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On the Table
Then granddaughter come back from school, she ran in and saw the house have a guest, down gently bag, shy to go to my side. I push <a href="">oakleys</a> her to old beam front of, let her call "beam grandpa", her in a very low voice let out a cry, they will go back to my side.
Old beam is pulling her past, the from head to foot took a look, smile to say: "you long really like your mother! I walk, you mama also like you so big. Where's your father?" She said: "my dad on in the office on duty tonight..." Old beam didn't seem to <a href="">oakley glasses</a> hear, and stand up to say: "I almost forgot, here is a little I gave your things..." Then he opened he brought a bulging black bag, take out a pot of espresso, a camel cigarettes and a palm big computers. His side take these things on the table, a face I say: "this jar of coffee is to send you a; this article smoke is for you, or you love smoke the brand; this computer is for small <a href="">Oakley Water Goggles</a> Sister..." He put the computer handed she said, "I don't know how you, didn't give you bring a gift, next time, say again. This computer you can also play, don't be to go up, mathematics class hear no?" She pleased to say thank you, take computer ran to the kitchen. Daughter from the kitchen out, side pulls up to one side apron <a href="">oakley uk</a> wipe smile to say: "thank you, , this computer I was useful. You and send daddy smoke? We managed to make him give up smoking. His years in ultra-leftwing smoke too much, below the house didn't fire, he often make..." His wife in the kitchen to call: "small Sister, you again run and see the pot to don't add water!" Daughter smile to say: "come, come," return to go. Old beam drew a deep <a href="">oakley half jacket</a> breath and say, "come, you mentioned ultra-leftwing that several years hard times? 1866 summer, I not return to the other day? Are you there in about you meet your dwelling, just a gang professor from 'four clean-ups" come back, just at the school entrance, there is a group of students with he, round up, put you down the <a href="">Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses sale</a> truck come, put on our narrative, besmear it, frame into the square on the track, scared I run. That year back, what I have never seen in, he returned to the United States, have your circumstance of beauty spoke, she miserable cried all night..." At this time, still standing in the doorway, the daughter of and laughs come in to say: , you are not very can cook? Come to us as a staff officer!" Old beam also smiled up and followed her away. ... Old beam saw me besmear it of that day of, just ten years holocaust beginning! Since <a href="">Oakley Polarized Goggles sale</a> then, display is property, live the bullpen, book write check... I slowly stood up to subconsciously apart the table the rectangle paper bag and took out a pack of camels smoking, pulls out a cigarette, find out a box of matches, delimit up -- my eyes suddenly emitted a flame, under the flame is a lot of burning card... That's my thirty years, read 10,000 books, line, with hundreds of thousands of miles of material collected hours ha......
I lit a cigarette, fierce absorb a <a href="">Oakley Polarized Sunglasses sale</a> few bites, I again with my hands subconsciously flick flapped eyes of smoke and seemed to cast off before illusions.
She suddenly ran in and put my hand smoke took in the past, the smoke plate according to destroy, set his mouth to say, "you again steal please smoke! Mom and grandma in the kitchen is smelt burning, call me to tube you!" I smiled twist her mouth, said "this pour good, you come back, but many a few tube my people." She patted savagely put my hand hit bottom go to, also say with smile: "it would have been well, mother said organizationally lead us from southwest adjust come back, just wanted us to take care of you, no, is to tube you!" Old beam came in, ask: "do you make? Come, she, you give me <a href="">oakley half jacket</a> pronouncing this poem. And he put the flips anthology "handed to she hand. She shyly, see our eye, letter read down: on the beam are male and female "double swallow" between the two take mud Chuan born a nest four son read here, she looked up and asked the old beam: "this' beam is you xing4 'words, the' beam '?" Old beam clap she's shoulder, loudly say: "you praise is remarkable, know so many words, read really means traipsing upstairs!"