal the innate deficiency.
Myth 5.not: green more uniform, the better
Market will often see some body green jade, bright <a href=""><strong>pandora charms wholesale</strong></a> red color and distribution is very even and, in fact, that most jadeite is fake. Hisui's internal consists of granular mineral collection and become, accordingly it green is a local distribution, green and the green between boundaries.
Six: the rare misunderstanding the more valuable
Natural mineral sometimes formed some very special design, for example, some minerals will be arranged in a similar animal or landscape shape. Some <a href=""><strong>pandora charms online</strong></a> collectors often put the jadeite as rare curiosa to hype. In fact, aside from outside, this rare emerald must meet aesthetic principle, but also possess of good quality condition truly "valuable".
Error: paper school identification seven
Guangdong jewels and precious metals testing center cao adsense introduction, hisui optimum processing technology is developing rapidly, and book knowledge often lag. If by the book identification methods and buy B goods or fake, possibly <a href=""><strong>pandora charms 2011</strong></a> because market invented the new processing technology haven't even be summed up and books.
Identify tip:
Hisui thermal conductivity is poorer, so use hand to feel cooler. If you hold up soon began to heat may not be jade.
Equal quality of jadeite, weight or volume larger hisui will more valuable.