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I want to own happiness with you

Together day she <a href=""><strong>pandora</strong></a> also want me to accompany her to go shopping, eat hot pot, movies. I have also always laugh to accompany her everywhere along. She want me to follow her to stroll through her favorite anniversary, water and bright moon, I will be very glad to say a joke, hum a tune and go straight.
Even just always look, as long as I said he wanted to buy her, she took me straight to get out. Say, I just look around and don't want ah. At this time and let me know what to say. I think, she is afraid of me to spend money still worried buy home bad account. I think it's the <a href=""><strong>pandora jewelry locator</strong></a> former. She is like that, even if like also say they dislike.
I saw occasional good-looking pendants or clothes and cool buy back, she met always walks will I returned when sleeping not good-looking, spending money. I will deliberately said, I am happy, see you wear me to buy you the pendants and wore a I give you buy clothes feel with you together very happiness.
Try to me, okay? She was gently beating my shoulder to say I'm bad. Between us is so simple, but never too, even beat, still is laughing along with everyone come to find fault play. Go Internet bar when very interesting thing, we two never open two computers, always a computer two. I sit chair, she immediately sat on my legs, watching movies, dramas and favorite play with the <a href=""><strong>pandora charms wholesale</strong></a> big fish eat childish game. Playing she would not be careful on my shoulder fall asleep. I then while playing the <a href=""><strong>discount pandora</strong></a> game watching her lovely sleep appearance. Smile.
She woke up, such as cold not will say, when are we going to get married? You really want me? Do not abandon me? I don't how rich, but <a href=""><strong>pandora chain size</strong></a> will you stay with me, we have their own home is ok. Other we slowly again take efforts to earn. As long as there is your accompany, I will be very happy, will feel happy.
So I still a smile: "life is reality, I now <a href=""><strong>pandora jewelry</strong></a> ability is limited, in life under pressure with many burdens I started, but I try to, give you want happiness life, because I want with you happiness. Hope in the <a href=""><strong>cheap pandora</strong></a> future days, we can continue to thoroughly between the loves, happiness of hearts down behind us the beautiful moment. Sincerely hope that all of his Jill, accompanying the eternal.
Once deep-rooted of past already wind light cloud light, like dusk bells halt, can't wait to sigh, also need not sigh... Break up has been almost two years, don't know you now how things are. Separated and talk about it a lot, always used to compare them with you, perhaps it is first love's sake, always thought they not I entrust the life-long person, nor they are not love me, but you too will love me.
I put the this feeling deeply in the heart, occasionally lonely went to memories that happiness, habit la to others about you all, several times through the familiar number after deletion again dial again delete…
Also tried to forget you, but was afraid to forget. After all, I love a field. Are you always so tightly embrace me like a let go is afraid that harm I always like losing my breath. Remember break up that day are catching up with the wages, has friends treat dragged me to <a href=""><strong>pandora beads</strong></a> my first drink wine that is because of you, I don't understand why we love apart?