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Hi My name is Maria Audrey MarchettI. I am Italian, Hispanic, and African American. I live with my older siblings. Jas'Mone Angelina, Harlem Annette and our big brother Nehemi Troy Marchetti. We live in a nice apartment here in east LA. I am fifteen attending Micheal Richards high school

We grew up in Spanish Harlem. Until our mother got sick of us and started using drugs then died of an over dose a few months ago. Are father was never around. He was shoot when I was little. My uncle and My father hated each other. My dad was from Brooklyn and was Italian. My mothers family grew up in the Bronx. My mother's father was from puerto rico and her mother was from some where between Philly and Jersey. I never knew much about my uncles on either side. It was like some big kept secret. *Shrug!*

My parents meet when they were fifteen and sixteen. I meet a boy last week. I don't know what it is but I get this werid feeling when I get around him. *Kanye Shrug!* I haven't told anyone about us, not even my closes friends. I just hope our story doesn't end like my parents. Who knows!? *knock on wood* On my way up the stairs too my bed room. I close the door lightly and make sure it's closed all the way.

*Fades too black*.....................~~~~~~~~~


I was sitting in the living room watching TV minding my buisness when my phone start going off. I grabbed my phone off the table and looked at the caller id. I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"Hey Giirrrlll!" I laghed at Yazmins' crazy self!
"Was up!?"
"Not much! You!?"
"Chilling...hold a sec someone on my other line" I said pulling the phone from my ear "It's Amber hold on for three way!" I said hitting a couple buttons "Hey Am it's me and Yaz!" I said for conformation making sure they there
"Are ya'll excited about jouiner prom!?"
"Yeeess!"they yelled into my ear...

I was grabbing my books for my next class when my girls Yasmin, Chlesha, and Amber walked up. I didn't notice them until I closed my locker and saw them just standing there. Which in turn caused me to jump a few feet in the air. They were on the floor laughing at me. I glared at them.

"Sorry!" Yasmin said giving me an innocent smile
"Mmhum!" i huffed walking ahead to class

"So what's up with you and papi chulo!?" Amber asked taking a seat next to me.

"what papi chulo!?.. qué tipo!?" Yasmin asked upest feeling out of the loop

"Nothing! And No one!" I said

The teacher walked in shortly after the bell rang

"This coversation is not over! hablaremos de esto luego" Yasmin said eyeing me. I rolled my eyes at her. I turned my attention toward the front of the class.

The teacher wrote a few notes and went on and on about something or other. I wasn't paying attention. All I could about was him.
The bell snaped me out my daze. We walked to the cafe.

Amber shook me out of yet another daydream
"Huh!?" I asked looking up at her

"Did you hear a word I said!?"

I shook my head no and look down "Sorry!"

"I asked you if he called yet!?" She asked me with a questioning look.

Again I shook my head my head no.

"Oh uh huh! Hijo el es idiota estúpido pendejo...culero" Yasmin said getting ready to get ghetto. I just looked up at her and laughed.

"You going to the dance next month!?" Chelsha asked finally coming back to earth

I shurgged and sighed "I'm not sure yet!? Ya'll!?"

"Yeah!" They all said at once being over hyper. I laughed at all of them.

"Don't listen to Yaz! He'll call!" Amber said trying to cheer me up...

He called me later that night...

long story i dnt wana gt n2 on a thread

May I ask Why!?


I am working on the changes! Just for you I will make the changes and add tomorrow after I come from the mall! who do you want too strangle and why!?

um the one wher dru is hanging out wit monica and im pissed and dennis is there(id like to strangle him) and i told u i wanted dru not dennis. Ring ne bells?

not u I was testing something I wanted too see why the spam fillter went up earlier! Sorry! I didn't think anyone was reading! Which one!?

Quid me adipisci eam?

Est cupiam scire.

and from that statement i got idiot, son, stupid a**hole and watever the hell papi chulo means

papi chulo

Hijo el es idiota estúpido pendejo...culero

hey when are you gonna run the other story with me in it?

"Well damn I know when I am not wanted!" she said pretending to be upset "I didn't mean it like that!...It's just that..." "It's just that what!?" she asked supiciously. "Nothing" i sighed indefeat. "Go get some sleep you have school tomorrow!" I nodded in understanding "You know me and Harlem are here if you need us right!?" I got up and gave my big sister a hug. I smiled letting her go. She walked away shaking her head.

"The cost is clear!" I said knocking on the bathroom door. He came smiling at me. I couldn't help but smile back. He crawled into bed with me. he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. I fell asleep in his arms with a smile on my face.

I tried waking him the next moring. He tossed and groned. "Bae seriously get up you have too go!" he slowly opened his eyes and rolled them at me. He rolled over on me and started tickling me. "So you don't want me no more or something!?" he asked laughing at squirm under him. "Stop! You need to get out of here!" I said trying to be serious but couldn't stop laughing. He finally let up. I walked him over to the window. I kissed him one last time before he climed out my window. I blew him kisses below. He just laughed at me.

I guess I should go back up some huh!? Just a little

Well I meet him a few months ago...

Me and my girls Amber, Monica and Monique were walking home from dance class and the mall. For me I loved to dance. Dance was something I always wanted to do. They were showing off some new moves, twirling around the side walk. I was walking along laughing at them hoping no one would notice I was with them.

Someone sped pass me knocking my nike duffle bag to the ground. Some kind strange was kind of too pick it up for me.

"Here you! I believe you dropped this!?" He said handing me my bag

"Thankz!" I said taking it from him

"No problem!" he said with a smile that could light up a room
I couldn't help but smile back. I placed a stray hair behind my hair and turned to walk away with my girls. He grabbed my arm gently

"Yes!?" I asked turning around.

"Do you think maybe I could get your number something!?" he asked with a pleading smile that mealted my heart.

"Sure!" I said taking his phone and placing my number inside.

I walked away with my girls and kept looking back at him with a smile as he did the same. I swear when our eyes met I felt a connection between us.

The next day at school....

I was laying across my bed watching TV. I had alreday done all my homework like my brother told me too. I reached across the bed and grabbed my phone.

"Hello!?...Oh hey was up!?...I don't think that's such a good idea!?...well because!?" I paused there was knock at my window. "Oh my god!" I said hanging up the phone "What in the world are you doing here!?" "I just really wanted too come see you!" he said following me inside. He picked up the romote flipping through my channels. I laid on my bed. "Hey go back I was watching that!" "Umm No we are not wacthing that life time girly stuff!" "Hey I like life time!" I said hitting him with a pillow. He quickly flipped too a horror film. "Ugh! No we are not watching that!" I said hitting him with another pillow "You scared!?" he asked putting his arm around me. "Well Yeah!" I said looking him up and down. "Well now you don't have too be!" he said scotting closer. I leaned into him more.

We were laying down and he had his arm wrapped around me. He was getting tried, I could tell because his eyelids stated too droup. There was this scary part, I sreamed and put my face in his chest. He pulled me closer as there was knock on my door. He got up quickly and went in the bathroom. My sister Jas walked in "Are you okay!?" "Uh yeah I was flipping through the channels when I came across this scary movie "Oh!" She said looking at the screen "Oh this was one of me and dad's favorite movies!" "Really!" "Yeah!" she said smiling at me. She started too take a seat on my bed "No!" I said quickly.

Yea, it's a lot going on at once but run it miss lady!

A story??... its really rushed love
but runn ittt...