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Gucci some real jobs

The new store in Shanghai, besides "slubby packets" classic recreate outside, another kind of considerable history products - alligator-skin suitcase in shop also occupied marked position. Yes, for luxury industry, it hit the slogan of "green" also has not for other general industry <a href="">gucci handbags</a> has the moral hazard. "I don't think we use less a crocodile skin can become more environmental protection company, luxury industry has many characteristics." This DiMa er <a href="">gucci handbag sale</a> secco explained. According to this, in this respect is to perform, such as advocate electronic documents in order to save a printed page, and offer more environmental protection product packaging - just <a href="">gucci jewelry</a> as its to luxury understanding, as he think the company in the field of environmental protection should also be low-key and rational. While in personal life, DiMa er families 15 <a href="">gucci sunglass</a> year old daughter is his environmental supervisors, if throw the wrong sort the garbage or more than two or three seconds, can open the refrigerator door was daughter loudly reminders.
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Look at those top brands <a href="">gucci sale</a> how to deal with the "environmental protection" this doesn't look sexy proposition thesis
Gucci group's each child brand in earth week launched a series of limited edition is environmental protection product, all products of the income <a href="">gucci sunglasses</a> will be donated to named Goodplanet. Org non-profit environmental groups
Alexander McQueen designed a skeleton head modelling of earth, printed on organic cotton scarf
Alexander McQueen designed a skeleton head <a href="">gucci</a> shape of the earth
Yves Saint Laurent designer Stefano Pilati design environmental T-shirt
Sergio Rossi made by environmental protection <a href="">gucci shoes</a> material made of high heels
Gucci stylist Frida Giannini environmental T-shirt, imprint Gucci female group PPR funded environmental documentary home "pattern